Insiders and Outsiders and the power of incumbency

© 2019 Jim Spence - Man’s best friend is his dog, or so the saying goes. My dog may not be my “very best” friend, but he is one of them. We got him from a dog breeder in Houston in 2012. The breeder had already given him a name. He was named, “Trump.” Not unfamiliar with his namesake’s relentless self-promotion and penchant for exaggeration, when the dog arrived, we promptly renamed him Apollo. Little did we know that four years later we would be faced with a choice between two shameless self-promoters in the presidential election, Clinton or Trump. One was a Washington D.C. insider and the other was a non-political establishment outsider.
To understand what it means to be an outsider challenging the entrenched political establishment in the United States, one must understand all the powerful forces supporting insiders. Think of political insiders as people who get rewarded to craft and polish their public “images” with the help of taxpayer money. Unpaid television airtime that goes with holding office is worth millions. In short, the greatest power of incumbency is that incumbents gain access to free tools that help them craft and polish their public images. Most of the time, all incumbents need do to get re-elected is not blow their amazing advantages.
One of the keys to the Trump ascendancy was the astonishing level of free airtime he garnered from both broadcast and cable news networks. Credit his “skills” in the area of self-promotion and the media’s fascination with personality over policy. Discredit Hillary Clinton for blowing her incredible advantages, primarily through her grossly negligent actions with classified information. Clinton's were the sort of actions that had already landed hundreds of other people in prison.
How can an incumbent blow his or her advantages? Ask Richard Nixon’s biographers. Incumbents are always presented with the temptation to over-reach and overuse their authority. Particularly, this is true with un
-elected and unaccountable incumbent bureaucrats, who thanks to the astonishing size and potential scope of big government, can wield untold powers.
Think about former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder and his Fast and Furious operation that included allowing automatic weapons to pass to Mexican drug cartel members. Those same weapons wound up being used to murder U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Was anyone at the DOJ held accountable for this? Nope. The power of incumbency, which means those committing these crimes often get to investigate themselves, means the Fast and Furious investigations were killed after Agent Terry was killed.
Think about the Obama IRS stalling applications that if treated normally, would have led to higher levels of fundraising by Mitt Romney’s supporters in 2012. Un-elected incumbent officials like Obama supporter Lois Lerner, were eventually hauled before Congress to explain their illegal actions. Amazingly, Lerner refused to answer questions, citing her right to refrain from self-incrimination. Was she held accountable? Nope. The incumbents in Obama’s DOJ refused to investigate one of their own.
This same power of incumbency principle applied to Hillary Clinton and her obvious criminal activities related to private servers, classified information, and the destruction of evidence. The Obama FBI and DOJ simply refused to prosecute Clinton. Once again, this is the enormous power of incumbency.
Fast forward to 2019 and think about the FBI’s internal watchdog, the Inspector General’s office. Given the potential for corruption by incumbent politicians, the Inspector General is often the only thing that stands between a free America and a police state. In the recently released Inspector General report on the Obama FBI, the I.G. discovered criminal activity at the agency associated with its electronic surveillance of the Trump campaign. The criminal actions of the FBI included the use of forged documents and false statements to dupe the courts into approving wiretaps against a political opponent. These abuses included people operating at the highest levels of the intelligence community. These are criminal actions by incumbents. Will they go punished? We will have to wait for due process to see.
Think about Joe Biden’s own words regarding his actions while Vice President. Biden actually bragged on camera about how he used $1 billion in loan guarantees courtesy of the good faith and credit of U.S. taxpayers, to muscle the Ukrainian president into firing the prosecutor who was conducting an investigation into the dubious decision by Ukrainian oil and gas giant Burisma, to pay Biden’s drug addicted habitual reprobate son, Hunter, millions of dollars to be on its board. This confession by Biden, is the most brazen and bizarre criminal act on the list of crimes in this column. This crime was admitted by an incumbent Vice President who now wants to become an incumbent president. It should come as no surprise that Biden leads in the polls in the Democratic race for the presidential nomination. This is the power of incumbency. What is a surprise is that Biden’s own words have not yet gotten him indicted for confessing his crimes in the Ukraine.
What about Trump? Trump was also exercising his own incumbent powers, when he asked the Ukrainians to re-open the investigation into Hunter Biden’s board seat. No doubt he wanted to expose Joe Biden’s application of muscle using $1 billion U.S. loan guarantees as leverage. It was dumb. Why not just play the video tape of Biden confessing OVER and OVER?
Was the Trump request self-serving? You bet it was. Did he get the investigation re-started? Nope. Did Ukraine get their military aid? Yep.
Now come the incumbent insider Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives. It seems that suddenly and indignantly Pelosi, Schumer and Company resent Trump’s failed attempt use of the power of incumbency to re-open the Biden investigation.
Biden’s confession of his crime matters not to Pelosi or Schumer. However, we should all be oh so impressed with their selectively applied high standards of conduct, for those holding the powers of incumbency.
After seeing the Pelosi/Schumer responses to Hillary’s use of illegal private servers, Holder’s gun running operations to drug cartels, Lois Lerner and other IRS official’s stonewalling of fundraising activities by Romney supporters, the Comey/McCabe wiretapping of the Trump campaign using forged documents and false statements with secret courts, and the on camera admission by Joe Biden that he threatened hold back $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, unless the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden in the Ukraine was fired, perhaps cynics will be forgiven for finding all this incumbent/insider activity and feigned Democrat outrage just a bit silly.
Most Americans seem to be taking notice of the difference in treatment of insiders like Hillary Clinton and outsiders like Donald Trump.
Stay tuned. Due process is going to finally catch up with Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, and James Clapper, all incumbent insider criminals who have been caught lying repeatedly under oath. A question remains. Will Biden be charged with the crime he confessed to?