Legalizing Watergate

© 2019 Jim Spence -  Don’t expect most journalists to read the Inspector General Report on the FBI’s conduct during the 2016 election. You can read it HERE.
In a sense you can understand why the Democrats are running this impeachment scam on the American public. The findings by the Inspector General were released on December 9th. Not coincidentally, the Democrats had already seized and maintained command of the U.S. news media’s short attention span on the 9th by flooding the air with impeachment tripe.
On a best case basis, the findings of the internal investigation by the I.G. are severely damning of FBI conduct.
For starters, the FBI did spy on the Trump campaign. In case you are wondering, that is precisely what electronic surveillance is, it is spying on people without their knowledge.
Deep state bureaucrats at the FBI, with the help of collaborators in the U.S. Intelligence Agencies gamed the constitutional safeguards in our system to wiretap the opposing political party. Don't kid yourself, this is Nixonian behavior pure and simple. Give the Democrats credit, this Watergate-like operation was done on an even more incendiary scale. Nixon’s henchmen were amateurs compared to the Obama FBI. The Nixon appointees attempted to spy on their opponents using cut rate burglars. Obama’s FBI used what they thought would be SECRET false information to secure warrants from FISA court judges. This has NEVER happened before in American history. It would have never been discovered if Hillary Clinton won. Hence the massive cover-up operation. The best defense of what the Clintons and Obama's FBI were doing is to try to incinerate Trump at every turn. This explains the irrational hatred we see every single day.
Still the Inspector found that from the very beginning of the FBI’s clandestine “investigation,” anti-Trump agents were constantly discovering information that made it clear all the allegations of Russian collusion were bogus. In fact, the evidence the FBI used to initiate the investigation into Trump associates was suspiciously flimsy from the start.
The Inspector found that the FBI was wrong to presume the Trump campaign was part of a plot. He indicated that the FBI agents should have gone to the Trump campaign and discussed their suspicions, instead of launching a politically dubious secret investigation anchored by electronic surveillance.
This is corruption at the deepest and most sensitive levels of government. If the American Civil Liberties Union had a drop of integrity remaining within its ranks it would be all over this scandal. The fact that long ago the ACLU morphed into advocates of totalitarian-like tactics on the part of Democrats is something that all freedom loving citizens should view as a horrible death.
What we will see as a result of the Inspector General's finding is the beginning of real DUE PROCESS unfolding. Understand that the Inspector General is an internal watchdog. It has no real subpoena power. This means the Inspector General does not prosecute crimes, it is simply a finder of fact.
Image result for James Comey pinocchio
Discredited former FBI Director James Comey
Despite the fact that all of the information from this dubious surveillance revealed nothing regarding an alleged relationship between the Trump campaign and Russia, the FBI didn’t inform the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court of this. Instead, it deliberately hid these crucial facts from the judges, so they would continue to approve wiretaps on former Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page four times.
It is clear that leadership at the FBI knew the agency didn’t have probable cause for a wiretap warrant. To get around this constitutional protection, Comey and his cronies used the totally discredited “Steele dossier,” which was merely a pack of DNC manufactured lies, bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign, about Trump. The question is why was the FBI taking this crap and inserting it in the request for the warrants? The answer is arrogant corruption.
Make no mistake regarding what wiretap warrants did. They allowed the FBI to retroactively retrieve Page’s communications including texts and emails, for years into his past, and give them to their buddies in the Clinton campaign. Of course everyone at the FBI knew this spying activity would never surface because........Hillary was sure to win. Ever since Hillary lost the fix has been in at the FBI. They knew their asses were exposed and they needed to create diversions.
All in all there were 17 critical omissions and/or errors made by the FBI on those warrant applications. Mind you, these processes were all engineered by people who have a long public record of hatred for the GOP in general, and Trump in particular.
Amazingly, the FBI never disclosed to the courts that its main source, Christopher Steele, was being paid by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign to manufacture evidence connecting Trump to Russia. And even after the FBI definitely knew that Steele was manufacturing lies and the dossier was a sham, the FBI still did NOT reveal this information to the courts. Instead, the FBI continued to obtain additional warrants to secure wiretaps based on the dossier. In fact, the FBI lied to the court about Steele’s source, saying it had been proven reliable and truthful when it knew just the opposite was true.
The Inspector’s words in the report are harsh despite the fact that no media sources except Fox are citing them. The four Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act judges who approved the four wiretaps were lied to by the FBI.
U.S. Attorney John Durham, who unlike the Inspector General has subpoena power, is now pursuing this scandal. Of course the process is slow. Real due process takes time.
No doubt former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI official Andy McCabe, and many others are scrambling. It is clear they will be implicated when the Durham investigation is completed. Again, we will quote the Inspector General. He found the explanations he received from Comey and McCabe, “Were not satisfactory. You can draw your own conclusions.”
Unlike a mere theatrical performance like the one the House Democrats have been putting on to cover up this horrific scandal, don’t expect Durham’s findings to come out fast. They won't likely be announced before late spring or summer 2020.
Real investigations take time. Fair wheels involving justice turn slowly. But in the end, if there is a molecule of integrity left in the U.S. news media, there will be bi-partisan condemnation of behaviors by those at the very top of the Obama FBI.
On the other hand and perhaps more likely, if these behaviors are allowed to go unchecked, we will reach the point of no return in terms of what we can expect from elected officials from either party. It will essentially be a blueprint for legalizing all sorts of Watergate-like crimes.