The insatiable egos of Mike Lee and Rand Paul.

© 2020 Jim Spence - There seems to be something that happens to United States senators after they have been in Washington a few years. Enter Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky, two seemingly bright, thoughtful, and intelligent guys. Both fried all semblance of their personal credibility with ridiculous rants on the media briefing Wednesday morning by the defense apparatus of our country.
There is certainly a time and place for Republicans to demand answers from the president of their own party. However, given that America is engaged in a domestic CIVIL WAR that pits shameless Democrats, who literally will stop at nothing to regain power, the time and place to ask questions is behind closed doors.
Observers who pay attention to Washington D.C. have noted for many decades that the most contagious disease U.S. senators are susceptible to catching, is an overwhelming sense of SELF-IMPORTANCE. You see it on both sides of the aisle, and you see it in the U.S. House of Representatives as well. But know this, every House member wants to be a senator. There are only 100 of them in the nation and boy do they all know it. Senators are easily the most arrogant human beings on the planet.
You never know when the symptoms of malignant self-importance will strike a senator. But when you see these symptoms, they are unmistakable. It seems that both Mike Lee and Rand Paul have contracted this intellectual malignancy. Brain surgery seems in order because sadly, self-importance now overwhelms their abilities to engage in rational thought and/or basic information processing capabilities.
There is a stark reality that has yet to take root in the minds of Mike Lee and Rand Paul. This reality is that Donald Trump did not even need to make the case for dusting off an Iranian terrorist general who’s record of killing innocent civilians and U.S. military personnel was without parallel. The enormous mountain of evidence was empirical. Still, Trump stood before the cameras with his entire military team by his side this morning and ran down the already known laundry list of capital offenses committed by Soleimani and the rogue state of Iran. In fact, Trump did so without including the fact that an old U.N resolution actually forbade Soleimani from even setting foot in Iraq, let alone plotting more death and destruction.
It reflects particularly poorly that Mike Lee and Rand Paul both seemed oblivious to the fact that an attack on an embassy, ANY EMBASSY, is an act of war. Self-importance IN, rational thinking OUT.
In the previous column on this site, readers were counselled on the fundamental facts regarding the civilized world’s war with radical Islam. Readers were reminded that this war NEVER ENDED.
Accordingly, it is absolutely appalling that two veteran GOP senators, who are not hapless partisan Democrats hoping to retake the White House, would not know this, or worse yet, ignore it. The list of basic facts regarding what Iran and its generals have been doing in and around the Persian Gulf for the last forty years should not require a rehashing for anyone who has had as many briefings as Mike Lee and Rand Paul.
The point here is painfully simple. When Americans elect a Commander in Chief there is a prerequisite of trust required. Nobody in his right mind wants a duly elected president, or members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to disclose how they knew that Soleimani was in Iraq, let alone how they KNEW what he might have been doing there.
Mike Lee and Rand Paul seem to forget, while under their incredible fog of self-importance, that there are brave Americans still on the ground in Iraq, providing steady streams of intelligence. These brave warriors can easily be compromised if symbolic public briefings contain TOO MUCH CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.
The message here is pretty basic. Given a choice between Mike Lee and a Democrat or Rand Paul and a Democrat, the advice to voters in Utah and Kentucky is to vote for Lee and Paul. But the evidence is clear. These men should have known full well that they should have taken their curiosity about the details of the dusting of the most dangerous terrorist in the world BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.
Mike Lee and Rand Paul disgraced themselves today. It seems that only U.S. senators with an overwhelming sense of self-importance are prone to these types of ego-driven miscalculations. What a pitiful situation for the GOP voters in Utah and Kentucky. There are so many things that are more important than the egos of Mike Lee and Rand Paul.