Burying Encouraging News

© 2020 Jim Spence -  Trump’s chief trade negotiation adversary, China, has done an amazing job of infiltrating U.N. agencies with propagandists. Tragically, the W.H.O. has responded to the dictatorship’s insistence on control of information regarding coronavirus. In the end, China is learning that the free world does not respond to attempts at censorship outside China’s borders. The truth gets through.
Sometimes it is wise to take a few steps back from a crisis and consider the behaviors of all the global participants with clear political agendas. Coronavirus had auspicious beginnings in China. The first reaction of the communist dictatorship in China, was to punish doctors who provided the earliest warnings that they had a very contagious disease on their hands.
The earliest communications from the U.N.’s World Health Organization, were clearly influenced by China’s insistence on downplaying the virus. Astonishingly, the W.H.O. said in early January that the coronavirus was NOT contagious and could not be transmitted via human interactions. Let the actions of this global government bureaucracy (W.H.O.) sink in.
Of course, this misinformation was soon overwhelmed by facts, when the communist dictatorship in China literally quarantined the entire city of Wuhan by the third week of January. On January 30th, the W.H.O. also threw in the towel on the Chinese efforts to downplay and declared a global health emergency.
Consider this. Less than 24 hours later, President Trump, while enduring the height of the Democrat’s impeachment charade, had the foresight to establish a travel ban both to and from China to stem the spread of the disease. And it was with this incredibly wise initial public policy effort by Trump, that we can see the horrific dangers of the Democrats describing virtually everything done by non-Democrats as “racist.”
While the president was implementing sound policies to protect the vulnerable citizens in America from the disease, the Democrats were attacking his travel ban as nothing more than naked anti-Asian racism. It was a pat response. In the face of a public health hazard, play the race card. Media outlets that had previously referred to the disease as Wuhan Coronavirus joined in new the propaganda campaign that tried to stitch the virus to Trump, and somehow make it his fault while letting the Chinese and their buddies at the W.H.O. off the hook for atrocious conduct.
When the absurd impeachment fiasco finally imploded in February, the entire Democrat leadership began to try to make political hay out of the unfolding coronavirus epidemic, without taking any responsibility for previously opposing every sensible policy put in place over their loud objections.
By the middle of March virtually every state in America run by Democrats, had resorted to continuously escalating draconian economic policies mindful of martial law.
As the month of March winds down, the simple travel ban that Trump implemented back in late January looks like very basic common sense being applied by a rational human being, while facing a barrage of rhetorical hysteria that questioned his motives and his decency.
There were two significant developments this past week that continue to illustrate what Trump is up against with the media. The first development was the media’s handling of emerging studies from France, Australia, and China. All were showing remarkable results from the administering of Hydroxychloroquine to patients with coronavirus. The efficacy of this long-approved malaria drug used in concert with other anti-viral medications has been fantastic. This prompted people like Trump, Elon Musk, and even New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to express optimism regarding the old drug’s new potential. Physicians like Mehmet Oz and others have also chimed in, and hospitals are not waiting around for lethargic bureaucrats to provide approvals. They are already reportedly beginning to round up supplies of Hydroxychloroquine to administer to their sickest patients.
Amazingly, the Hydroxychloroquine story has been buried by the anti-Trump media army. The New York Times actually had the unscrupulous audacity to publish an article that ridiculed Trump, (not Dr. Mehmet Oz, Elon Musk, or Governor Cuomo) with this headline in their “news” section: “Trump’s Embrace of Unproven Drugs to Treat Coronavirus Defies Science.”
What is most amazing about this attack on Trump is that the drug Hydroxychloroquine has been approved for treatment in humans for more than seventy years. While the encouraging coronavirus studies involve small numbers of patients, the results are quite compelling. This raises the question. If a drug that has been approved for use in humans for more than 70 years is demonstrating efficacy in the treatment of cornonavirus, what is the downside of getting this encouraging information out there while the search for a vaccine continues? And why is the New York Times twisting this encouraging information to denigrate Trump?
The answers to these questions are simple. The Times is doing these incendiary things for the same reasons that motivated the paper to describe the travel ban to and from China as motivated by the racist perversions of the president. The paper's ignoring of the W.H.O. declaration of a global health emergency happened simply because the Times' primary objective is to smear Trump daily, even when public safety is at stake.
Looking to November, the Democrats have succeeded in their campaign to try to destroy some of the re-election talking points that were going to support a Trump victory. While flu deaths continue to dwarf coronavirus deaths in the U.S. the steady drumbeat of media hysteria promoting fear, has produced economically devastating lock-downs in many areas of the nation. The stock market is in disarray and spikes in unemployment and bankruptcies are sure to follow.
However, just as was the case with unfolding of the impeachment fiasco, Democrats are becoming increasingly alarmed that the polls are moving the opposite way from what was hoped for.
The majority of the American public clearly understands that Trump has tried to get out in front on this problem, while the Democrats were haplessly playing the race card in an attempt to question his motives for implementing sound public safety polices.
Finally, the press conferences this week have also turned into a bust for biased news reporters trying to play “gotcha” on Trump. So badly has been the backlash against faux reporters that the hapless partisan anchors at MSNBC and CNN are calling on their networks heads to stop televising the press conference updates.......because they seem to be helping Trump.
Let the historical record show that the Russian collusion scam failed. The Ukraine impeachment scam failed. And the Democrat’s crass political handling of the coronavirus is also failing. Despite all their cynical efforts, Democrats in the media simply cannot seem to convince most Americans their president is motivated by all things evil.
The damage done in this latest fiasco is going to take some time to repair. Looking ahead, one has to wonder as the fear recedes, what will be the next round of hysteria conjured up by the biased U.S. media to try to convince viewers to vote against Trump in November?