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© 2020 Jim Spence - Recently I have a very unpleasant experience on the golf course with a young man I very much admire. He is the father of three little girls, an entrepreuer, and a good player. We had enjoyed many rounds of golf together this spring and summer and he was my opponent when I fired my career low round, a two under par 70 on a pretty demanding course in suburban Denver. He shot 71 that day, which also happened to be his career low. On our last outing I made the mistake of speaking my mind to him after he began to talk about the NFL salvaging their season. Readers of this column understand that I have spoken often about the likes of Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, and others of their ilk, who take a knee during the national anthem and whine about social justice. However, this young man had no idea about my philosophies, let alone where they might come from. Golf is not the time or the place to discuss politics. Unfortunately, most of the professional sports leagues have shoved politics into our faces and their opinions down our throats, so I negligently walked into the trap and spoke my mind. Once this young man heard a snippet of my views between holes, he suggested that I had no idea how ignorant I was, and added that it was clear I had a closed mind when it came to the riots and protests. Needless to say, I did not refer to the primary sources for my opinions, nor did I continue to opine on a subject that is clearly worn out.
Here a link to the Walter Williams website (Williams is pictured above). Williams has been a hero of mine for forty years. Twenty years my senior, Walter Williams has seen it all and he is as intellectually astute as many man I have ever read. Most of my opinions on race, equality, and social justice, have been formed after reading Williams views along with those of his good friend, Thomas Sowell, who recently retired from writing columns. Sadly, and thanks to a grossly biased media, education system, and entertainment segment of the population, these men are not heard by the masses. What a pity. You can visit Walter Williams by clicking HERE and learn what a profoundly wise man thinks all this burning, looting, and murder (BLM) is about. He makes the case much more articulately than I do.


Want to grieve? Nykea Aldridge deserved better

© 2020 Jim Spence -  Just over four years ago (late August of 2016), it was back to school time. It was then that Chicago police arrested two brothers in connection with the death of NBA star Dwyane Wade's cousin, Nykea Aldridge. Eventually, career criminal Darwin Sorrells Jr. pleaded guilty after being caught on film committing Aldridge’s murder. Sorrells went back to prison after he was sentenced to 27 years for killing the innocent young woman.

How and why did this senseless killing happen?

Tragically, Nykea Aldridge was killed when she was hit by gunfire while pushing her infant child in a stroller near the Dulles School of Excellence on Chicago’s south side. Local police reported that Darwin Sorrells and his brother started firing weapons after they "exchanged looks" with a man who was dropping off a woman near the school. It seems that both Sorrells brothers knew the man was not from the neighborhood. They thought he might have been armed, so they opened fire. Nykea Aldridge just happened to be near the school where she was planning to register her children for the upcoming semester. Aldridge was hit in the head by stray bullets fired from the guns of the Sorrell brothers. She passed away 45 minutes after she was taken to a nearby hospital.

Nykea Aldridge
Because Nykea Aldridge was the cousin of NBA star Dwayne Wade, her murder received very brief coverage by the national news media. However, the national and local media quickly lost interest in a tragic story with huge implications for America. In the end, the shooting death of a woman pushing a baby stroller in front of a school in the south side of Chicago was dropped because it could be categorized by news editors, as just another in a long series of local killings of people of no historical significance.

Perhaps it might be useful to contrast how the awful story of Nykea Aldridge’s killing went virtually unnoticed, versus how the media, the politicians, and subsequently millions of Americans, said goodbye to one of our "best" sons in 2020.

The deceased was buried in a golden coffin in a coach pulled by 4 white horses while thousands of mourners sobbed uncontrollably. The mayor of the city where the deceased lived, was captured on film sobbing while clutching the magnificently expensive coffin. Clearly this coffin must have contained the body of one of the finest citizens ever buried in America. It was a nationally-televised funeral fit for a king. Literally choking on her own saliva, the ex-wife of the deceased was filmed while weeping uncontrollably over his coffin. It was a heart-rendering scene, though curiously the victim’s ex-wife had not actually seen the deceased for six years. It had been six years ago that the deceased abandoned his ex-wife and their three-month-old daughter. Even more odd, though the deceased was worshiped by millions after his death, he rarely provided much if any financial support for his wife or their child during his lifetime.

Thankfully, in the wake of the deceased’s death, thousands of compassionate people from all over the world, raised an amazing sum of money for the deceased’s ex-wife and her child. She has now received nearly $20 million in donations. The money continues to roll in and the outpouring of grief is not limited to financial relief. The University of Massachusetts has actually established a scholarship in honor of the deceased.

Our politicians were seemingly grief-stricken too. On the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives mourning elected officials went to their knees for almost nine minutes to honor the victim. Presidential candidate Joe Biden was also filmed on his knees lamenting the victim’s passing. If only dead soldiers were honored in such fashion.

It did not stop there. A 17-year-old girl was beaten and raped by “mourners” claiming they were terribly upset over the victim’s untimely demise. Hundreds of buildings have been burned. Cars, streets, police vehicles, public parks and federal buildings have been torched. Historical statues, including the Lincoln Memorial have been damaged by violent mourners.

As tens of thousands of mourners continue to take to the streets, seemingly to express their heartfelt grief, they continue to engage in arson, looting, and senseless acts of violence including murder. Many areas of America’s largest cities, including Seattle, Portland, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and many others, have now been destroyed. Hundreds of police officers have been injured and some have been killed.

Multi-millionaire players in professional sports leagues have decided to show their grief over the death of this victim. NBA players directed their angst towards the national anthem. They have also refused to play in games to protest his death. Major League Baseball players, also with the full support of league officials, have staged a variety of protests for the cameras. No doubt when the NFL begins its season, fresh protests will be directed towards the national anthem and towards law enforcement officials. It would seem that America’s despicable tolerance for social injustice is to be blamed for the untimely demise of the martyr in question.

A question comes to mind. What made the death of this man’s passing more significant than the death of Nykea Aldridge and thousands of others like her?

After doing some homework it is clear it was not the generous marks this male victim left on society during his crime-filled lifetime. George Floyd had a long and very serious criminal record. His arrests and convictions included a long list of armed robberies, drug trafficking offenses, and violent assaults. His most recent crime involved holding a pregnant woman by the throat (not his ex-wife) and putting a gun barrel to her belly while demanding money. Floyd did manage to get his sentence for that crime reduced, when he named all of his accomplices for police investigators. He may not have been the world's worst villain, but he certainly was not hero material either. Yet his funeral was staged in a way that would suggest he was an apostle of virtue, a role model for all.

After his death, Floyd's autopsy revealed large volumes of dangerous drugs in his blood. According to toxicology findings, the martyr was jacked up on fentanyl when he was allegedly killed by rogue police officers.

With all this information readily available to those interested in facts, it was George Floyd in 2020 and not Nykea Aldrige in 2016, who was to be the recipient of such grieving outpourings. Inexplicably, Nykea Aldridge and thousands like her, will never be characterized in so much as a footnote, by those writing American history.

Doesn't all of this seem at best extraordinarily disproportionate, and cynically contrived and manipulative at worst?

There was no grief or mourning on display in the U.S. House of Representatives for Nykea Aldridge. Why not?

There has been no outrage expressed over the horrific rapes and assaults committed by the supposedly grieving mourners of George Floyd. Why not?

The owners of businesses, whose life-long dreams have been torched in inner cities by Floyd's “mourners” go mostly ignored by politicians and the national media. Why is this so? 

Not a single house member of the U.S. House of Representatives decided to kneel after the horrific death of Nykea Aldridge, not even for five seconds, let alone for nearly nine minutes. Why not?

The real tragedy in America is that the Nykea Aldridge murder is the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to describing what goes on in most large cities around the nation every day. And this raises serious questions for Democrat Party leaders who have held political strangleholds on virtually all major cities in the U.S. for many decades. What makes George Floyd’s passing so much more heart-breaking and important to Democrat politicians, than the abrupt ending of the life of Nykea Aldridge? What do they have to gain by this puzzling reality? These are serious questions begging for answers.

This week while playing golf with a young man who most likely never heard of Nykea Aldridge, I was asked if I could not possibly see "legitimate reasons" for the often violent protests associated with the death of George Floyd. I had already thought about that question and contrasted it with the reactions to the horrific death of Nykea Aldridge and so many like her. The inescapable answer to the Floyd question was a resounding “NO.” All premature deaths are tragic, but only some are useful for political purposes. The timing of all this violence is not coincidence. 

My response to the "legitimate" reasons question was not well-received.

Of course, there is no question that rogue cops should face harsh penalties when then are convicted of crimes. However, there is only so much time and energy available for grieving and emotional outpouring when it comes to crime victims. Grief should be reserved for mothers shot in the head while walking babies in strollers in front of schools, not for career criminals like George Floyd. Again, in no way does this excuse criminal conduct by rogue cops. That is why the cops in the Floyd case will go on trial. Both George Floyd's and Nykea Aldridge's assailants were arrested. Yet only one victim will become historically noteworthy. Nykea's death was long ago treated as being insignificant. And that won't change.

On the other hand, George Floyd's death is being used as an excuse to condone burning, looting, and murder (BLM) And the feeble-minded will attempt to conjure up images of Martin Luther King Jr. when discussing the passing of Floyd. This is twisted. This is blasphemy.

We should respect all life. But we should ALL be much more concerned with Nykea Aldridge’s death. Either 1) her passing was an infinitely more compelling incident that should have triggered national outrage and emphatic protests, or 2) those who think this is true, are simply ignorant and close minded about the entire perplexing paradox associated with George Floyd.

Considering the evidence associated with those present when Floyd died has not even been presented to a judge and jury yet, the whole sorry chapter of history has been staged as political theater. It involves the lowest instincts of those seeking acquire more political power.