Bernie's dubious biography

© 2020 Jim Spence -  The film clips of the Democrats going after Michael Bloomberg were fascinating. They were also nauseating. There are many reasons for politicians to go after one another, it is part of the process. However, each Democrat on the "debate" stage in Nevada last week began their attack on Bloomberg by intoning dramatically with scorn, that because he is a “billionaire” this fact alone disqualified him from being the nominee. All the other Democrats at the podium were millionaires including the openly socialist and wealth-despising Bernie Sanders, who actually owns three homes. It was a bunch of millionaires against one billionaire in Las Vegas.
Just the opposite should be the default mindset for an America seeking to solve problems. Billionaires should be studied. America needs more billionaires, not fewer. Billionaires tend to have skills regarding the proper management of resources, as well as the ability to work successfully with other people. Show me a billionaire, and I’ll show you a person who probably understands teamwork.
Fixing the disaster in Washington D.C. will require a nation interested in people who understand teamwork.
As Bernie Sanders begins to romp all over the pathetic field of choices in the Democratic Party primaries, it is time to do some basic research and discover what he and his "team" have accomplished in 78 years of life, including many terms in the U.S. Senate.
Bernie Sanders' father never finished high school. But much like Bernie, Ben Sanders had strong views on why he experienced financial problems his whole life. Family members suggest the elder Sanders routinely tormented his entire family with screaming rants about his financial problems. And apparently Bernie’s father constantly blamed American society and economic inequality, for his perceived lack of income and wealth. Despite Sander’s father being uneducated and not exactly ambitious, Bernie was raised in a middle-class neighborhood with most of the niceties Americans enjoy.
Sanders has openly admitted that he was a lazy student. He scraped by academically at Brooklyn College and later when he transferred to the University of Chicago, he was hardly motivated to study and develop his mind. Those who know him say Bernie remained enrolled in college primarily to keep him protected from the draft.
While Sanders was in college, he joined socialist organizations and supported communist causes. Perhaps Sanders first taste of fame came when he gained national notoriety by petitioning Northwestern to allow students have sex in the dormitories.
Bernie Sanders spent half of his adult life as an able-bodied college graduate with two primary income sources: unemployment checks, and women who supported him financially. Bernie worked a few odd jobs when he first married his college sweetheart, Deborah Shilling. Eventually Sanders inherited enough money when his parents died to buy a shack in Vermont sitting on 85 acres of land. The dwelling had a dirt floor and no electricity. Still, Bernie had no intention of improving the place as he steadfastly refused to work a steady job. Not long after they married, Deborah Shilling had had enough of Bernie's lethargy and sloth and she divorced him. After only being married to him for 18 months she moved on.
Bernie was pretty much a self-described draft dodger in the late 1960’s. What he is less likely to disclose is that he was also a deadbeat dad. Sanders sired a son (Levi) out of wedlock in 1969 with his girlfriend, Susan Mott. As a father, Bernie had no intention of working enough hours to support himself, let alone his son Levi. He left that responsibility to others. For years Bernie was content to subsist on an occasional carpentry job while studiously navigating to get or stay eligible for unemployment checks.
Bernie decided to write “articles” for publication. He collected small fees, typically $15 to share his wisdom. The most noteworthy article Sanders ever wrote was one that suggested that most women fantasize about being gang raped. Who knew?
The mother of his child, Susan Mott , soon began to realize her relationship with Bernie was never going to be about their son Levi. It was going to be all about Bernie. Like Deborah Shilling, Mott left Sanders.
Bernie repeatedly attempted to secure a steady paycheck by being elected to public office. However, for years, the Vermont voters knew a lazy, deadbeat, grifter when they saw one and Bernie lost time and time again. Finally Bernie became the Mayor of Burlington in 1981.
A long time passed before Bernie found true love again. He met fellow radical Jane Driscoll in 1981 and they were married in 1988. The happy couple honeymooned in the Soviet Union on the City of Burlington's dime. It turns out their visit to the USSR came right before the country and the other socialist economies in Eastern Europe the USSR dominated, collapsed.
Bernie and Jane Sanders never saw a "soon to implode socialist economy" they did not want to visit and praise. They spent time in Nicaragua praising the pro-Soviet Sandinista government and the food lines there. They also loved Hugo Chavez as he destroyed Venezuela. Food lines are a good thing according to Bernie. Bernie seems more comfortable with communist butchers that committed countless human rights violations, supported anti-American terrorists, and imprisoned or exiled non-socialist opponents, than he is with Americans who work and pay taxes.
The Sanders also traveled to Cuba in hopes of meeting their hero Fidel Castro. Castro was too busy to meet either one of the Sanders.
The Bernie Sanders biography is all about lethargy and sloth. He never held a full-time job or voted in any election, until the voters in Burlington, Vermont finally caved in and elected him mayor at the age of 40. Eventually, Bernie parlayed his name recognition in Vermont into a Senate seat.
In all of Bernie’s years representing Vermont in the U.S. Senate, Bernie has passed a total of three bills though he introduced more than three hundred. Two of those bills assigned names to post offices in Vermont.
Bernie and Jane Sanders have formed a team. Her main claim to fame is she bankrupted Burlington College in Vermont. It only took Jane less than a year to destroy the college’s finances before she was removed as president of the institution by the board.
These days Bernie accuses Michael Bloomberg of trying to buy the nomination with his billions. Based on Bernie’s long history of shirking his responsibilities, he intends to buy the nomination with promises to spend taxpayers money on others. This fits Bernie's M.O. He is a man who refused to provide child support and paid little if any taxes for the first 40 years of his life.
Bernie may have sold his hollow biography to the strange voters in Vermont, but it seems unlikely that people who work and pay taxes in the rest of America are going to trust him to understand what being responsible entails.