Not much imagination required

© 2020 Jim Spence - Great insights could be gained by watching what the Democratic Party did in the aftermath of 9-11. As the popularity numbers of George W. Bush soared, Democrats became furious. Some radicals in the Democratic party actually floated conspiracy theories that accused Bush of orchestrating the 9-11 attacks. When these and other blame efforts failed, they blamed Bush for the damage done to the U.S. economy. And all along the way, as efforts were made to secure the nation, they played the race card and accused Bush of being an Islam-phobic.
The bi-partisan 9-11 Commission Report findings were eye openers. In efforts to understand how America could have been caught off guard by terrorists from the Middle East, the commission worked tirelessly. The answer to the central question was not nearly as complex as many people might think. First and foremost, the commission found America suffered from a failure of imagination. And this failure began with not imagining what would most likely happen if the U.S. did not insist on SECURE BORDERS. The commission was particularly critical that America did not secure borders given the number of nations that were hotbeds of radicalism and known to participate or at least openly tolerate terrorism.
Astonishingly, many well-read Democrats REFUSED to read the 9-11 Commission Report. Many of the same were known to have rushed to read the Warren Commission Report before the ink was dry on it.
Curiously, Democrat partisans did not want to know the findings of the 9-11 Commission simply because they saw that the 9-11 attacks strengthened the political hand of George W. Bush. Democrats almost uniformly denied the importance of one of the most seminal moments in American history for political reasons.
Suddenly, we have reached another seminal moment in American history. And our news media is no longer even pretending to be objective. When Trump instituted travel bans to and from the epicenter of the virus…..Wuhan, China, the Democrats and the media (one and the same) called Trump an anti-Chinese racist. After Trump’s State of the Union speech, where he mentioned the danger of the virus, the Speaker of the House childishly tore up her copy of the address in full view of the cameras....calling it all lies. The mayor of New York scoffed and encouraged New Yorkers to ignore the obvious virus warning signs.
In the end, there is much more to this horrific global event than meets the eye. And it does not take much “imagination” to figure out who the PRIME SUSPECTS and their accomplices are.
Consider the one-way trade arrangements with China that were condoned by all of Trump’s predecessors both Democrat and Republican alike. Trump wasn’t having a continuance of a lopsided trade deal with China. He said so before he won the election. Trump brought Xi Jinping’s Chinese economy to its knees with all-encompassing efforts to level the trade relationship playing field. Trump also taught Iran a tough lesson after it fomented and organized attacks on the U.S. embassy in Iraq. An Iraqi General met his maker while he was engaged in terrorism. And the Iranian mullahs, close allies of the Chinese dictatorship, were furious.
It doesn’t require much stretching of the imagination to realize that the Chinese have been paying close attention to the unprecedented domestic political strife in the U.S. They see that Trump gets 90% negative coverage in the Democrat-dominated news media. And so-called "journalist" Democrats can be counted on to parrot propaganda against Trump every single day. Their hatred of Trump mirrors that of the Chinese dictatorship. Useful idiots.
The Chinese regime must scratch their heads at the dissidence tolerated by the U.S. Constitution. However, the Chinese dictatorship also realizes all the easy ways to take advantage of the openness of America, just as terrorists did so when they took advantage of open borders to stage the 9-11 attacks.
The Chinese have been watching one Democratic Party coup attempt after another against Trump. And this all began even before he was sworn in. The Chinese knew they were losing big and Trump was winning the trade battle.
Many seasoned observers believe the Chinese were operating labs in Wuhan that were engaged in biological warfare weapon development. The out-sized Wuhan Coronavirus death tolls in Iran quickly suggest that Iranian agents were most likely involved in the alleged biological weapon development and these agents took the virus back to Iran.
Did the Chinese have a game plan? The dictatorship already had put the World Health Organization in its pocket with bribes. The WHO could be counted on to provide cover, once the infections began to spread in the local Wuhan community. Open travel opportunities to gain unfettered access to the U.S. could be leveraged. And with a little dis-information from the WHO here, and open borders all over the developed nations in Europe there, it would not take much to get a global pandemic going and lower economic conditions to those the Chinese were experiencing.
Once this global pandemic got going, the west would do what the Chinese Communist dictators don’t care much about. They would take economy-destroying steps to SAVE LIVES. And unlike China where the state media would be instructed to disseminate preposterous death counts, the western media would spread fear to every corner of the globe.
The domestic setup in the U.S. for the Chinese dictatorship could not have been better. Democrats, already deeply invested in what was obviously going to be a failed impeachment of Trump effort, would see their sham fiasco through to the end, providing even more cover for all Chinese misdeeds at the most critical moment. Use your imagination to see the glee spread across Chinese dictator Xi’s face, as Nancy Pelosi tore up her copy of Trump’s State of the Union message, which provided early virus warnings while impeachment dragged out.
No doubt this column contains significant amounts of speculation. However, like jigsaw puzzle pieces that have been identified, picked up, examined, but not yet plugged in where they most likely fit, everything is much more than plausible here.
The Chinese have taken both the U.S. and European economies down without firing a shot. And while there is significant outrage and anger being directed at China from nations like Japan where well-founded suspicions of Chinese treachery run high, the American Democrats have, right on que, continued their scorched earth political tactics against Trump. Democrats play politics every day even with promising medical treatments and in the face of a horrific national health emergency that requires unity and single-mindedness of purpose.
Did the Chinese conspire to do this? Did the Iranians participate? Only time will tell. Rumblings in China suggest many of those there, as well as westerners working in the vast network of intelligence operations all over Asia, seem to think so. Investigations are underway. The slow plodding efforts to learn all the facts will take time, years in fact, just as they did after 9-11.
In the meantime, there is one thing that is not speculative. There is no unity in America. Democrats with the help of their domination of the domestic news media, see this tragedy as their last great chance to win in November. Their political blame game against Trump has gone to nauseating extremes.
For now, the doomsters and gloomsters in America seem to have the upper hand. But unlike in places where dictatorships thrive and 100% of the news coverage of the un-elected dictators is positive, in America, where ironically 90% of the coverage of our most visible elected official is negative, Americans can and will use their imaginations to figure out where to look for clues as to what has probably been going on here.
A free pass for far.....but changes are coming, changes dictators will find perplexing, given their limited "imaginations."