Paying the price for believing false racism claims

© 2020 Jim Spence - It seems that there is a cost associated with branding people with different viewpoints as racist. The cost is no longer a slap on the hands like it was for the notorious hate crime staging actor Justin Smollett. The price is death.

Late January and early February 2020 seems like a decade ago.  Democrats and the mainstream media outlets were pitching their impeachment potion to the public. One third of the country was gobbling it all up, one third of the country was calling it what it was…..filthy politics. And the third in the middle, the independents, were gradually coming to the conclusion that it was pretty much filthy politics. Drawing these conclusions caused Trump’s poll numbers to rise while Democrats insinuated that he had committed everything except possibly bestiality.

On January 30th the dubiously named World Health Organization, finally stopped trying to help the totalitarian dictatorship in China hide the dangers of coronavirus and the resulting devastation in Wuhan. The W.H.O. declared that we had a global health crisis on our hands.

Within twenty-four hours Trump ordered a travel ban be placed on all traffic going to and coming from China. What followed will go down as the most-costly false racist accusation campaign in human history. Tragically, the epicenter of the phony racism charges leveled against Trump this time around, is now the epicenter of the American coronavirus crisis.

New York’s elected officials are almost all Democrats, especially in and around New York City. New York Senator Chuck Schumer ignored the W.H.O. declaration and instead tweeted that Trump’s travel ban was, “Just an excuse to further his war against immigrants.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration was not only quick to condemn President Donald Trump's travel restrictions for New York residents as, "childish retribution based in racism," as recently as March 13th DeBlasio called for all New York City residents to go about their lives in a normal way.

The examples of Democrats elected to public office in the state of New York insidiously attempting to get Trump’s early actions to stem the spread of the coronavirus to be seen as racism, are almost endless. Unfortunately for New York residents, this time these filthy political tactics employed by those they elected, came with an unfathomable price tag. The death counts in New York are dwarfing those in all other states, while these same New York Democrats attempt to deflect their false racism charges.

Will people begin to realize there can be horrific consequences as a result of Democrat’s signature response being, "racism" when addressing any policy advocated by their opponents?

Only time will tell.