Permanently Disbarred

© 2020 Jim Spence - Lawyers, lawyers, and more lawyers. No wonder the impeachment theater is drawing bad reviews and low TV ratings. TV cameras capture images of our Senators, both Republicans and Democrats, actually falling asleep while Nancy Pelosi’s keystone cop "impeachment team" is feebly trying to make a case for overturning Trump's election victory in 2016 and preclude him from winning in 2020. So, while countless members of the American Bar Association are having their five minutes of fame during this sham proceeding, life goes on in America where we all have to do real work to pay our bills.
A question remains. When this impeachment sham finally ends, what will history record about this sad chapter in American politics? History may well marvel at how willing the Democrats are to trot out the views of the law professors, and pretend they are objective interpretations of the U.S. Constitution.
Only hopeless partisans believe law school professors are neutral. The reality is the American Bar Association itself is an anti-GOP advocacy organization. However, the ABA is an advocate for the fifth amendment of the U.S. Constitution. And Democrats are going to get a hunk of their political hides torn out by the positions on search warrant restrictions that are advocated by the ABA.
All of these silly efforts to remove Trump run together. Consider the forty million dollars wasted on the Democrat's Mueller investigation of the Trump/Russia hoax. There were no convictions related to Russian collusion, only convictions for unrelated offenses. And now the handful of convictions Mueller secured, seem likely to be overturned, simply because of the tainted warrants obtained by the deep state henchmen in the FBI and Obama intelligence agencies. The courts have now come to understand the FBI lied on warrant applications, to get the OK to spy on Trump.
The acquittal of Trump is a foregone conclusion. People have moved on. And in less than a month this entire farce will be but a footnote in history.
What about the impeachment acquittal of Bill Clinton in the GOP Senate more than twenty years ago? How does history view that event? The record shows that unlike Trump, Bill Clinton was actually charged with crimes that he committed. It also shows that politically-sensitive GOP Senators noted that the “polls” did not support removing Clinton. The polls won out and Clinton skated. Democrats like to argue that the Clinton impeachment in the House was “political.” This does not hold up to scrutiny because it cannot explain why the American Bar Association, which is a super source of campaign contributions for Democrats, DISBARRED Bill Clinton due to his criminal conduct. Being disbarred by the ABA is perhaps the ultimate condemnation for a Democrat. Given all the leeway attorneys are afforded in their roles as advocates, the ABA found that Bill Clinton possessed insufficient levels of integrity, to remain in the profession. Wow. That is not a high bar.