Connect the dots before it is too late

© 2020 Jim Spence -  Understanding the present is often an exercise in connecting the dots of our historical past. In 2014, author Peter Lavenda’s book, “The Hitler Legacy.” was published. In this chilling account of history, Lavenda documented the fact that Adolf Hitler became enthralled with radical Islam, primarily because of its embrace of blind Jewish hatred. Lavenda’s book is a frightening read, simply because of its unmistakable ties to current events. Let’s connect some important dots.

When Hitler came to power in the 1930’s thousands of frightened Jews fled to the Middle East. There they were greeted by the hatred of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al Husseini. As the exodus of terrified Jews increased, al Husseini relentlessly increased his incitements of violence and terror. It is telling that in al Husseini’s violent world, moderate Arab residents were quite suitable targets for attack. When any death and destruction under Husseini’s direction took place, al Husseini simply blamed the Jews for the damage and deaths. It was textbook execution of how terrorism disguises its political underpinnings. This is something that continues to this day. Inciting violence and blaming it on your opponents is not new.

In late November of 1941, al Husseini traveled to Nazi Germany to meet with Hitler. This was just a couple of weeks before Hitler’s declaration of war against the United States. In Berlin, al Husseini also met with Nazi henchman and notorious mass murderer, Heinrich Himmler. Together Himmler and al Husseini began to coordinate the Nazi war effort. They focused on the Middle East in general, and Palestine in particular. Like Hitler, Himmler was also fascinated by al Husseini, and promptly put him on the Nazi payroll.

Doing his part in the fascist cause, al Husseini recruited thousands of Muslims to serve in special divisions of the S.S. and kill Jews during the war. Broadcasting radio messages in Arabic from Berlin, al Husseini encouraged Arabs to take up arms and join the Nazi fight against Jews and the allies. He cited the concept of “Jihad” from the Koran, as religious justification for global terrorism. Calling his urging a, “Holy War,” al Husseini insisted that the slaughter of Jews was the solemn obligation of all Muslims.

Collaborations between Adolf Eichman and Amin al Husseini on the total extermination of Jews in Arab countries, are now part of the historical record. At al Husseini’s urging, “mobile gas chambers” were shipped from Germany to North Africa during Erwin Rommel’s campaign. There they were used to commit genocide of the Jewish population, just as was done in Poland, Ukraine, and the Soviet Union. It should come as no surprise that Hitler’s treatise on murder and terror, “Mein Kampf,” which was translated into Arabic in the 1930’s, continues to be a best seller in the Middle East to this very day.

In Dr. Mattias Kuntzels’s book, “Jihad and Jew-Hatred,” it is made clear that the violent doctrines embraced by al Queada, Hamas, and Hezbollah, can be directly traced to the Amin al Husseini and his Nazi connections. How does Kuntzel connect the dots?

Even in the aftermath of the Germans defeat in WWII, al Husseini continued to be hailed as the leader of radical Palestinians. In 1946, he was arguably the most famous Arab in the world. After the war, former Nazi henchmen fled to Egypt, converted to Islam, and took up terrorist attacks against former WWII allies. Perhaps the most ruthless of all the former Nazis fleeing war crimes prosecution, was Otto Skorzeny. Skorzeny, known as Hitler’s favorite commando, was an expert on terrorism. When he arrived in Egypt, Skorzeny began training tens of thousands of radical Muslims in ways to commit acts of terrorism on innocent people. Skorzeny’s legacy of instilling hatred of the former allies of WWII, engineering senseless acts of violence, mass murder, and property destruction, continues to this day. It is within this scary historical background that Americans need to understand the roots of domestic terrorism, and connect the dots regarding what is now playing itself out in the open in 2020 in large cities all over America.

Ironically, thousands of domestic terrorists in America now refer to themselves as members of “Antifa,” which is short for anti-fascism. These arsonists, looters, and killers are not against fascism. Instead, they are the complete embodiment of fascism. Like the Nazis that fled to Egypt in the aftermath of WWII, members of Antifa in the U.S. commit themselves to senseless violence, arson, looting, and other forms of theft and property destruction. Like the cowards they are, they wear masks to conceal their identities just as the former Nazis changed their names.

Sadly, these domestic U.S. terrorists have friends and accomplices in high places in America. Consider anti-Jewish Congresswomen Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rashida Talib of Michigan, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. Omar has had the temerity to introduce many blatantly anti-Semitic resolutions in Congress. And the cold and politically calculating Nancy Pelosi, has straddled the fence on these Jew haters. Not only has Pelosi accommodated Omar as well as Talib and Ocasio-Cortez, she has allowed most of their hatred-based resolutions to come to a vote in the U.S House of Representatives. Occasionally, Pelosi will mildly condemn these dangerous people simply to appear to be more reasonable.

Each of the three congresswomen (Omar, Talib, and Cortez shown above) resides in house districts that contain many of the most violent criminals in the domestic terrorist movement. Earlier this week, we saw paid rioters from Antifa, step up their violent attacks on helpless Americans, many elderly, who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or worse, disagree with Antifa's radical views.

Here is the scary part. While all reasonable people have condemned the senseless violence and property destruction, which is ruining neighborhoods all over America, Democrat Vice Presidential nominee, Kamala Harris has refused to call for an end to these domestic acts of terror. Instead, Kamala Harris is on the record as saying these riots, which are crassly referred to as mostly peaceful protests, “Will not stop…..and should not stop.”

This raises a serious question. Is Kamala Harris the kind of person Americans want to be taking over the presidency when Joe Biden is finally committed to a memory loss unit where he belongs?

Sadly, there is now a very DIRECT tie between these violent domestic terrorist criminals, and the Democratic Party leadership. And oddly, this link seems to be necessary in the minds of power-hungry Democrats trying to regain control of the U.S. government.

Since Democrats have no interest in keeping the nation united and more involved in solving real problems, they believe their best hope for regaining complete control, is to embrace the mindset held by those actively embracing the terrorists legacies of Amin al Husseini and Otto Skorzeny.

As hatred and violent acts continues to erupt all over the nation, Democrats pretend it is all about “social injustice” and their evil opponents are to blame (Trump). Make no mistake, the philosophical connections between the likes of Omar, Talib, Cortez and international terrorist organizations are very real. Kamala Harris and the hapless Joe Biden’s obvious tolerance for senseless violence and property destruction is very real.

Wake up America. You are not required to “like” Trump to understand that these riots are not about racism. They are simply about who and what Democrats are willing to embrace, whenever they think it can lead to an election victory. Their lack of a sense of proportion knows no boundaries. And with this they abdicate all sense of decency.

Author's note - Share this with those who you suspect might cast a vote for Joe Biden. They must be helped to understand what they are doing.


Are we going to stand for this?


© 2020 Jim Spence -  America is being played like it has never been played before. Ambitiously political Democrats, with no plan, are, through their wealthy surrogates, actually “paying” people to riot, destroy property, and beat up innocent people.

Democrats claim their newest “heroes” are two career criminals with rap sheets that “were” nearly as long, as the list of lies Nancy Pelosi has told during the calendar year of 2020. Let’s not mention these “heroes” by name as we all know them, thanks to relentless stream of shameless propaganda segments run by the Democrat-dominated media.

Sadly, big Corporate America has taken the bait, as have ALL the major sports leagues. Just this week during a search for the NHL playoff games, it was learned that they were postponed, to protest the death of a career criminal, who was shot while rioting, looting, and beating up innocent people. The guy was doing what he always does.....engaging in criminal behavior. The latest Democrat hero, the prop for more cries of injustice, had outstanding warrants for his arrest on sexual assault charges. These are merely more charges that would have been added to the long list of crimes he committed, before his demise, while committing arson, theft, and more assaults.

Maybe some will continue to allow professional sports leagues and naïve chumps playing individual sports like Naomi Osaka, to pretend criminals are heroes. Many find it is amazing to see grown human beings walk away from their responsibilities to support violent criminals you would NEVER want your kids to be within ten miles of.

The sports leagues should know that many of us who pay their bills will no longer give a pass to these gullible fools. A long time subscriber to NHL Center Ice, this week the NHL followed in the footsteps of the NFL, NBA, and MLB by pretending arson, violent assault, and theft are pretty much fine with their fans. Who's next? The PGA? Don't play us for fools!

Those of us paying attention already have our heroes. And they come in all colors. Some of my heroes include Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Star Parker, Larry Elder, Armstrong Williams, and many others. Their virtues have been extolled on these pages for decades. All are deserving of accolades, However, none are given the time of day by Democrats in the media because these real heroes know socialism does not work.

There should be a strong message sent by voters in November as the Democrats literally try to extort their way to victory. They have no ideas to solve problems. So their message is to suggest senseless violence and destruction of neighborhoods will only stop if they win. They claim they are for "justice." Nope, they are for injustice.

This is not exactly a message that is being communicated by heroes. In fact, what Democrats are doing in a asinine effort to try to "get out the black vote," is lame. Suggesting career criminals should be allowed to commit arson, loot stores, and beat up people to.......combat “racism” should be treated as the ultimate insult towards all Americans.

Democrats have been polling poorly in the black community for several years. Now they are attempting the most despicably cynical political ploy anyone has ever seen. Are we going to stand for this? Are blacks who want a safe place to raise their kids going to buy into this con job?

Biden Fighting for the Soul of America


A Long Look at "Stupidity and Ignorance"

© 2020 Jim Spence -  Do you remember the Jay-Walk segments on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno? You can probably do a search online and find them on Youtube. In these hilarious segments, Leno would walk the streets of Southern California and ask random people a few shockingly simple questions. The answers Leno’s crew recorded on these segments were often nothing short of stupendously stupid. Most certainly, some of the segments were cherry-picked when it came to deciding which interviews to air. After all, many of your average Joes and Janes realize they cannot get on television, if they do not say something stupid while the cameras are running. However, based on personal experiences and the volume of segments like these shown on other programs, there is no shortage of stupidity and ignorance out there in the general population.

When one examines the abundance of ignorance and stupidity it seems clear that intellectually speaking, they are first cousins. Ignorance suggests one has not learned anything meaningful regarding life. Stupidity is different. Stupidity is an inability to process basic information and draw simple inescapable conclusions. All two-year olds are ignorant, many baby boomers are stupid and ignorant. Some observers suggest this intellectual plague (ignorance and stupidity), afflicts those being taught things by public and private educators that are simply not so.

Ignorance and stupidity bloom like flowers in the springtime during election seasons. Every two years we see trillions of dollars poured into absurd advertising by career politicians with vast fundraising power to influence the ignorant and the stupid. This incredible mass spend of other people’s money reflects the ultimate effort to control the vast resources and borrowing power of the federal government. The game is insidious. 24-7 and 365 days a year, incumbents collect a steady flow of tribute (campaign contributions) from those encouraged to believe their congressmen and congresswomen have a say in public policies that can either make it harder or easier for donors to go about their business. This process is so predictable you can set your watch by what is going to happen as elections approach.

Every two years Democrat politicians, with a huge assist from buddies in the media, begin to search high and wide for “incidents” involving white versus black “racism,” as well “incidents” that can be twisted to appear to involve white versus black racism. The education system, the entertainment industry, and most of corporate America goes along with the twists for a variety of reasons. Together these entities actually fan the racial paranoia fires all over the nation.

Sadly in 2020, there have literally been real fires lit. Billions of dollars in property destruction, both public property and private property is currently ruining hundreds of neighborhoods and driving up insurance costs and transportation costs for everyone.

Democrat politicians seem to be ok with this. The violence against innocent people, and widespread looting is merely collateral damage associated with implementing their race-baiting strategy. From the top to very bottom of the party, elected Democrat officials wink and nod before adoring news anchors, while pretending a handful of ignorant/stupid cops is the biggest problem facing Americans.

The sheer power of progressive’s intellectual oppression is laid bare when a phrase like, “All Lives Matter,” is deemed “racist” by the 21st Century version of the Inquisition.

Let that think in.

The thought police have decided that the phrase “all lives matter,” is an ignorant and stupid thing to say that suggests racism. The price to pay for heresy against the progressive church on this scam is relentless character assassination including boycotts, loss of jobs, etc.

Make no mistake, the cynical schtick being deployed here is ironic, because it is the exploitation of stupid and ignorant people using stupidity and ignorance as a substitute for logic. The Democrat politicians play book is to stir up enthusiasm for hatred of anyone they accuse of being guilty of heresy. And in the Democrat primaries, phony people like Kamala Harris do it to phony people like Joe Biden.

Sadly, there are certainly more than a few ignorant and stupid people out there that embrace racism. However, this seems irrelevant because we will NEVER stamp out all ignorance and stupidity. It comes in all forms. Politicians praying on the ignorant and stupid, who are willing to tolerate criminal behavior that involves destruction of property, severe injuries including the death of innocent people, and looting, is itself a criminal act.

Of course, the schtick requires progressives to “pretend” that most powerful and influential people in society who are white, are afflicted with the ignorance and stupidity that defines racism. Sorry folks, this is all nothing more than a big lie. People with power and influence will see their power evaporate at warp speed, if they make their decisions based on stupidity and ignorance.

So, what are we left with here? People who embrace the stupidity and ignorance of racism are as stupid and ignorant as those on Jay-Walk. And they are most certainly not powerful and influential. Still, we see the seemingly compelling signs held up at violent protests that demand we all join together and, “End Racism.” This is dumb. The good news is the "influence" of racism ended long ago. However, the remnants of racism which are now superficial, will be here 1,000 years from now.

Fortunately, most racists are ostracized in America. Still despite the fact most of us are doing the best we can, ending all forms of ignorance and stupidity is impossible.

Fortunately, America is profoundly tolerant. A good example is how we are "sometimes" way too tolerant of racists. Just Friday night we saw an example when NBA fans watched L.A. Clipper Montrezl Harrell call Luca Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks a “Bitch-Ass White Boy.” This blatant racial slurring incident was caught on film on national television. There was zero outrage.

Some might ask, should all white people be offended because a gross slur was directed towards Doncic? The best answer to this question was offered by the Eagles in 1994, when they recorded their classic hit, “Get Over It.”

We all know there will always be people like Montrezl Harrell. People who are stupid and ignorant say stupid and ignorant things. There are bigger questions that are NEVER asked that really should be. The NBA, with teams in America and Canada, features a pay scale that averages $7.7 million per year. Why are 98% of the NBA players kneeling for the U.S. national anthem, pretending America is unfair when the majority of NBA players are not white? Is it because they are very upset that there are still ignorant and stupid people roaming around? Or is it because Democrat politicians are successfully jerking their chains and getting them to serve as props?

Montrezl Harrell still makes $6 million per year while being allowed to yell racial slurs that are both stupid and ignorant. A play-by-play announcer was fired for suggesting that all lives matter. Harrell belongs on Jay-Walk. However, there’s just not enough time for everyone who deserves to be exposed to be…..well…

The issue here is the reality of stupidity and ignorance. One NBA millionaire hurling racial slurs at another is not the big issue. Looking the other way on violence, deaths, property damage, and theft is the big issue. This has nothing to do with the fact there are stupid and ignorant people out there that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Everyone should realize there should be some other way for Democrat politicians to produce a higher voter turnout. Democrats need to find some idea that does not involve encouraging people to protest stupidity and ignorance while acting stupid, ignorant, and violent.

Democrat politicians will only stop winking and nodding regarding those who perpetrate violence in the name of BLM when they realize it is hurting their constituents and more important to them, their results in the voting booths.

It is time for voters of all colors to stop being stupid and ignorant about what we can do about stupidity and ignorance.


Don't be a gullible fool

© 2020 Jim Spence There are two great stories out there in American folklore that need to be re-told to the American public. Both are true stories of amazing women born into poverty in America, who made it big in terms of both fame and fortune.

The first astonishing rags to riches American success story begins with a little baby girl born in the south in the middle of the Great Depression (1932). She is the older of the two future stars. She was the oldest daughter of eight siblings. This young lady grew up in a small town in Eastern Kentucky. Her parents were uneducated people of very modest means. Her father worked as a laborer and her mother worked odd jobs while raising eight children. Both parents and the older children in the family worked daily during the growing season at subsistence farming, just to make ends meet.

The youngest of the future stars was born during World War II (1942) in Memphis, Tennessee. She was not born in a hospital, but rather in her own family's home. Her father, originally from Shelby, Mississippi was a Baptist minister. This future star grew up as part of a merged family. Both her parents had children from previous relationships in addition to the four children they had together.

Both of these young ladies sang in choirs at their churches, though neither was necessarily recognized early on as having world class vocalist talent. Each of these young ladies also relocated to the north and to the northwest before they were adults. The eldest moved to the state of Washington, and the other to Buffalo, New York before going on to Detroit, Michigan.

Both women lost a parent young in life. The eldest lost her father to lung disease when she was 26 years old and he was 52. The younger future star lost her mother to cancer when she was just nine years old.

Neither woman was an overnight success. Both paid stiff dues to climb the ladders in their singing genres. However, decades later when their professional careers wound down, they were awarded Grammy’s for Lifetime Achievement to go with all the other awards, honors, and trophies on their mantles and in their trophy cases.

The eldest superstar remains alive today. Loretta Lynn, the "Queen of Country Music," is 88 years old. Lynn's net worth is estimated at $65 million dollars. Lynn, a coal miner’s daughter continues to live the great American Dream.

Sadly, the younger superstar died just two years ago at age 76. At her passing, Aretha Franklin, The "Queen of Soul," had also lived the American dream. Franklin's estate was estimated to be $80 million.

From very humble beginnings both women brought the ultimate combination of intangible advantages to their lives. Both had the opportunity to develop their singing voices in church and then in very modest surroundings before ascending to the highest status of their profession. Both worked hard, took risks, sacrificed, and overcame what might seem to some like impossible circumstances. Only in American can young women from the poorest of American families in Appalachia or Detroit become real life queens.

Anyone who has seen the devastating poverty that comes with all large families of modest means, whether in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, or Detroit, Michigan understands the numerous adversities both these women faced.

Yet like so many women who have come since the rises of Loretta Lynn and Aretha Franklin, millions of American females in one form or another, have enjoyed the American dream thanks to talent, drive, persistence, and making enough good choices.

The lesson here should be simple. The American dream is not some sort of monolithic set of circumstances with determinant outcomes. The American dream does not have to lead to net worth totals of somewhere between $65 million and $80 million dollars, let alone all the luxuries that might come with those extraordinary sums of money to still be quite be extraordinary.

Yes, the American dream means many things to many people. However, the common thread in the American dream is being able to see how far your talent, ambition, drive, and persistence can take you based on where you want to go.

The idea that somehow “privilege” based on a certain "race" is required for any American boy or girl to successfully pursue the American dream, is the biggest lie foisted on the public in decades. This horrific lie, which is quite sadly, fundamental to the Black Lives Matter narrative, is deeply political in its very nature. And anyone who is buying what politicians are selling, whether they be white, black, brown, or otherwise, are swallowing what cynically selfish politicians WANT THEM TO SWALLOW.

There is a phrase that describes these purchases: It is called...simply being a gullible fool.