Don't Sign Your Own Suicide Pact

© 2020 Jim Spence -  Rest assured that the flu is contagious and dangerous. It has been killing several hundred thousand people per year for a long time. Year-to-date the number of coronavirus deaths are now roughly equal to the number of flu deaths recorded in just one week. Still, both flu and coronavirus should not be taken lightly. Both are contagious and require vigilance and respect when it comes to hygiene etc. However, there is a column in the Wall Street Journal this morning, that echoes the findings of many independent observers for weeks. The fatality rate of coronavirus has been grossly exaggerated by the media.
It is time to take a deep breath and rely on the power of observation, fellow Americans.
There is plenty of information out there regarding the dangers of the flu. Of course, this information is being overwhelmed by the dangers of coronavirus. Both diseases carry risks for society. But coronavirus is so new, it can and is being used to create an astonishing level of hysteria.
There is some good news. We have promising signs that the seventy-year old drug hydroxychloroquine is effective in arresting coronavirus when taken in conjunction with other anti-viral agents. This drug has been used to treat malaria and arthritis for decades with minor side effects. It is widely available and very inexpensive. A doctor in Monroe, New York reported earlier this week that all 350 of his patients recovered from coronavirus after being treated with the drug for a few days. There are three separate international studies on this drug that are completed, that also showed very promising results. At this very moment, the state of New York is administering hydroxychloroquine to thousands of patients who have tested positive for coronavirus. Let’s hope the success rates are duplicated.
Still, many elected officials seem to believe that only their declarations of MARTIAL LAW can save us from coronavirus calamities. It is time for every American to reject MARTIAL LAW as being the answer to either treating and preventing the spread of either the flu, or coronavirus.
In defense of MARTIAL LAW, just yesterday Nancy Pelosi was seen on CNN screaming back at the anchor interviewing her. Pelosi shouted down her interviewer saying that she did not care about Americans going back to work or getting back to their normal everyday lives. She insisted that she wanted “science” to determine policies. One must conclude Pelosi was talking about POLITICAL SCIENCE.
On Tuesday night, Democrat Nevada governor Steve Sisolak crossed all lines of decency when he crassly issued an emergency order barring the use of anti-malaria drugs such as hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus patients. Again, this governor invoked an emergency order to stop treatments, in the face of many reports that this drug kills the coronavirus.
In short, as this latest round of utter hysteria unfolds, and solutions that can return America to normalcy emerge, many Democrats, not all, are starting to throw up legal roadblocks using emergency orders. They are trying to counteract efforts made by others who are simply trying to save lives or put an early end to MARTIAL LAW.
Orders in New Mexico and many other states, most of which are completely dominated by Democrats, call for the shuttering of all “non-essential” businesses. Make no mistake what a non-essential business is. It is a business that provides a paycheck and benefits for “somebody else.” When the business anyone works at is shut down by government fiat, the government is, by way of a non-due-process edict, determining that those who draw their salaries and benefits there are NOT-ESSENTIAL.
Let us no longer make any mistake about what is happening here. Democrats in elected offices in many areas of the nation are not only imposing MARTIAL LAW, some are going so far as to use “emergency orders” to deny promising treatments to patients at risk. And they are doing this when the treatment involves the use of drugs that have been FDA approved as safe for decades.
In Nevada, a couple of months of this governor refusing the most promising treatments could cause what this same governor purports to want to stop with his declaration of MARTIAL LAW.
Are Americans sheep? Are we mindless lemmings? Will our citizens quietly march to the financial slaughter while promising medical treatments that are widely available, are denied in some areas while being administered in others?
Governor Sisolak has done us a favor. He has provided all of America with a glaring symbol of this absurd fiasco. Will Nevada residents stand by and allow their governor to make himself a dictator who actually denies sick patients and their doctors the right to treatment that could save their lives, while also insisting the state choke its economy to death?
Here is some heartfelt advice. Speak up loudly. Don’t go along with suicide pacts. This must end.