Substance Trumps Style

© 2020 Jim Spence - There is so much to talk about. The Iowa Caucuses come around as often as the Olympic Games. Once every four years it is an important operation that requires leadership and management. The 2020 Iowas Caucuses is the subject of for at least one column.
Mitt Romney commits political suicide. Who knew? Of course there was that time when he was seen climbing up on the ledge.
It does not work well to try to think like an everyday person, when trying to get inside the head of an ambitious politician. You have to think more deeply about their “perception” of perceptions, instead of reality.
In Mitt Romney's announced justification for voting to toss Trump out of office by force, he presumed to divine Donald Trump’s motives. He did so despite the availability of the film of Joe Biden (watch it here) bragging about halting an investigation into his son Hunter in the Ukraine. Biden didn't admit to using $1 billion in U.S. taxpayer loan guarantees as leverage. HE BRAGGED ABOUT IT. One can only assume that Biden has become so used to getting away with different forms of corruption, he doesn’t even realize what corruption is. Or put another way, the video of Biden’s bragging, should be played in every household in America until it sinks in. This guy is really corrupt and dumb. And the voters in the Democratic primaries have figured it out too. It is really sinking in.
Since Romney dared to divine the motives of Trump, we will do the same with the analysis of his motives. The Romney situation is actually not very complex. Trump and his team saw the video of Biden literally confessing to a crime in the Ukraine. They chose to investigate. We must surmise that Mitt Romney thinks the film of the Biden confession is irrelevant. This makes no sense. Romney knows that Trump, as America’s executive officer (which includes law enforcement), has every right to determine if the Ukraine had information about an illegal shakedown. Were there elements of politics involved in Trump's actions? Of course there were. Politics is involved in everything that goes on in Washington.
The bottom line is simple. Political calculations were also at the heart of the Romney impeachment vote. Mitt wants to draw a line in the sand distinguishing himself from Trump. He wants to be set apart. He will get his wish.
Mitt did not really think this through very well. He seems to think public policies that are working will simply be a passing fad. He must also be thinking that eventually the Church of Progressivism will become resurgent. However, it is a real head scratching experience to figure out how Mitt could think Progressives will turn to good ole Mitt in any election. More amazing is the fact that Utah sent this guy to Washington. Don't make any long range plans on your senate seat buddy.
We learned all we needed to learn about Romney when he was captured on film TELLING THE TRUTH in 2012. The subject was the federal income tax rolls in the United States. When Mitt was filmed on a phone explaining to donors that only half of Americans were paying ANY share of the tax burden, he was right. Virtually 50% of U.S. citizens pay no federal income tax.
Sadly, when Romney was challenged on this point by the anchors working at the Church of Progressivism television networks, he pretended he was misunderstood, and he retracted what he said about tax fairness.
There is a label for this sort of duplicitous behavior by politicians. Many observers call people like Mitt Romney "weasels." A good number of the 50% of Americans that actually pay for all the services the federal government provides, felt completely betrayed by Romney when he did this.
Contrast Mitt' smooth duplicitous "style" with the abrasive approach of Trump. What would Trump have done under the same circumstances? He most surely would not have backtracked and Kow Towed to members of the Church of Progressivism media. He would have doubled down and told them to take a long hard look at the IRS’s own reports on federal income tax receipts. Trump has a bias in support of all people who pay income taxes. It is quite a flaw.
The great irony of all this is how Romney is reveling in the praise heaped on him by members of the Church of Progressivism media, and church members in the House and Senate. He seems to forget that it was just eight short years ago these very same people who just tried unsuccessfully to alter the 2016 election, were branding Romney as a shameless racist and greedy capitalist pig.
C’mon Mitt, you are an ambitious politician. This role requires you to remember who your friends are. If you don’t do so, it won’t be too long before you don’t have any real friends.
Also remember this Mitt, Substance Trumps Style. (pun intended)

Scorched earth religous war continues

© 2020 Jim Spence -  Over the past couple of months or so, this column has begun to discuss the ways that Trump might be making sensational inroads with minority voters. A few polls (always be skeptical of polls) suggest that he is going to grab unprecedented shares of votes in both the Black and Hispanic communities. There might be something to this.
On CNN Tuesday night, Church of Progressivism elder, Van Jones suggested that Democrats, “Wake up,” to this fact. He asserted that President Donald Trump was effective enough in going after black votes to, “Cause us problems.”
The entire topic was viewed from the identity group prism on the Church of Progressivism TV Channel panel. It appears that some church members suspect that Trump is beginning to create much more satisfaction with overall race relations in the nation. However, it is clear that the elders do not know why Trump is polling so well.
Note the language used by Van Jones, and others at CNN, and how incredibly possessive their words are about the groups they think they own title to:
“We’ve got to pay a lot more attention both to what’s going on with the Latino vote. Are we going to get a benefit in terms of having them respond? And with the black vote? Is it going to be a split-off? Especially for black male voters? We’ve got to be clinical about this stuff” Jones urged. “We get so emotional about it. That was a warning shot to us that he’s going after enough black votes to cause us problems.”
At some point those leading the shrinking Church of Progressivism, especially it’s deacons, its choir members, and its preachers, need to start going after ALL AMERICAN VOTES. Formerly loyal congregation members are walking out on the sermons.
Perhaps it is time to stop pretending in all church sermons, that minority voters are somehow fundamentally different. People are people. We are all just human beings. The vast majority of adults all want pretty much the same BASIC things: 1) A decent job with chances to advance, 2) safe neighborhoods for families, 3) decent schools for their kids, and 4) freedom to think and do as they want, so long as they are not harming others. Sadly, the Church of Progressivism has not learned that these four desires are NOT merely minority desires, and they are not merely white desires, they are universal desires.
While the Church of Progressivism continues to believe separating people out by groups, instead of treating everyone as unique individuals who share these four basic desires, is a solid religious tenet, Trump is going after all voters by promoting policies that help everyone except power-hungry bureaucrats.
The defining moment in exposing the fatal flaw of the Church of Progressivism came on Tuesday night. It truly infuriated the members of the Church of Progressivism, when Tuskegee Airman Charles McGee, who is over 100 years old now, saluted President Donald Trump during State of the Union address. It infuriated them so much, they could not bring themselves to celebrate McGee. In their world view, they OWN all the political copyrights to the Tuskegee Airman, and also full credit for their amazing stories. So......almost the entire congregation of the Church of Progressivism sat glumly on Tuesday night, while Trump saluted a true American hero. Everyone who was not a church member stood and applauded McGee. Church members simply do not understand that Charles McGee is not merely a black hero who by default BELONGS in their church. McGee is a unique individual who happens to be an American hero.
The scorched earth, religious war approach to political competition continues. It will not work with non-church members.
You can expect defections from this religion to increase, dramatically.