Mussolini, Tojo, Hitler, and the Iranian Mullahs

© 2020 Jim Spence - Tyrants operating within their own boundaries are sticky problems for the international community. Defining and policing human rights violations within sovereign borders is pretty much impossible.
Consider what a horrific murdering thug Saddam Hussein was. When he confined his atrocious behavior to his own people, he was safe from international intervention within Iraq. But then, he decided to annex Kuwait and a gigantic coalition crushed him.
The history books are loaded with examples of tyrants engaged in territorial expansions. While the maintenance of vast empires over large geographic spaces can be accomplished, eventually they fail. And as military technology has advanced, the appetites of tyrants have become more limited.
The sixth stage of creating and maintaining conditions for lasting peace involves differentiating between local skirmishes and actions by tyrants with territorial ambitions. The biggest threat to this stage of the peace maintenance process in 2020 is the behavior of the Iranian mullahs. Iran clearly has broad regional ambitions. Accordingly, Iran attacked Iraq, the U.S. embassy in Iraq, and Saudi Arabia's oil facilities in 2019. Iran also regularly organized and funded violence against Israel. It also seized oil tankers in the open waters of the Persian Gulf. The killing of Iranian General Soleimani by U.S. forces was simply a recognition that Iran’s behavior had gone far beyond engaging in minor skirmishes.
Stage seven for creating and maintaining conditions for peace, requires the recognition by civilized nations that appeasement of leaders of any nations that violate the first six stages necessary for peace will result in the worst possible outcomes for all global citizens.
The history books tell the story. Tyrannical expansionist actions of Japan, Germany, and Italy serve as perfect illustrations of the point. The appeasement of Hitler by France, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union provide perfect illustrations of this fundamental principle. Appeased tyrants become emboldened, not grateful. In Asia, the appeasing of Hideki Tojo's excursions into China led to his emboldening. When he met zero resistance, Tojo escalated imperialist actions. The point here is simple. Tyrants only respect strength, they do not respect appeasement. They see it for what it is.......weakness. The standing down of Iran shortly after General Soleimani’s death, illustrates the point. It is a mystery why Democrats in America and their parrots in the news media were unable to anticipate this reaction by the Iranian mullahs. The U.S. media still reacts to talk instead of ACTION.
The last stage necessary to create and maintain conditions for lasting peace is empirical. Nations that DO NOT teach their adults and their children the first seven stages required to maintain peace, will eventually suffer catastrophic consequences.
Again, it was not just the leaders of Japan, Germany, and Italy that paid the price for the citizens of those countries not choosing leaders wisely. Millions of citizens all around the world died as a direct consequence of the intransigence of Japanese, Italian, and German citizens.
The outcomes could have been different. When Mussolini invaded Abyssinia, he should have been isolated and crushed. When Hitler began his attempts to acquire territories, he should have been isolated and crushed. The same goes for Hideki Tojo. In each of these instances, it was clear that there was a dangerously ambitious tyrant involved who was unwilling to respect the recognized borders of other nations. Countries that paid huge prices for appeasing Tojo and Hitler were China and the Soviet Union. And of course, Jewish people paid dearly as well.
World War II could have been averted if swift decisive action had been taken to isolate and punish Italy. This would have sent a strong message to both Japan and Germany that disrespect for international boundaries by tyrants would not be tolerated.
Fast forward to 2020. It is quite sad indeed that Democrats and their buddies in the mainstream news media are either too ignorant of history or too cynical regarding Trump to understand what causes war and what causes peace.
Successive generations of American students are being indoctrinated in nonsensical viewpoints instead of the realities of keeping the peace. In this scenario, a guy like Trump gets accused of creating hostility escalation, when he is actually doing precisely the opposite. What a pity. We will pay in the end for this ignorance.