Despite the hatred, Trump gets it done

© 2020 Jim Spence -  Sometimes when you witness a week like we did last week, you have to pause and reflect.
How does the win in the Democrat's Iowa caucuses go to……Trump? The answer is simple. The Democrats demonstrated gross incompetence on something pretty easy to do…..that would be count votes. Democrats made themselves look even more ridiculous by pining for more complex things to “manage,” when they proved they could not count, when it counted. Iowa was a train wreck and the Hindenburg. All the millionaire front runners in the Democrat race, spent millions in the state. At the end of the process on Monday night and still today, the Democrats were so inept at management, leadership, and execution of the basics, nobody can figure out who won. And nobody trusts the numbers, including DNC chair Tom Perez, who called for a do-over.
Governing Democrat elitists in Washington had a horrible week. Their favorite candidate is Joe Biden. Old Joe clearly used plenty of political capital getting the House impeachment hacks to run cover for the Hunter/Joe Biden corruption video that is making the rounds. Now, it looks like the impeachment diversion was unable to keep the wool over the eyes of Democrats in the heartland. Of course, serial race baiter Joy Reid of MSNBC declared the term, “heartland” to be racist. But we digress. Biden got hosed in Iowa, and he is going to get hosed in New Hampshire. Not enough dog face support?
Trump delivered a State of the Union address on Tuesday. During his speech he honored those who deserved to be honored, including a Tuskegee Airman war hero from WWII. The Democrat’s response was not exactly appreciative of the man’s amazing service. They mostly scowled, looked bored, or even disgusted.
The State of the Union included daunting statistics on the advances made by Latino and Black Americans since 2016. And polling is suggesting that Trump might grab a chunk of the votes in those communities that could blow away any opponent with a D next to his or her name in November. Democrats hated all those amazing stats about jobs for Latinos and Blacks. If they can't take credit it is not important! Jobs schmobs.
Democrats were also outraged Tuesday night that Trump would dare to invite young human being and her mother. The little girl had survived premature birth. She was delivered after spending just 21 weeks in her mother’s womb. That is about five months folks. Democrat’s did not want to cheer for the little girl simply because they did not consider her a human being when she was born. Democrats want mothers to be able to wait until the ninth month of a pregnancy, and still be allowed to order an abortionist to kill their babies. It is all about what the mother decides……because crushing a baby's skull or severing the spinal cord isn’t infanticide, it is simply the right to “choose.”
Speaking of choice, while the Democrats love choice when it comes to having the leeway to kill babies who are late term, they cannot stand the idea of giving children and their parents “choices” to get out of dangerous war zones also known as failing schools. Again, Trump introduced a student on Tuesday night who desperately needed a choice of schools and Democrats were miffed. Teachers unions and education bureaucrats hate school "choice." They want to retain the power, control, and the funds.
Later in the evening, Nancy Pelosi topped it all off when she was caught on television tearing up her copy of the Trump speech. She did so with a psycho-like expression on her face. She acted like she was some sort of pre-menstrual middle school student council member being forced to listen to the boy she hates.....because he was elected class president over her best friend.
At a prayer breakfast later in the week, Nancy Pelosi topped her Tuesday performance when she said the reason to be in politics was, “for the children.” Obviously she means the choice to kill “children” or deny “children” choices for decent schools. It is all about “the children” you know.
On Wednesday, the Senate acquitted Trump of the absurd impeachment charges. The only GOP member who voted in favor of one of the two charges, was the guy the Democrats called a greedy pig and a racist bastard back in 2012. They praised him last week. It was some guy named Romney. Apparently Mitt did not realize if the people he voted with in 2020 ever get the chance to call him those vile names again……they will.
On to New Hampshire where Bernie Sanders pretty much dismissed the entire population of citizens in the nation (presumably whites only) when he said, “We have a racist society from top to bottom." He didn’t stop there. He also implied that America’s healthcare system, criminal justice system, and the economy, was infected by this plague. Self-loathing anyone?
In the end, it is not tough to see what is happening in America right now. Politics is show business and when one show accuses millions of its would-be viewers of being slime bags, and the other show projects optimism and humor, guess which pilot is going to get rejected and which show is going to get renewed.
The new week began with Hollywood’s millionaires taking the stage on Oscar night. With the weakest viewer ratings in memory, the entertainment elites were seen joining hands with all the millionaires at the podiums in the Democrat’s debates. They felt compelled to tell the heartland how evil millionaires are.
In the meantime, wages are rising and anyone who wants to work can find a job.
It is a long way to November. But it sort of looks like America thinks that despite all his flaws, Trump is very entertaining, and he can do this job, despite all the hatred directed his way.