Are these good ideas that will solve problems in America?

© 2020 Jim Spence - It has all come unraveled for Democrats. Not long ago, when George W. Bush left office in early 2009, the Democrats had won elections that gave them control of the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. It turns out that the 2008 election was the high water mark for the Democrat's hold on power. In the eight years that followed, Democrats lost control of the presidency, the Senate, and the House. And with these ballot box losses, they lost control of their chance to control the Supreme Court.
Election math in the U.S. is pretty simple. Politically, America is a nation split into thirds. One third is partisan Democrat, one third is partisan Republican, and one third is unaligned and independent. Independents in swing states voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, and they voted for Trump in 2016 against Obama's chosen successor.
What Nancy Pelosi and Company are doing these days can no longer be defined as simply aggressive politics to try to win the next election. Clearly, Democrats think and behave as if they are at WAR with anyone who is not a partisan Democrat. People paying attention know that Democrats simply cannot stand to be out of power. And because they are out of power, they are committed to making sure America does not experience any sense of peace. Instead, they insist, with a powerful assist from their friends in the media, that Americans endure 24 hour a day, seven day a week, 365 days a year, barrages of nasty political war. Again, the realities of political math suggests that at all times, two-thirds of Americans are opposed to blind hatred and political warfare. Yet the Democrats cannot seem to help themselves. Add to this situation, the fact that Trump is fighting them every step of the way and you get a bloody war. There is an old saying, "Never get into a pissing contest with a skunk. You will lose and the skunk will enjoy it."
What has made the U.S. the marvel of the rest of the world, is the opposite of this. America stays strong because there have always been peaceful transfers of power back and forth between Democrats and Republicans since the end of the Civil War. And not so coincidentally, the only “impeachment” in the House of Representatives during the 19th Century came at the end of that domestic conflict. Democrats are engaging in Civil War.
Unfortunately, once partisan bickering morphs into hatred-based political war, practically any tactics are justified in the minds of the war participants. Keep in mind that in wartime, people are rewarded, not based on what they can produce, but based on what they can destroy. The angrier the warriors are, the more desperately they fight. In a word, the 2020 Democrats are furiously angry and they are desperate. Unfortunately, it takes more than being furious and desperate to win elections. Democrats seem to have completely forgotten that it is the perception that they offer better policy ideas that leads to wins at the ballot box. Alternatively, bad ideas lose.
Voters are starving for “policy ideas” to get behind for the next election. Those running to unseat a sitting president in a booming economy, with record low poverty and unemployment rates, should keep in mind that their ideas must have crossover appeal with independents.
Consider the Democrat’s presidential debates. Candidates have the opportunity to present their best ideas to independent voters. Instead of proposing policy ideas that will solve problems, Democrats insist on floating ideas that have already been tried and failed but are embraced by the losers.
Scorched earth political war tactics like this sham impeachment process, are not a viable substitute for winning ideas. And while the Democrats main course on the debate menu and in the U.S. House is hatred of Trump, most of the side dishes they offer are all bad ideas that the majority of American voters are sure to reject. Here's a short list of bad ideas Democrats embrace:
1) They show no respect and take no responsibility for their loss in the 2016 election. In effect they blame and bad mouth voters, their customers. 2) They seem to forget that Americans instinctively dislike sore losers. 3) They also routinely blame all unsolved problems in America on racism and white privilege. Independents are tired of this. 4) Democrats no longer see any need for U.S. borders or enforcement of immigration laws. They call Border Patrol and ICE agents vile names. Again Independents support secure borders. 5) Democrats brand U.S. corporations as nothing more than exploitation machines instead of recognizing them as entities that provide paychecks, healthcare benefits etc. Independents appreciate their employers. 6) They insist that conferring high school diplomas on functionally illiterate teenagers is preferable to reforming the education bureaucracy. Independents want educational reforms. 7) Democrats are asking Americans to legalize the killing of helpless babies who are born alive. They insist that infanticide comes under the purview of “female healthcare.” 8) While all Americans including all Democrats consume fossil fuels, only Democrats condemn these fuels and everyone who produces them.
It is probably a good time for Democrats to take a step back and ask themselves if they want to run on really bad ideas that two-thirds of Americans reject, or shift course and adopt a slate of good ideas that would support this vibrant U.S. economy that we all rely on.
It looks like Democrat’s are going down on the bad idea ship. Just this week Michael Bloomberg proposed a law requiring all physicians to take courses to reduce the numbers of racists in their ranks. Bloomberg crassly suggested that doctors and nurses provide treatment preferences to white people. Does this include the tens of thousands of black nurses and doctors? Not to be outdone by Bloomberg’s ridiculous proposal, Joe Biden suggested that the CEO’s of companies that produce fossil fuels to power the jets he flies around in, should be jailed if they are not being sufficiently concerned about “climate change.”
Are these good ideas that will solve problems in America? Or are they the silly musings of fools who have forgotten their job is to solve American problems?