King's dream realization could be a nightmare for Dems

© 2020 Jim Spence -  Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. King wanted an America where people would be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. So profound were his words and his vision that though he did not live to see it (as he prophetically predicted), the scourge of racism in America pretty much went underground decades ago.
Earlier this week our nation celebrated a national holiday in Martin Luther King’s honor. Travel to almost any city of any size in America, and streets or highways are named after Dr. King.
Yes, there are still racists in the United States. There always will be. However, it is no longer acceptable for whites to espouse any racist thoughts in respected circles. The truth is, and mainly for understandable reasons, racism is much more prominent in the black community than in the white community. Accordingly, on television shows, in movies, and in every nook and cranny of pop culture, it seems to be generally acceptable to bash whites, especially older white men. Unfortunately, anti-white sentiments run completely counter to Dr. King's dream. It is still the content of of a person's character and not the color of one’s skin, that should be judged.
It is troubling that one can see the same old Democrat’s election strategy unfold each election season. In a feeble effort to maintain a stronghold on minority votes, Democrats willingly reject King’s dream. Accusing whites of being racist anytime any white refuses to go along with all the bad policy ideas Democrats have, is finally beginning to become exposed as a bad political strategy with a limited shelf-life.
Democrats seem unable to break free of the race-card game because they have acquired a serious addiction to the process of hyping a perception in minority communities of widespread white racism. Terms like “white privilege and white supremacists” are trotted out to describe anyone attending a political rally that runs counter to Democratic Party dogma. Racism accusations are used as a matter of routine to describe views of people who support various civil protections including support for the first and second amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
One had to fight back the laughter when listening to comments made by Senators Kamala Harris and Corey Booker as they dropped out of the Democratic race for the presidency recently. Rules were established by leading Democrats to keep the debates from having fifteen or twenty candidates on stage, month after month. Eventually, both the Booker and Harris campaigns floundered. They were, unlike the top competitors in the party, simply unable to attract financial donors or decent polling numbers with REGISTERED DEMOCRATS.
From Booker and Harris, complaints of a lack of diversity on the debate stage began to be woven into their excuses for failure. It is simply ironic that Harris and Booker, in the post-Obama era, attempted to make the case that Democrats don’t donate or declare polling preferences for black candidates because they have a bias against black candidates. Given all the racist propaganda regarding whites being foisted on the public, these assertions are absurd. But somehow Booker and Harris had to grab the racism crutch as they fell. Harris added the sexism charge to her list of reasons why her candidacy failed to gain traction despite the face that Elizabeth Warren was crushing her in the polls. It seems that minority voters are not the mindlessly monolithic automatons Democrats are counting on.
What we are left with are five viable Democrats. Four are aging whites and one is a young white gay mayor from Indiana.
We hear the term identity politics tossed around all the time. Most voters are not sure what it means. Identity politics is group think in a nutshell. Democrats see people, particularly those who despise all the failures of socialism, as members of groups. Republicans see people as individuals.
The fact that Democrats have been indoctrinating the population to judge people according to the color of their skin and gender is about to blow up in their faces. Here are some of the group themes: Women are generally good unless they vote GOP. White men are bad (except for socialist white men who check their built in privileges at the door). Racial minority members should all think of themselves as victims. Whites are all to be considered as oppressors (especially white men). This explains why you see classes in white privilege being taught at many universities around the nation.
Don't look now but Democrats suddenly have a problem with only a slate of multi-millionaire white people to choose from in the presidential primaries.
The problem is compounded by the fact that unemployment and poverty numbers among minority members are at their lowest level EVER under Trump’s policies. With no minority candidate to vote for who doesn't have the stigma of whiteness, Democrat’s group think might just backfire in 2020. Which white person should the minority voter trust? Should they trust the unknown white person? Or should they trust the one who has been delivering results for minorities like no other president in modern history? The realization of Dr. King's dream could be a nightmare for Democrats.