We finally have an "outsider" on the inside

© 2020 Jim Spence - Ask most Americans if they are sick and tired of career politicians and most will reply with an emphatic, YES. The emergence of Ross Perot in the early 1990’s is a good case study of how the mainstream media deals with outsiders. Perot, who passed away recently, was a man of high integrity. He had a good grasp of most things that were ailing America and he was honest. Prior to the 1992 election, Perot surged to the lead in the polls, only to be crushed by an orchestrated smear campaign by Democrats and Republicans with the news media doing the blocking and tackling. Watching the insider’s smear job on Perot was like watching an ambush unfold in slow motion. In short order, using opposition research received from Democrats and Republicans the news networks turned Perot’s “image” from a high integrity “outsider” with an incredibly successful business background and years of unselfish public service, into some sort of quirky nut who was not to be trusted. Unlike the thick-skinned Donald Trump, Perot did not handle the unfairness very well. American voters who swore by-God they wanted an outsider instead of another career politician in the White House got conned by the insiders. Voters abandoned Perot in sufficient numbers to get Bill Clinton elected in 1992.
Every four years we seem to engage in the same ritual. New “outsiders” try to break through the Washington D.C. power clique that has dominated this nation for several generations and every single outsider has FAILED to crack those tall barriers, except one. That would be Donald Trump.
Many voters who were skeptical of Trump (including me) did not trust him, even though he got our vote in 2016. We had no choice. We simply could not put power in the hands of a known crook like Hillary Clinton. We had plenty of reasons to be cynical, so we held our noses when we voted for Trump.
Let’s fast forward to the present. It is safe to say that Donald Trump, despite all his annoying tweets, his ridiculous pettiness, and his willingness to terminate decent people like firing is a daily bodily function, Trump has kept MORE PROMISES than any president in my adult lifetime. The only president who comes close to the promises kept record of Trump is Ronald Reagan.
It is not just that Trump has kept so many promises. It is critical to recognize that he has done so while enduring withering criticism from the mainstream news media. A recent survey revealed that 96% of all Trump “analysis” is negative. This is unprecedented. The fact that Trump is polling so well tells you how very little the public trusts journalists.
The anti-Trump drumbeat should be wearing average Americans down more than it is. Look at Fox’s Chris Wallace. Wallace finally seems to be unable to ignore the never-ending smear campaign against Trump. He has bought into the Democrat’s latest in a three-year series of concerted efforts to manufacture accusations that will support their post 2016 election loss impeachment obsession. Wallace has joined the rest of the media that is missing something basic. Americans are interested in results, not likable politicians. They have been betrayed by enough likable politicians to last them the rest of their lives.
Do those of us keeping track of kept promises and broken promises wish that Trump would stop being petty? Yes. Do we wish he was more loyal to his appointees? Yes. Do we wish he was not so provocative and obnoxious? Yes. But do we understand that these are small things to trade away, in exchange for KEPT PROMISES on important public policies? YES.
Don’t look now but Trump is polling amazingly well with both Hispanic and Black voters. The mainstream media would have everyone including Hispanics and Blacks believe that these two groups are made up of monolithic automatons, because they all think alike and of course they all vote alike. These absurd monolithic American minority behavior theories are coming unraveled. Minority voters understand that their wages are rising, and they see that there are JOBS EVERYWHERE for anyone willing to work. If these polls are even close to being correct, the Democrats, with all their desperate impeachment obsessions and incredible assistance from the mainstream media, are going to be on the outside looking in until 2024.
What does the GOP Senate do with such a durable president? The GOP Senate is made up mostly of career politicians, many of whom are sellouts. Most GOP senators do not feel any obligation to do what they have said they will do. If the GOP Senators treat Trump decently in the upcoming sham impeachment trial, it will only be because it serves their interests to do so. They seem oblivious to his promise keeping, because they pay so much attention to his shortcomings. Too bad they don’t examine their own.