"In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

© 2020 Jim Spence - George Orwell is widely regarded as a 20th Century prophet. Recently, we completed a series of lectures on the life of Orwell. It turned out to be a timely foray into the widespread nature of disinformation. With disinformation, comes the loss of basic freedoms and the tyranny of dictatorships. The dangers of citizens ceding control of their lives to people who engage in what Orwell called, "Doublethink," should never be underestimated.

According to Orwell, Doublethink is, "The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them." This helps explain why some governors find it easy to claim stay at home mandates and lock downs are absolutely necessary to save lives but the murder of babies via late-term abortions are a must, because they are "life sustaining."

Another Orwell gem describes the willingness of the news media to continue to report on the "confirmed" case count of viruses, while ignoring the wide ranging prevalence of virus antibodies, which by the way, are also confirmed virus cases. Orwell says, "In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." Thus, ignoring the widespread prevalence of virus antibodies in reputable new scientific studies, allows the media (and its power-seeking friends) to pretend this virus problem is more fatal and worsening, when just the opposite is true. Again, it is no wonder the media is describing people protesting against disinformation, tyranny, and the loss of basic freedoms, as radical revolutionaries. The media lives in a time of deceit. The truth is revolutionary to most working in the field of journalism.

We have been living in an era of deceit for quite some time. Accordingly, Americans are being presented with two false choices:

1) total normalcy or 2) stay at home orders and other arbitrary emergency fiats that destroy basic liberties.

One must ask this question about the one-size-fits all approach of stay at home orders: If the State of South Dakota was one of the only hot spots in the nation for Chinese Coronavirus, would the State of New York issue stay at home orders? If not, why must the reverse be true?

Orwell made this observation that most certainly applies to governors issuing sweeping stay at home orders, "We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it."

Saying the words, "I told you so," is rarely any fun. Who said life was always fun? Less than nine months ago I wrote a column on this site entitled: The Civil War Sequence. It is probably worth a read. Just click on the title.

Some of the most basic tenets made in that column apply even more strongly today. The telltale signs of the possibility of a second American civil war are everywhere. All one need do to recognize the signs is take a long glance at the behaviors of Democrats and their embracing of disinformation, dictatorial powers, and Doublethink. We now have dozens of governors who are acting as dictators under the guise of emergency provisions. Several have found that it is just fine to smoke grass. However, until further notice citizens can’t mow the grass in their yards. Doublethink. Some governors have ruled that citizens can buy vegetables at the grocery stores, but can’t buy vegetable seeds there. Doublethink. The governor of New York has shut down churches, but allows mosques to stay open. Doublethink.

Take a step back. Understand that the Democratic Party mindset that was prevalent in 1860 America, is once again prevalent today. As was the case with the election of the “controversial” Abe Lincoln in 1860, Donald Trump’s election in 2016 has been followed by a series of efforts at nullification.

Astonishingly, after months of debates, the Democrat's presidential candidate field was finally whittled down. The choices were a 78 year old do-nothing Marxist, or a 78 year old career politician suffering from the obvious onset of dementia. The Democrats weighed carefully and finally made their choice. They decided to go with the man who is clearly suffering from dementia.

How might a second U.S. Civil War play out? Let’s build a plausible scenario.

1) The electorate in America, just might deny desperate Democrats the White House again in 2020, just as it did in 2016.......and 159 years ago in 1860.

2) Elite globalist Democrats, are constantly parroting the bullet points of a communist dictatorship in China, a dictatorship that just allowed the infection of the entire world with a deadly virus thanks to disinformation. Democrats are defending the criminals while criticizing those on the firing line trying to fix this mess. This is not playing well domestically.

3) In conjunction with their irrational hatred of Trump, many Democrat governors are abandoning the fundamental principle of FREEDOM that binds together all Americans.

4) Armed Americans have had enough. Tens of thousands are marching on state houses all over the nation. They are demanding the return of their constitutional rights. They simply want to go back to work to stave off bankruptcy. So far their 1st Amendment rights that include freedom of assembly are being respected. However, should the governors send in police forces to enforce their "stay at home" edicts, all hell could break loose.

5) Many Democrats are insisting on economic suicide. This position will have a short shelf life. Millions of Americans will not surrender their freedoms indefinitely. Many are drawing lines.

Is the possibility of a second Civil War far-fetched? To say definitively is sheer speculation. But the deceit is paper thin these days. Just before the Democrat's hapless impeachment effort failed, they collectively decided to completely ignore the virus. In what must be described as one of the great exercises of Doublethink, most high-profile Democrats are now pretending they never called virus precautions "racist" or encouraged the ignoring of basic social-distancing. Now they are encouraging aggressive dictatorships at the state and local levels. Democrats do this even as overall death rates in America plunge rather than surge.

All one needs to do is watch film clips of Joe Biden trying to form sentences to understand what Democrats are trying to foist on the nation as their solution for a better future.

Millions of Americans are going to continue to refuse to jump off cliffs, simply to get rid of Trump in favor of the dementia-plagued Joe Biden. They will reject Biden because they know we live in a time of deceit where the media is trying to convince us Biden does not belong in a memory unit at an assisted-living facility in Delaware.