Americans, it is time to choose

 © 2020 Jim Spence -  Per the previous column, one could see this massive election fraud coming from a mile away.

There has been plenty of discussion about a second American Civil War on this site and others for the last four years.

Here is the bottom line. We already knew we had millions of citizens who were willing to vote for Democrat party candidates that would look the other way on infanticide. To be clear on this point, it is now time to think about people who will vote for politicians that promise to pass laws making it legal to cut the spinal cords of fully-formed babies on abortionist operating tables in the name of....."choice."

What does this mean and why the hell would I even bring it up?

Tolerance for infanticide is quite telling actually. Anyone willing to engage in this sort of evil, or even condone it, is not going to have much of a problem looking the other way as elections are completely perverted and the efforts by others to cast opposing votes are rendered useless.

Will America slip into Civil War? The odds say no. Why? It is simply because while the right to vote has been fought and died for all over the world by previous generations of Americans, including in Europe and in Asia, Americans have not had to fight for freedom here since the Union troops died by the hundreds of thousands to end slavery. Public education and the media has made sure that too few Americans now understand what is at stake.

Accordingly, 2020 now becomes the pivotal moment is United States history. An unwillingness by the citizens, our courts, our law enforcement officials, and yes even our military, to flatly reject the idea that precinct captains and county officials in Democratic Party strongholds can simply do whatever is necessary in terms of ballot stuffing and harvesting to dictate presidential election outcomes, means it is meaningless going forward to consider any ideas for discussion. Essentially freedom has become optional. 

Every American citizen should consider this situation carefully as should the courts. If America collectively allows blatant election fraud to stand, why should any of us waste time discussing public policy regarding what is best for our country?

Totalitarianism is HERE at our doorstep my friends. Democrats in the news media are embracing totalitarianism and pretending things are legit. Ironically, before the press knows it, their own freedoms will disappear too.

So the time has come to choose. The American judicial system will either put a stop to this before it too is rendered irrelevant, or it will sit back and plan to live more like the Russians, Cubans, Venezuelans, North Koreans, and Chinese do.

There are some things that are much worse than civil war.


Theft in Open View

© 2020 Jim Spence -  Have you ever been burglarized or had your car broken into? This is not like that. In those situations you come home or return to your vehicle, and things have been stolen. There is no trace of the thieves, and your chances of getting back more than a police report are non-existent.

Anyone paying attention could see this coming. Virtually every form of death took an unprecedented dive in the statistics starting in March of 2020. Physicians all over the nation have made videos explaining all the bizarre incentives in place for them to attribute deaths to the virus from China instead of heart disease, complications from diabetes, COPD, car crashes, etc. Miraculously all forms of death in the U.S. have gone way down.....except Covid-19.

With bogus virus mortality statistics in hand, the case was easily made by Democrats for election ballots to mailed in masse in every state. Most critically in battleground states the raw material for election fraud has been produced. Riots and violence was condoned, but printing and mailing hundreds of millions of ballots was all about "public safety."

Last night it became pretty clear where the ballot harvesting was going to be required. It was going to be in the same states that Democrats thought they had in the bag in 2016. Those damned mid-westerners!

Election fraud is not like burglary. It is not even like the films we have all seen that have been taken of looters rioting for "social justice." In these instances heavy objects are heaved through large windows. The jagged edges of broken windows are quickly chipped away so thieves can steal more safely. They enter buildings belonging to others, and take everything of value while they are videoed. Often they set fire to the places after the valuables have been pilfered and vandalism gets boring.

Election fraud is also a crime, but it is much more sophisticated. Early in the election day, particularly in places like Philadelphia, local Democrats run legally designated GOP election monitors out of the precinct buildings for a little while. This is done so they can get boxes containing fraudulent votes in place. Then, much later in the day, after the polls close, they pay attention to the counting of real votes statewide so they can get an idea of what has to be done to steal enough votes.....but not too many. It is finesse, not in your face burning and looting. The looting comes later via tax policies.

Still later at night in the battleground states, Democrat officials never actually announce that vote counting has been “stopped.” They just stop counting votes for a few hours. Why would vote counting stop while the entire nation is waiting to know the results of a supposedly free election including unsuspecting Democrats? The answer to this oddity is not all that complicated. If you are going to engage in election fraud using mail-in ballots you have already filled out, stashed, and brought to precincts, the most important thing you must know is how many votes you need to produce.

Cheating in an election is like fencing stolen items. The process must be done out of view, and in a coordinated way so the loot cannot be traced easily.

In which precincts are you are going to add the votes of dead people, street people, and others who have long since moved away and voted somewhere else. The early vote counting process must appear to be legitimate. You count and count until you get to what is statistically speaking, a good stopping point. Then you huddle up and figure out how many votes you need to add to Biden’s total, while holding on to thousands of extra bogus ballots just in case.

How can you get honest people to go along? It is easy, you avoid honest people. The fraudsters are for the most part, the same politicians who order police to stand aside during riots and allow burning, looting, and even violent assaults. None of this is "free." Make no mistake the precinct captains will be compensated for engaging in fraud. And there will be plenty of booty to go around once the mission is accomplished.

What you are seeing right now in America, is a continuation of what has been happening for the last four years. A concerted effort to undo what voters did in 2016 is nearing completion. However, this time the cheaters were not caught off guard. They realized after 2016 that the voters can no longer be "trusted." Democrats tried the Russian collusion con, the Ukraine misdirection, and the preposterous impeachment angle.

Originally, after the knee jerk reaction to the Chinese virus restrictions, which Democrats claimed were nothing more than anti-Asian racism, Democrats suddenly realized they had struck the golden opportunity for election fraud. They have been running with it ever since.

What happened in 2020 will go down in the annals of history. Democrats locked down the economy, blamed as many deaths as possible on the virus, and used the contagious realities of the pandemic as an excuse to mail ballots to everyone.

The rest my friends, has been pretty easy. What you are seeing right now is theft in slow motion. It is simply a continuation of the dishonesty we have come to know all to well. Big Brother is prevailing.