Global Warming - Climate Change in Denver

© 2020 Jim Spence - Its time for musings on a variety of subjects. Let’s begin with some personal notes.
With New Mexico’s governor ruling by emergency fiat, that every golf course in the state should close indefinitely, I left the state for our summer home in Colorado earlier in the month. As an avid gardener, it figured to be a good time to get all the starter plants going. It turns out it is a good thing we don’t have a home in Michigan instead of Colorado. In that state Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who is under the impression that she has absolute dictatorial powers, declared it illegal to sell….get this…..vegetable seeds at grocery stores. She seems to really be digging this chance to try on her new martial law dress and strut in front of the cameras. Tough break for all vegetable gardeners in “Pure Michigan.” Just shut up and buy commercial non-organic produce this summer.
As the pandemic numbers roll in, a few items seem noteworthy. Overall deaths in the United States, even with the ravages of the Chinese virus are DOWN 15% year over year for the month of March. Let that sink in for a moment. It seems all the social distancing, particularly within the vulnerable senior population, has spared us tens of thousands of flu deaths. The theory on the astonishingly lower overall death number, is that U.S. seniors are staying away from doctor’s offices for what would normally be routine visits. As a result of this simple behavior modification, many seniors are not catching the flu in those waiting rooms and dying later. Maybe we have learned something valuable here. Even with Wuhan Coronavirus making the rounds, isolated and socially distanced seniors are dying much less frequently in 2020, than they were from 2016-2019. This has led to an unprecedented DECLINE in overall U.S. deaths. Don't wait for the media to tell you this.
A survey of most hospitals outside of a few areas where mayors defied early warnings from the Trump administration (New York, New Orleans, etc.) finds that they are running at a tiny fraction of capacity. A tent city hospital specially constructed in Seattle to treat the hordes of anticipated Wuhan Coronavirus victims, was dismantled a month after it was thrown up. The makeshift facility never treated a single patient.
It seems that martial law is getting out of hand in many places. In Brighton, Colorado a man, his wife, and his six-year-old daughter were playing softball in an empty park last week. The three family members were abruptly confronted by several police officers. The officers decided to violate the social distancing policies while placing emphasis on their new power and authority. They did so long enough to handcuff dad and toss dad in the back of a squad car for a few minutes. Later the City of Brighton acknowledged that perhaps the officers had taken martial law a bit too far, since the family had not violated any of the tenets of the governor’s latest dictatorial mandates.
In Mississippi last week, people inside their cars with windows up in the parking lot of a church, were issued citations for listening to a service on the radio. These police actions seem to provide a stark contrast, when compared to the treatment of others in churches around the country who have been filmed while harboring and assisting illegal aliens who unlawfully crossed U.S. borders and are on the lamb from the Border Patrol and I.C.E.
Finally, on the martial law front sampling, in San Diego, police issued citations to people parked inside their cars with their windows up because they were near the beach. The theory was they violated social distancing fiats issued by California’s dictatorship last week. Power corrupts.
Democrats have big plans for the fall. They are busy trying to use this virus outbreak to promote more opportunities for widespread voter fraud. The sequence is simple. Clerks are told to never purge any voter from the rolls, regardless of whether those on the rolls are dead or have moved. There are still family members on the rolls in New Mexico who have not lived there in twenty years. Democrats have already fought all efforts to require proper identification for those attempting to cast legal votes. It does not take much imagination to understand how a massive voter fraud scheme will be part of the Democrat push in November.
Chicago’s mayor ordered every barber and hair salon in the city to close earlier this month. She told her minions via video that everyone can do without a trim for a few weeks. Then, a few days later she decided she needed to get what is left of her hair cut. She allowed as to how it was important that she “look good” since she is the face of the city. Good luck with that.
CNN is officially an activist arm of the Democratic Party. The network has resorted to running nakedly partisan attack tickers during press briefings held by Trump and the Wuhan Coronavirus Task Force. The only thing left for CNN is to change their slogan and mission statement to accurately reflect their single purpose. “Get Trump No Matter What.” In the meantime, CNN reports every bogus statistic coming out of China as gospel. If CNN chief Jeff Zucker lived in China and conducted a smear campaign against Chinese dictator Xi, like he smears freely elected President Trump, he’d be swimming with the fishes.
Finally, there is the fond recollection of Democratic presidential debates and press conferences. As recently as February, after Trump issued travel bans to and from China, bans that were quickly dismissed as anti-Asian racist policies by most Democrats, most Dems insisted the greatest threat to mankind was global warming/climate change. This morning, as the future was contemplated from our summer home in the suburban Denver area, the temperature was sitting on a new record low. It was 11 degrees outside and the wind chill was zero. While we remain in isolation, it does make staying at home easier knowing there are record cold temperatures and six inches of snow on the ground. The dog walk will be short this morning. This global warming is brutally dangerous. Glad we have long underwear on to confront it.