We Need an Much More Accomplished Liar

© 2020 Jim Spence -  James Carville and Chris Matthews of MSNBC are saying things that most Democrats are secretly thinking. “Oh my God, Bernie Sanders is going to be the nominee.”
People who actually listen to candidates speak about our country including what they think in general, don’t understand all the consternation from Matthews and Carville. Others are having trouble concealing ear-to-ear grins.
There’s one gigantic political problem with Bernie Sanders. James Carville, Chris Matthews, and most other people who are not on hallucinogenic drugs know it. Whereas men like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama disguised their deep preference for more bureaucracy at the expense of the private sector, Bernie draws attention to his preferences for these things.
Partisans like Matthews and Carville don’t care much about the most effective public policies. And they certainly don’t care about Democrats lying to voters. The only thing they care about is Democrat’s winning. And they know that when socialist-leaning Democrats (they all are) begin to speak “too openly” about how much more they trust bureaucrats, and how little they trust citizens to make important decisions, they know it is more likely that Democrat candidates will NOT be elected.
The contrasts in the coming months will be stark. Think back to Barack Obama, when he would brazenly look right into the camera and tell Americans, “If you like your current health insurance you can keep it.” Of course, Obama knew it was a lie. Millions of people with health insurance they liked found out the truth after Obamacare became law. Tens of millions of health insurance policies got cancelled, and replaced with ones that carried higher-deductibles, higher co-pays, and higher premiums. Obama had duped them.
Carville and Matthews are glum these days because they see that Bernie is telling people right up front he is going to cancel their health insurance policies and give them a bureaucracy-dominated alternative. Carville and Matthews don't care if Bernie does this, they just don't want him to tell anyone.
Independents are thinking this Trump versus Bernie match-up will be very enlightening. The debates won’t be as much about their flawed personalities as they will be about their policy preferences. It will be a battle of ideas for a change.
Some of Bernie’s ideas are about to get the spotlight outside the Democratic primary season echo-chamber. Bernie will continue to tell the country that our society is racist from top to bottom. Trump will point to staggering improvements in job statistics and wages for minorities since 2016.
Bernie will continue to praise Cuba’s literacy program that was started by Fidel Castro sixty years ago. Bernie will insist that a literacy program is good even if it is like Iran’s and Cuba’s. In these countries and some others, to this very day, from kindergarten forward, the students are taught to chant anti-American slogans and phrases. Bernie likes this because he likes to chant the same things. And Bernie is content to look the other way on the fact that most of the socialists he praises have jailed opponents to socialism. The cost of being fair, in Bernie's world, is having to suppress free speech. Repeat that a few times.
While Trump will talk about the incredible damage oil price shocks have done to the U.S. economy over the years, and how great it is that America is energy independent, Bernie will talk about banning fracking, so we fall back into that deep deep energy hole we just climbed out of.
Trump will talk about murderous illegal alien gangs protected by Democratic Party sanctuaries. He will talk about open borders and human trafficking. He will talk about the insanity of using U.S. taxpayer’s limited resources to pay for entitlements to illegal aliens that citizens don't enjoy. Bernie will argue for open borders and freebies for all, and accuse anyone who disagrees of being a racist.
While Trump will argue that Roe vs. Wade already legalizes abortions up to six months. Bernie will argue that any woman at any stage of pregnancy beyond the sixth month, even in the ninth month, should be allowed the "right" to order an abortionist to kill the child or neglect it until it dies if the abortionist fails to kill it beforehand.
While Trump will question the wisdom of college students borrowing huge sums of money to obtain degrees that involve no marketable skills, Bernie will argue that bureaucrats should be in charge of all higher education with taxpayers footing the bill for every person to go to college for free. Sounds like Bernie's version of Cuba’s “literacy” program.
While Trump will argue that Medicare is a special program for the elderly, after they live beyond their working years, Bernie will argue that this program for the elderly should be for everyone, with taxpayers footing the bill and bureaucrats running the entire system. It will be like healthcare at the department of motor vehicles.
With obesity being the number one health hazard for America’s poor, Bernie will argue that poor people are starving in America, because rich people eat all of their food. Trump will probably just point at Bernie when he says stuff like this and smirk.
For independents it should be a fabulous debate season. Finally, we will see the contrasts between openly-socialist Bernie, and openly pro-prosperity Trump.
No wonder Chris Matthews and James Carville are losing what is left of their deceitful and politically acute minds. They see a train wreck. They know Democrats need a better liar.
Will Matthews get another "thrill up his leg," like he did in 2008?
Don't bet on it.