Self-appointed nannies

© 2020 Jim Spence - A blind person could see New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham’s penchant for becoming the self-appointed “nanny” for more than 2 million New Mexicans a month ago. Seeing this little dictator announce she was utilizing her “emergency powers” in ways that made absolutely no sense, was a big red flag. Just yesterday, the New Mexico governor ignored all pleas to begin to re-open New Mexico’s businesses. Instead, she extended what amounts to martial law, until May 15th.

Grisham is a career bureaucrat. She is clearly in way over her head. Her decisions have been political, capricious, and beyond arbitrary. Accordingly, I fled the state for our summer home in Colorado earlier than planned. Colorado is a state where much more reasonable virus precautions are in place.

Hundreds of thousands of New Mexicans are ready to make a trade with South Dakota. In South Dakota, Governor Kristi Noem, respects the Bill of Rights and particularly the ability of state citizens to process widespread information and take precautions on their own. Unlike Grisham in New Mexico, Governor Noem in South Dakota has taken note of the glaring fact that extremely strict shutdown policies are NOT having a better impact on infections around the country. Therefore, her virus policies are far less strict than the business destroying edicts issued in New Mexico.

It was a tale of two Wednesdays yesterday. From her dictatorship perch in Santa Fe, Lujan-Grisham thumbed her nose at hundreds of thousands of citizens wanting their basic freedoms back. She ordered all New Mexico citizens to continue to stay at home for another three weeks. In the meantime, in South Dakota, Governor Noem announced that her state was winning the war against the coronavirus, without ever implementing extreme and draconian economy-killing measures. In her explanation, Governor Noem simply pointed out the obvious. Despite earlier projections by "expert" bureaucrats of a surge in virus cases that would swamp South Dakota hospitals, Noem said the state has not seen a surge. In fact, South Dakota currently has less than a hundred people in the hospital with the virus.

Noem said, “We have 2,500 beds set aside for COVID-19 patients, but we only have 63 in. We probably, from all our projections and studying the science behind the virus, we won’t peak until the middle of June. But we already have done much better than what we had thought would have been hitting our state already.”

Data from all over the nation tells the mostly untold story. Hospitals are running at a fraction of capacity, minus a few hot spots in places like New York City and New Orleans, where Democrat mayors, originally trying to prove how much they hate Trump, chose to ignore original virus guidelines. The point is simple. In places like New Mexico and South Dakota, stay at home orders have been unnecessary.

The philosophical dividing lines are clear. New Mexico Democrats argue that all citizens are completely incapable of making intelligent decisions about virus safety. They crassly support the grabbing of emergency powers over all aspects of life using the excuse that we all must be protected from ourselves. BUREAUCRATS decide what is essential not citizens.

Alternatively, GOP governors like Kristi Noem say keeping the freedom to make intelligent choices in the hands of people makes more sense.

When you watch the behavior of Michelle Lujan Grisham, and you realize Democrats have been in charge of the state legislature virtually non-stop since the 1950’s, you understand why the state is ranked 49th and 50th in every meaningful measure of living standards. The majority of New Mexico voters are getting what they deserve.....more poverty.