Free Speech is the Ultimate Equalizer

© 2020 Jim Spence - The positive response from readers on the musings format in yesterday’s column was high. Accordingly, we will continue to touch on multiple topics in each column for the time being.

The Trump vs. Democratic Party media (every outlet except Fox) continues. The media has had things their own way for so long they have forgotten their role. Our amazing U.S. Constitution provides us with a, 1) free press 2) freedom of speech. Both these guarantees are enshrined in the first amendment.

The idea of a free press and free speech used to be understood universally. These days not so much. We’ll skip over all the reasons America is forced to endure a Trump-hating media obsession. Suffice to say the Trump-hating press has enjoyed its first amendment rights, without recognizing the alarming reality that Trump also has the right to speak freely. Trump actually did so in a recent presser. He began the briefing by showing a video, which was nothing more than a digital record of the lies and misrepresentations of everyone involved in U.S. politics, especially the press.
Long gone are the days of, “he said, she said.” Digital records provide unequivocal evidence of what political participants....really SAID. Video evidence makes it very difficult to re-write history. When one is on film saying the opposite of what he or she is saying today, it does not play well for the liars. It came as no surprise that virtually the entire White House media quickly became incensed as Trump grabbed control of what had been the daily anti-Trump propaganda proceedings. Playing video clips exposing the lies and hypocrisy of those who attack him during every single press briefing created anger the likes of which has not been ever seen. Acrimonious grandstanding by "reporters" followed. CNN and MSNBC decision-makers quickly cut away from the Trump briefing, once they realized that they were being exposed as rank phonies. It is kind of funny how freedom of speech works for everyone.

The battle lines are being drawn now that America realizes overall death rates in the nation have declined by 15% since March 1st. Still, Democratic Party governors seem universal in the determination to KEEP the economy at a standstill. They do so in part because they think this hurts Trump. They do so with the politically convenient cover of "saving innocent lives." Many of these same Democrats are simultaneously decrying the shuttering of abortion clinics during the crisis. Apparently, some lives are more worthy of saving than others. Babies are the modern day versions of Dred Scott. Democrats claimed Dred Scott had no standing either.

It is quite extraordinary that the Democrats, the party that loves to think of itself as the diversity party, chose dementia-plagued Joe Biden as its standard bearer. Biden is being carefully handled like Woodrow Wilson was after his devastating stroke. Anytime Biden speaks publicly he is a liability. One wonders how long this charade regarding his mental status will continue. His dementia will only get worse with the passage of time.

The fatality rates for the Communist Chinese virus are plummeting just as we suggested they would many weeks ago. The math was faulty from the beginning. The good news is thanks in part to martial law and the modification of frequent visits by seniors to doctor's offices, flu death counts have collapsed. There are lessons to be learned here.

Ironically, the Mayor of New York Bill DeBlasio is unlikely to survive this crisis. He was recorded offering suggestions to New Yorkers, living with little personal space to begin with, to co-mingle. DeBlasio's dismissal of common sense no doubt resulted in thousands of deaths. The mayor's suggestions were intended to show everyone just how much he despises Trump. Sometimes hatred causes irreparable damage to the hater. Even Governor Cuomo is keeping a safe political distance from the mayor of death.

Democrats and Republicans will need to work together to provide gigantic incentives to bring most manufacturing back inside U.S. borders within three years. The “costs” of locating manufacturing facilities in China were grossly under-estimated by both parties. Maybe with all the death and economic destruction caused by attempting to trade with totalitarian dictators like Xi Jinping, will finally create a bi-partisan consensus. Once all the bodies are buried and the bankruptcies are all processed, will common sense prevail? Stay tuned.

Finally, it is interesting to see which elected officials are using inferred sweeping emergency powers as a precept to dominate the private lives of American citizens. Obtaining more power over people can based on an “emergency.” This is now a viable political theory. No doubt there is plausible deniability that the new American dictators are behaving like....well....dictators. However, some arbitrary state and local actions don’t pass the smell test. All Americans would do well to watch their governors, mayors, and their law enforcement tendencies very closely during this period. Some governors and mayors are releasing felons from jail, while instructing police to harass people in their locked cars listening to church services. Suddenly, we see little Stalins and Maos popping up everywhere. These tin horns should be removed via the ballot box by those who still think wide-ranging FREEDOM is the defining virtue of our nation.

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