Listen to the Swedes, Don't Buy It

© 2020 Jim Spence - David Catron wrote a brilliant piece in the American Spectator last week. Catron points out that coronavirus is a global tragedy. This entire mess is a sobering experience for anyone who cares about human life. I will borrow heavily from Catron's column in this piece.
The Democrats have a new national strategy for re-taking the White House. This is now pretty obvious to all. It is all hands-on-deck in the blame Trump for this game, which is played daily by advocates disguised as reporters. You can see it in the press conferences. Wonderful news on safe drug treatments are brushed aside. And despite the fact that Trump’s “Task Force” has been steadily reducing wildly pessimistic projected death tolls, most of the nakedly anti-Trump pro-Democrat “reporters” are having none of it. Every question picks at the scab. Every question is divisive. Every question is political.
Shamelessly, elected Democrats, who once branded Trump as a racist for his earliest efforts to protect Americans from international travelers, particularly those from China, now claim he was late, and they were somehow early. They pretend nobody remembers what they said or did, even though it is all captured on camera and retrievable on Youtube.
When listening to Democrats, you begin to understand they think they have the perfect set up. Most Americans think coronavirus is about horrific threats to their jobs and the health of their loved ones. Democrats think it is about their final opportunity to depose Trump. To do so, they feel like they have the ultimate cover. They can argue for martial law for as long as possible, or November, whichever comes first, while claiming they are noble and interested in public safety. It seems pretty bullet proof.
In doing so, Democrats know martial law will inflict the maximum damage on the economy and the voters. And the beauty of it all, is they can argue for these things through their political prism without worrying about having their motives questioned.
Astonishingly, Democrats have anointed the dementia plagued Joe Biden as the water carrier for the Democratic Party White House hopes. Sadly, if you watch Biden for just five minutes, you realize he can’t remember what day or year it is, let alone why he carries the political hopes of his party. More on the Joe Biden dilemma another day.
It might be worth visiting Sweden’s approach to this global pandemic mess. It is important to realize there is not a "get Trump at any cost" movement in Sweden. The Swedes have a consensus and they have made the decision to reject both isolation and economic ruin. The country has not ordered much of any martial law-like social distancing mandates. Instead the country has isolated the most vulnerable. Full scale lock-downs were simply never under serious consideration in Sweden.
While high schools and colleges are closed in Sweden, the nation has kept preschools, grade schools, bars, restaurants, parks, and shops open. Nobody is being threatened with fines and jail time by politicians who are also quietly emptying their jails at the same time.
Johan Giesecke, Sweden’s adviser to the Swedish Health Agency, said other nations, “Have taken political, unconsidered actions, that are not justified by the facts." He says Sweden is focusing on social distancing. However, focusing social distancing only among the known risk groups, like the elderly.
“We try to use evidence-based measurements,” Emma Frans, a doctor in epidemiology at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, told Euronews. “We try to adjust everyday life. The Swedish plan is to implement measurements that you can practice for a long time.”
Sweden’s elected leaders, as well as opposition leaders, recognize that an indiscriminate lock-down strategy that goes on for months is economic suicide. They understand a nation with unemployed people everywhere due to a wrecked economy, will do far greater damage to public health.
The population of Sweden is 10 million. Through the end of March just 401 coronavirus deaths have been reported there. Sweden’s daily intensive care unit census, reports admissions to every ICU in the country are either flat or declining for more than two weeks.
You knew when virtually every prominent Democrat insisted that Trump’s travel bans were steeped in racism a couple of months ago, that we had another situation where politics was a big part of the equation. However, as medical science triumphs and the health crisis winds down in the weeks ahead, you can bet the political chicanery to blame this entire unfortunate human tragedy on Trump, will go into overdrive. Expect the media to put the pedal to the metal with more bogus stories, more lies, and more absurd distortions. You will see more deceitful efforts than you have ever seen in any election year in the history of our nation.
Don't buy it. It looks like the Swedes are getting this right.