Part IV - Progressivism - From a Philosophy to a Religion

© 2020 Jim Spence -  The morphing of progressivism as an abstract philosophy to a religion, was completed when Barack Obama (like FDR) capitalized on what should have been a short economic downturn. It was Obama’s great fortune to run against 1) a recession under GW Bush, and 2) John McCain, who was a perfect foil for the Progressive church, attempting to disguise himself as a “maverick.”
Let’s put this charitably. Barack Obama told so many bald-faced lies to the American electorate before and after he was elected, he managed to set his party back a hundred years in Congress and state legislatures and governors races, without suffering fatal political damage to himself.
Because of Obama's personal popularity, and widespread voter fraud, Obama generated huge voter turnout in the black community that pushed him over the top. Obama benefited from turnout figures that fraud or no fraud, will never be matched by the 2020 Church of Progressivism candidates.
What has gone wrong for the church since 2016? How can the emergence of one Donald Trump do so much damage to their appeal? The answer is, they never had that much appeal. What they had was a great, though mostly discredited, preacher in Obama for eight years.
Since the rise of Obama, Church of Progressivism candidates have repeatedly cast stupid votes to punish Americans that do NOT buy health insurance. They have also voted at the same time, to give this very same health insurance American citizens are compelled to buy under threat of FINES………to people living here illegally. Go figure their loyalties. Why not fine illegals too, if they don't buy health insurance? A curious question.
A Gallup poll out this week shows that Trump has gained a significant level of support since impeachment proceedings started, particularly with minorities. This has Democrats shaking in what is left of their boots.
How can this possibly be, with the mainstream media running virtually 100% negative segments on Trump?
There are so many reasons why the church is floundering. Let's list a few:
1) Democrat debates are as big a sham as the impeachment process. Church of Progressivism candidates, who are all millionaires themselves, are seen arguing with other Church of Progressivism candidates, who are also millionaires, about how evil millionaires are. No wonder Bloomberg is skipping these sham proceedings. He's a billionaire.
2) Church of Progressivism candidates are demanding that we protect the Syrian border, while leaving our own borders unprotected.
3) The church candidates feign concern about climate change, while they fly around in private gas guzzling jets. Many leading church member's sons collect millions of dollars from the boards of Ukrainian oil and gas companies. Voters understand these are influence fees with no concern for "the planet."
4) Church of Progressivism candidates favor higher utility bills for millions of Americans and oppose clean coal power plants because they "say," they sincerely worry about climate change.
The global numbers on coal-fired power plants tell a different story. The European Union already has 468 coal fired power plants and countries in the E.U. are currently building 27 new coal plants. Turkey alone has 56 coal plants and is building 93 more. South Africa has 79 coal plants and is building 24 more. India has 589 coal plants and is building 446 more. The Philippines has 19 coal plants and is building 60 more. South Korea has 58 coal plants and is building 26 more. Japan has 90 coal plants and is building 45 more. Last but most certainly not least, China has.....2363 coal plants and is building…..get this…….1171 more.
The number of projected coal powered plants in just 8 regions is off the charts. Again voters are listening to U.S. candidates who are members of the Church of Progressivism who are trying to convince them that America is evil because Republicans do not care about Co2, climate change, or global warming.
Currently the USA has all of 15 coal fired power plants. The U.S. is building ZERO new coal plants. With these realities, Church of Progressivism members/crusaders running for president are demanding that the U.S. policy makers shut down all of the minuscule 15 coal plants we are down to. This church demand will cause voters to pay sky high utility rates to subsidize wind and solar projects......all done so we can "save" the planet, while ignoring the huge number of coal plant projects underway all over the world.
How does the ultra-obnoxious Trump beat the church? It is not that really that tough, even with a  corrupt media.
Trump simply appeals to the people working and paying the bills. He wonders aloud why in America our flag and our free market culture offends so many people, but our benefits don't?
He wonders why the federal government asks ALL U.S. citizens to pay back student loans, but the Church of Progressivism demands that illegal aliens receive a free education here courtesy of taxpayers.
Trump wonders why it is only in America that legal citizens are labeled "racists" and "Nazis," but people who are here via illegal means are called "Dreamers."
Trump also wonders why illegal aliens from Mexico spit on the American soccer team players in the Rose Bowl, while obsessively waving the flag of Mexico, but also suggest it is an unfair punishment when they are sent back to the place where their flags fly.
Voters who work and pay the bills are paying attention to Trump, not the church. They realize the Church of Progressivism tenets suggest that the term, “Need” now means wanting someone else's money. And the term “Greed” now means wanting to keep your own money. Alternatively, the Church of Progressivism teaches that “Compassion” is when a politician arranges the transfer of funds from those who are not in the church to those who are.
Church of Progressivism presidential candidates are constantly calling for policies to "fix" the so-called injustices of capitalism. But non-church members are coming to realize we live in the most privileged time in history, and we also live in the most prosperous nation in history. We own amazing vehicles, eat great food, enjoy fantastic technology, and have the freedom to associate with whom we choose. Others can and do die for the freedoms that Church of Progressivism members don't give a second thought to.
In the United States, our poverty line begins at about 31 times above the global average. The Church of Progressivism attempts to obfuscate the fact that virtually no one in the United States is considered poor by global standards. One of the pillars of the Church of Progressivism, is a bartender turned Congresswoman. Her name is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She puts her desperate ignorance on full display regularly. Recently she said, "An entire generation, which is now becoming one of the largest electorates in America, came of age and never saw American prosperity."
As the candidates in the Church of Progressivism fly through space they are facing an incredible crash with the truth. America is wealthy because of free market capitalism not poor. Progressives instinctively know they are losing the debate, and their solution is to dehumanize Donald Trump. Most surely Trump is a deeply flawed individual.
Aren’t we all?
The Church of Progressivism is not winning because it is bankrupt of ideas that could IMPROVE America and solve sticky problems. Wanting more bureaucracy just isn't going to cut it and the church is addicted to rules, regulations, more laws, and more hapless bureaucracy. It is not a winning hand.

Part III - Progressivism - From a Philosophy to a Religion

© 2020 Jim Spence -  Churches need infrastructure to perpetuate themselves. New congregation members must be enticed to embrace tenets of the religion. Christian churches created Sunday Schools as a basic infrastructure centuries ago. In Sunday schools the congregation's children are taught the fundamental tenets of the faith.
The parents of most children in America avail themselves of public education. Public education has become the "infrastructure" that is used by the Church of Progressivism to entice students to embrace the tenets of their faith. This is an amazingly efficient way to spread the word. Public education is funded, not by the church, but by taxpayers. Public education's resources are controlled by GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS, at the local, state, and federal levels. The results have been predictable. Taxpayers spend more and more to get less and less. Every school day is a Sunday School day in America's public education system. This is so because on a daily basis, millions of  Progressive Church member school teachers, teach Progressivism to highly impressionable students.
The Home Schooling phenomenon in America is a direct effort by knowing parents, who resent and resist the idea of their children being indoctrinated on a daily basis in the tenets of the Church of Progressivism.
The great flaw of public education is that the customers (parents and students) do not control the purchasing power for the services they are suppose to receive. Instead, Progressive bureaucrats have cleverly inserted themselves into every nook and cranny of the procurement process. Claiming they are acting as loyal "agents" for the students and parents, bureaucrats have instead formed powerful political alliances with the elected officials who are also members of the Church of Progressivism. This leads to a steady increase in pay and benefits for bureaucrats in exchange for a steady drumbeat of indoctrination. At the core of the indoctrination is the primary assertion of the Church of Progressivism: No matter what the problem is, more rules, regulations, laws, and more bureaucrats is the default solution. This is their golden rule. All who benefit from this cycle that perpetuates this insidious power structure, ally themselves with the church.
Notice the difference in outcomes. In areas where market forces determine how families spend money on items such as: appliances, clothing, computers, phones, etc. Quality improvements are steady. The customer is always getting more for the same price or even at lower prices. Just the opposite is the case with public education, where bureaucrats control the purchasing power that buys education services. In this critical area of national interest, billions in resources are siphoned out of public education every year to support the church.
Over several generations, we have seen countless ways in which unaccountable bureaucracies will always serve themselves first. The Church of Progressivism has been securing for its members, unsustainable pension promises, astounding numbers of days off, and fool proof insulation from being fired for incompetence from its allies in elected offices. This has been going on for decades. It pays to be a Progressive! The wealthiest counties in the nation contain millions of bureaucrats. As long as the church holds these sorts of amazing controls, funding will continue to rise for public education, with zero hope for better outcomes.
There are a number of horrific scandals ongoing with public education that continue to go unaddressed. For starters, the fundamental values of a truly liberal education system were abandoned long ago. The idea that "all points of view" should be presented in schools of higher learning has been replaced by one-sided indoctrination process favoring the Church of Progressivism viewpoints. The results of this off balance arrangement have been predictable. Students and faculties at hundreds of universities and colleges around the nation are routinely captured on film preventing those not preaching the gospel according to the Church of Progressivism, from having their views heard. Most non-Progressive speakers are vehemently protested at most colleges and universities. Many speakers fearing for their safety, simply decline invitations to speak. Many universities are so one-dimensional in their views, they don't even pretend to welcome diversity of opinions on campuses.
The Church of Progressivism plays the "race card" on college campuses whenever it is politically convenient. However, the church encourages and supports overt racial discrimination on campuses as a matter of routine. The church regularly argues that it is perfectly acceptable for highly-rated colleges and universities like Ivy League schools, to “limit” the percentage of Asian-Americans gaining admission. Why? Because Asian-American people are treated as a monolithic “group” not a collection of unique individuals. Because their "group" scores higher on college entrance exams than other "groups" that are more favored by the church, the church opts for racial discrimination to correct the perceived flaw. In doing so, the church sneers at fundamental constitutional protections contained in the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that demands equal protections for all citizens including Asian-American students with high test scores. Astonishingly, the church argues this sort of overt racial discrimination is acceptable.
Several generations of college graduates have now emerged from this environment. They hold degrees in journalism and enter employment with media outlets that are nothing more than echo chambers for the Church of Progressivism. This explains why news outlets have morphed into tent revivals for membership growth in the The Church of Progressivism instead of being the purveyors of relevant facts.
Is it any wonder Progressives call on millions of young citizens who will not benefit from going to college, to go anyway? The pleas for free college for everyone are sung like Bible hymns. These calls are accompanied by calls for more access to financially debilitating student loans. Now that it is clear that millions of students borrowed billions of dollars in student loans to obtain virtually worthless college degrees, Progressive candidates are demanding that students be allowed to walk away from the debts, that funded their entitled lifestyles while they were in college. The strategy is clear. Go to Sunday school, learn the religion for sixteen years, and the church will hand the bill to the taxpayers.
Instead of celebrating the amazing historical results produced by the profit motive, and free markets, successful business people are scorned by the church. In fact, the Church of Progressivism is not afraid to eat its own. Witness the political crucifixion of Howard Schultz by progressives when he announced his run for the presidency. The founder of Starbucks, who never saw a Progressive cause he would not support, was shunned and made into a villain by the church, simply because he built an amazing business and also made billions of dollars in the process. Howard Schultz did not consider before announcing his short-lived run for president that the Church of Progressivism's Sunday Schools have been, for several generations, teaching children to question the motives of all successful business people. How else could the goal of  enacting more laws, more regulations, and hiring more bureaucrats be achieved? Let's hand it to the church, it knows how to conduct a successful crusade.