A Tale of Two Stockings

© 2020 Jim Spence - It has been an odd holiday season. It brings to an end an odd year. 2020 has been a year in which almost nothing made any sense. This picture, which was snapped early today.....Christmas morning could actually serve as a metaphor for our predicament.

On the surface it is a very simple photo actually. It depicts the stockings of two little children hanging from the mantle above a fireplace. The white stocking to the right, with the red trim on top, belongs to a nineteen month-old little girl named Linnie. 

The green stocking to the left, belongs to a little boy named Les. Little Les lives in his mother's womb and will arrive in this world come mid-April, Lord willing.

Some might ask what is the difference in these two stockings? And why would this picture be posted here on this site?

One possible answer is, "Nothing that is really significant because both stockings simply belong to precious little children, One is white with red trim and one is green with red trim. One belongs to a little boy and the other to a little girl."

Others might find the idea of hanging a stocking for an unborn baby boy rather inappropriate for philosophical reasons associated with "choice." It is one of life's perplexing paradoxes worth considering as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ 2,020 years after he arrived.