Just like toddlers

© 2020 Jim Spence - Have you ever done babysitting with a toddler who is beginning to experiment with telling fibs? You stay engaged with them while letting them do the talking. It can almost become comical to see their little wheels spinning, as they contemplate what they will say next. Truth has not yet become a virtue in their tiny childish worlds.

So much has been written about the communist dictatorship in China and their virus. The politics behind this global catastrophe have been breath-taking. Observing the process is very similar to the one described above with the toddler. Sadly, all over the world we have adults in powerful positions trying to get away with behaving like toddlers. Each day they are caught contemplating how to shape the lie they are going to tell next. Each lie is structured to theoretically “strengthen” the lies they have already told.

This latest mess started with a Chinese dictatorship that engages in lies and cover-ups as a matter of routine. When the Chinese communists first lost control of this highly contagious and deadly virus, they began sanctioning local physicians, who were sounding the warnings. The dictatorship's damage control team quickly convinced the W.H.O. bureaucrats to discard their responsibilities in favor of keeping up a good appearance....for the Xi dictatorship.

Democrats, like lying toddlers have done a one hundred-eighty-degree flip flop on the virus before our very eyes. As misinformation followed by more accurate information flowed on the pandemic, Democrats were still pot-committed to impeachment. As Trump’s advisers began to convince him things were serious, and then the W.H.O. finally admitted the virus was contagious as hell, Democrats were all patting each other on the back, as Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler made fools of themselves. Conspicuously, Trump’s poll numbers rose during the entire impeachment fiasco. The toddlers were puzzled that the adults response to their scam was disbelief.

When asked about Trump’s travel ban order in late January, the universal response from Democrats was nakedly POLITICAL. The toddlers said, Trump did the travel ban because he was a racist. The great irony is that New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio insisted until just a few weeks ago, that because Trump was a jerk, New Yorkers need not be the least bit concerned with the virus warnings. This miscalculation probably cost the city untold thousands of lives. New York is one place where the warnings should have been heeded. The toddlers hated Trump, more than they hate eating broccoli. So their idea of leadership was to ignore serious warnings until that was proven to be foolish, and then pretend they wanted travel bans all along before Trump did.

Let's take a break from the toddlers. There is good news. Though we are dealing with a new virus, which means there is no vaccine yet, there will be soon. Scientists vying for Nobel Prizes are working furiously to develop a vaccine. The other good news is that in many ways, this Chinese virus behaves like other viruses that medical science has already defeated. We have drugs that have been approved as safe for decades to treat diseases. These drugs are saving lives despite Democrats making up lies to discount the efficacy of these drugs…….because Trump mentioned them as offering “hope.”

Ever behind in the appropriate response category, New York Mayor DeBlasio now says he wants to keep New York City shut down for many months. His original response to deny the Trump claim that the virus was threat, was political. And now DeBlasio's insistence on staying in lock down indefinitely, is also political.

The same can be said for Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi posted her February 24th appearance in downtown San Francisco on Twitter. There she was filmed encouraging all Californians to ignore the virus warnings and commingle. Like her now infamous tearing up of Trump’s State of the Union message, which also contained warnings about the virus, the Pelosi response to this mess has been political every step of the way. Pelosi now favors lock down until November.

The same is also true of the atrocious responses of Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and legions of Democrats disguised as journalists working at CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. Literally every media outlet except Fox, and every Democrat of any national stature, has done a complete reversal of their position on the virus. First, actions taken by Trump to stop the spread were described as racist by all media outlets listed above, as well as most elected Democrats. Now that Trump wants to re-open the economy, and get tens of millions of people out of lock down mode and back to work, these same people are demanding we stay at home indefinitely. They claim Trump is only trying to return to normalcy, because he wants to people to die. They demand a long lock down.

The timeline seems clear. Trump was dismissive of the virus early, while Democrats were mesmerized by their own impeachment scam. Trump’s mistake was thinking the W.H.O. was doing its job, while Democrats were under the mistaken impression that getting rid of Trump is their job. Once the W.H.O. flipped, Trump followed along immediately. Within 24 hours Trump got serious about the virus and almost immediately after that, the Democrats, reacted like small children formulating their next lie. The best they could come up with on short notice was to call Trump a "racist" for banning travel to and from China.

Things changed quickly once the virus started killing people in the U.S. Still reeling from the failed get Trump impeachment scam, it did not take Democrats long to formulate their next lie. They held press conferences. And before adoring fans disguised as reporters, they forgot about everything they said earlier, and indignantly claimed that, Trump didn’t do enough....soon enough.

Sadly, everything we call "news" is a game of "pretend" these days. Democrats pretend they care more about human life as they pound the table demanding we allow late-term abortions. They characterize the killing of viable babies as being “life sustaining,” while banning sales of vegetable seeds to gardeners. Again, Democrats are lying like little children, as they argue for the termination of.......well.....little children.

Perhaps the most incredible lie of all is the one Democrats will be telling all summer. It has to do with the mental health of Joe Biden. Biden’s handlers know their guy couldn’t debate Trump for 90 seconds without losing his train of thought, let alone for 90 minutes. As of this moment, you can bet Biden’s handlers are desperately searching for a lie that might explain why Biden won’t appear in a debate with Trump. If Democrats can’t come up with a plausible lie, maybe they will simply send poor old Joe out there on the debate stage for 90 minutes, and then pretend he did well, knowing their pals in the media will back them up. The summer should be excruciating. Biden belongs in a memory unit in assisted living, not on the top of the Democrat's ticket.

Staying informed in America has been reduced to a process that reminds us so much of interacting with toddlers who think they can get away with lies. It is quite nauseating. When little toddlers do this charade it is sort of cute. However, when elected officials holding increasingly oppressive powers over us do it…….it is terrifying.

In the weeks and months ahead those who have lied to us, will keep lying to us because they think we are dumb and they are smart. As usual it will be done with the intent of regaining lost power. Look for Democrats to lie about the reasons why they are fighting the easing of one-size fits all lock down policies. This is the tip of a horrible political iceberg of lies.

These lies are becoming a shocking repudiation of our history. It disposes of all that is involved in preserving real freedom. American freedoms have come with a big price tag. The bodies buried on dozens of islands in the South Pacific, and at Normandy serve as stark reminders of the price real American heroes have paid for our basic freedoms. This includes coming and going as we please, while being prudent about it at the same time. We don't need a nannies.

Please don’t let power hungry adults, who lie like little toddlers, con you into surrendering your freedoms. Toddlers that are allowed to make your decisions for you, become oppressive tyrants.