Cuban Literacy

© 2020 Jim Spence -  Watching Bernie Sanders offend virtually every Cuban refugee in America by insulting their intelligence should serve as a teaching moment. However, don’t expect Bernie to learn anything. Bernie is a committed Marxist. He's not really "in to" learning.
When you are a committed Marxist, the murderous legacies of people like Joe Stalin, Chairman Mao, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, and the Kim family in North Korea are downplayed. Bernie would prefer to talk about the "great" healthcare and education systems in those countries.
All of this is horse dung. Bernie and his followers are so naïve. They seem to have no clue that healthcare in those countries is atrocious. Just Google "hospital conditions in Venezuela" and read the stories until you get nauseous.
Enough about socialism and healthcare. Let’s talk about the "literacy" programs in places like Cuba. On several occasions I have had long discussions with a woman who actually escaped Cuba in the dark of the night sixty years ago. She left the island nation with her husband after Castro’s brown shirts confiscated everything they had and threatened them with prison or even worse if they complained. Their crime in the eyes of the violent socialists with zero respect for their property? Her husband was a pediatrician and she was the mother of several young children.
The literacy improvements Bernie praises in Cuba are a total sham. Cuba had perhaps the highest literacy rate of any Spanish speaking nation in the Western Hemisphere when Castro seized power. The claim that the trend of literacy rates changed under Castro is total bunk. However, Bernie feels compelled to downplay the violent authoritarianism in Cuba. When confronted on authoritarianism, Bernie suggests he is opposed to it, but he still supports socialist/Marxist policies.
Here’s a news flash for Bernie and his devoted zombies. If Castro, Chavez, Mao, Stalin, Kim, and Ortega didn’t jail or kill opponents and effectively rule by martial law in those places, free and fair elections would have run them out of town long ago.
Authoritarian rule is the defining characteristic of Marxist regimes everywhere. To suggest violent violations of basic human rights are just a little "side effect" of the drug of socialism is self-delusion. Self-determination helps people get better government, not oppression. In the places Bernie defiantly defends, he pretends all the great benefits of Marxism outweigh the negatives of totalitarianism.
What is the literacy program in Cuba all about? Literacy programs in places like Cuba are indoctrination machines to convince people to accept martial law. Castro deliberately brainwashed millions of Cubans to hate free markets and worship him. Schools in Cuba don’t teach facts, they teach blind loyalty to the Castro regime. That is not literacy, that is coerced hypnosis.
In America one must give credit to the Democrats. They took control of education long ago. And Democrats have an army of millions of schoolteachers (not all teachers, but a significant percentage) who are committed to indoctrinating students to trust bureaucrats and be suspicious of anyone who runs a successful business.
Hapless Republicans have been too slow to recognize how they have been duped by the, “Support the children and their education” schtick. Millions of Americans think they are supporting education, when they are actually supporting overt socialist indoctrination.
In the meantime, while public education emphasizes everything except freedom of choice, many Americans who understand what has happened to public schools, have taken to home schooling to get their kids away from the brainwashing processes. Home schooling is an outright rejection of the socialist indoctrination machine.
When Bernie suggests we can improve education with a Castro-style literacy push.....don’t believe him. Instead, believe those who left in the middle of the night, with the clothes on their backs, to get away from the “paradise” Castro and Bernie think is so great.