Keep those chyron triggers locked and loaded

© 2019 Jim Spence - Polls, polls, polls. Should we believe them? Experience suggests polls should be taken with a healthy grain of salt. Democrats were living by the polls in 2016, when virtually every poll showed that Hillary Clinton’s victory was a virtual certainty. It didn’t work out.
Many observers have wondered about how any accuracy can be achieved by polling contractors considering the daunting realities of attempting to make good contact with a representative sample of voters. There are a few problems facing pollsters in the digital era. Tens of millions of people do not have land telephone lines and will not answer their mobile phones anytime the caller’s phone number is not recognized. Most who do answer simply hang up once they realize there is a pollster on the line. Then of course, there is the fact that Republicans are hesitant to admit they are not Democrats in the politically correct cocoon we now live in.
However, there are a couple of polls that are giving Democratic Party strategists nightmares these days. Two polls suggest that among likely registered black voters, Donald Trump is at 34%. If these polls (Rasmussen and Emory), are even close to being correct, it is a clear death signal for the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020.
Here is the problem. The Democrats, thanks to playing the race card at every turn, have become addicted to a 9-1 voter edge in the black community. Add a large turnout in the black community to that margin, and you get back-to-back Obama victories in 2008 and 2012.
Unfortunately for the Dems, in 2016 it just didn’t happen. Hillary Clinton generated about as much enthusiasm in the black community as KKK parade. And with Kamala Harris out of the race and Corey Booker polling near zero, there are no viable black contenders left in the 2020 race. What will likely black voters get to choose from among Democratic Party candidates? Not much. There are three soon to be octogenarian white people (Biden, Warren, and Sanders) at the top of the Democratic Party heap. This should not be a big deal, except for the fact that Democrats have done their best to convince black voters to see everyone according to skin color and instinctively mistrust white people. This creates a conundrum and makes it seem entirely plausible that the polls on Trump’s standing in the black community are spot on.
What is a committed Democrat to do in the face of this horrifying possibility? Perhaps we should look at the tactics of one of the Dems chief public relations managers to discover the most likely response to this race obsessed mess they have made for themselves. 
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Reverend Bill Owens
Consider Don Lemon at CNN. Lemon has been doing all he can to stem the tide. Back in August when a group of African American Pastors were invited to the White House, Lemons secured an interview with one of them. As Lemon began his interview with Reverend Bill Owens, the CNN chyron, which is the ticker at the bottom of the screen, gradually unveiled the Democrat’s strategy. The CNN chyron read: "CNN Alert: President Hosts African American Pastors and Faith Leaders at The White House."
Lemons made no effort to disguise his desire to make sure the racist label was tattooed over everything Trump. Accordingly, the CNN chyron changed to: "CNN alert: POTUS Meets with African American Faith Leaders In The Wake Of His Attacks Against Leaders Of Color."
Not long into the interview Lemon became frustrated as Reverend Owens repeatedly waived off Lemon’s inferences. "I don't tune in to negative talk from any side,” he said.
Lemon became visibly furious and interrupted Owens repeatedly. Owens continued to politely waive off the badgering and indicated that the meeting with Trump was actually to discuss how to help the black community.
Even more furious Lemon insisted that Trump used the meeting with black leaders to insulate himself from black criticism. Again, Owens dismissed the Lemon assault, which then turned personal. And as it got personal, the CNN chyron, like magic, switched again, this time to read: "CNN Alert: "Controversial African American Pastor Meets With President." It seems that Owens had morphed from “faith leader” to “controversial” in the blink of Don Lemon’s eye.
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Jack Brewer
Reverend Owens is not the only black in a prominent position trying to work with Trump. Football legend Jim Brown met with Trump several years ago and was tackled by a field reporter at CNN who tried to get Brown to label Trump a racist. Brown soon became frustrated by the repeated attempts to torpedo his efforts. Finally, he stared at the CNN reporter and said, “I am not a victim.”
Former NFL star and successful businessman Jack Brewer is yet another accomplished black man who has pointed to historic achievements in terms of low unemployment and poverty rates in the black community as evidence that Trump deserves support from the black community.
No doubt the Democrats have a big problem now that black poverty rates are plunging. It appears that Democrats in the television news media, like Don Lemon, have two choices. They can interview fewer and fewer blacks, only those unwilling to recognize meaningful changes have taken place, or get even quicker on the chyron triggers when their black guests don’t say what they are supposed to say about Trump.