Income Inequality: How many people do you know who own three homes?

© 2020 Jim Spence -  A close friend’s thirteen-year-old daughter came home from public school recently and told her mother that we should just do away with money. “Nobody should have more than anyone else,” she reasoned. “it’s not really fair.”
It was clear to mom that there must have been a particularly emphatic socialism indoctrination session at school that day. No doubt it was conducted by an economic justice warrior masquerading as a teacher.
Mom, smiled and said, “Well what about work? Who would work if there was no money or paychecks?”
“Nobody would have to work,” her daughter replied. “Everyone would share everything equally.”
Mom explored, “Well what would everyone do all day if there was no work?”
Daughter’s answer made about as much sense as a Bernie Sanders stump speech. “We could just hang out, relax, have fun, and maybe travel a lot more.”
Mom asked several questions, “How would we go anywhere? Who would work at the airports? Who would fly the planes? Who would do safety checks on the planes? Who would load our luggage? If we drove instead of flying, who would sell us gasoline or fix our tires if they went flat?”
The daughter got a puzzled look on her face. “I never thought about those things,” she said now unsure.
“How about if everyone in your class was given a C, even the lazy kids who don’t do their homework or pay attention in class like you do? You wouldn’t get any A’s and they wouldn’t get any D’s or F’s. Everyone would get an equal grade of C,” mom suggested.
“That isn’t fair,” daughter said.
Mom said, “That is what would happen if we did away with money. Nobody would try because it would be unfair to anybody who tried.”
Daughter actually got what mom was saying.
The question is will Bernie Sanders continue his surge in the polls? It is a surge defined by the nature of the voters in Democratic primaries who don’t get what daughter got in the discussion above. The Sanders supporters never think about those things either, when Sanders is delivering his phony schtick on the idea of equal outcomes for all. 
Let’s consider some of the things Bernie has said and done. Sanders was captured on film in the 1980’s bashing the United States economic system, despite the fact the U.S. has the richest poor people in the world. Bernie actually said this to justify the onset of severe poverty in Nicaragua not long after the socialists took power there, “It’s funny, sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is, that people are lining up for food. That is a good thing! In other countries people don’t line up for food: the rich get the food and the poor starve to death.”
The poor people are starving to death in wealthy capitalist countries like America according to Bernie and his pretend game. Yet one of the biggest health problems in the lower income segments of U.S. society is obesity. So, it is more than a stretch to say the poor in the U.S. are starving as Bernie pretends.
Bernie pretends about many things besides starvation in the U.S. He bashes millionaires and billionaires on every debate stage, as if their hard work and success is a nasty stain instead of a sign of ability, drive, discipline, and accomplishment.
Bernie never had a regular job until he figured out that pretending that successful people are the problem could be leveraged into a career in politics by conning the gullible. Financially, Bernie hit his stride when he started bashing millionaires. Now he is one.
There are great paradoxes associated with everything Bernie claims. Bernie owns three homes, as he refines his sermons on equality of outcomes to those who mostly rent an apartment or live with mom and dad. How many people do you know who own three homes?
Bernie flies first class, not coach. A guy we know who has become successful in the investment business after decades of hard work, has never flown first class. How many people do you know who fly first class regularly?
Bernie honeymooned in the Soviet Union before its economy imploded and the Berlin Wall fell. He praised economies run by other socialists too. His favorites were the dictator butchers: Fidel Castro in Cuba, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. Forget all the people these socialists killed for speaking their minds, all three of these socialists presided over living standards plunges and economic implosions. Anytime Bernie is reminded of all the praise he heaped on these socialists before their economic disasters, he gets huffy and tries to convince everyone that even though he was talking about socialism in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua at that time ......what he was really talking about was how much he would like America to be like "Denmark."
The good news is most Americans don't want to live in a place that is more like Denmark. And Denmark voters have also realized that socialism fails. The Danes have been introducing market-based reforms for years.
Here’s a crazy concept. Most people WANT their doctor to go to school for many years, study hard and develop discipline, go on to med school and choose a branch of medicine to practice, and then serve as a resident. People want their doctors to have the opportunity to make a lot of money as a reward for all their hard work, skill development, and sacrifices. In particular, patients want their doctor to make more than their server at the restaurant, or the sanitation worker who hauls away the garbage, because of the training required and the skill differences between those occupations are stark.
Bernie says America is racist society from top to bottom. Really? Is virtually everyone you know a remorseless bigot? Bernie seems to think they are. Maybe you just never noticed like he does before he tries to stoke the fires of racial paranoia?
Bernie says billionaires should not exist. Why not? Most people think men like Steve Jobs at Apple, who spearheaded the process that led to the creation of the I-phone, deserved to get rich because billions loved and still love the products.
Bernie is certainly parlaying his political schtick. If Bernie’s supporters want to donate money to Bernie that is just fine. If Bernie does well enough with managing his political franchise to buy and maintain three houses, that is fine. Bernie has now become a millionaire because he has been bashing the hell out of millionaires. Oddly, that is fine too.
However, perhaps Bernie should stop trying to take control of decisions others make with their money, that might make someone else rich too.
Only a greedy control freak would deny everyone else opportunities that Bernie takes advantage of. Bernie wants to run your life, because he thinks he and more bureaucrats can do better than you can. It is hard to imagine an America that is going to let him do that.