It is time for reason.....and mass civil disobedience

© 2020 Jim Spence - One of my great friends and mentors once told me, “In America we have developed a cultural behavior pattern. “Anything deemed worth doing, is worth OVER-DOING.”

Sadly, it should now be clear to every American, that the dictatorial reaction of politicians to the pandemic, was overdone. That reaction is now becoming absurd. Look around. Citizens are being treated like cattle. Wal-Mart has painted arrows on the floor of their stores to tell customers the paths to walk through when visiting their stores. What is next? Cattle prods?

The group think is everywhere. George Orwell taught us long ago, there is nothing more dangerous than group think. Please do not misunderstand.
  1. Social distancing suggestions are fine.
  2. Wearing masks is logical.
  3. Better hygiene protocols for all businesses makes sense.
  4. Bringing testing to the masses as quickly as possible is common sense.
  5. Even having special policies for the most vulnerable in our society, such as the elderly, and those with existing respiratory conditions is appropriate.

But all of this?

Let us get on the record here. Opting to tolerate totalitarianism is stupid. In fact, it is beyond stupid. What is happening in places like New Mexico, California, Michigan, as well as in other places is an insult to the concept of stupid.

For anyone who is not sure what should have been the proper response, glance at Sweden. The Swedes have been taking all five of the common senses actions listed above. However, the Swedes never considered issuing, “stay at home ORDERS.” Accordingly, the Swedes are rapidly developing herd immunity, while their infection rates, and virus death ratios remain well below or in line with those in American states where governors have chosen to suspend the United States Constitution’s sacred guarantees and commit economic and freedom suicide instead.

Readers, the data is piling up everywhere and our elected officials are ignoring it. A couple of weeks ago a team of distinguished researchers from Stanford University finished an assessment of Chinese Coronavirus antibody testing in Santa Clara County, California. What these researchers discovered is something that six other independent studies have since confirmed in many other locations around the nation. There are 50 to 85 times more people who have already had and recovered from this virus than has been “estimated.” Still, the number of “confirmed cases,” which seems to still be an irrelevant obsession in the media, continues to be a meaningless data point taken completely out of context. One must conclude that this masking of relevant data has been done for dramatic effect.

Manipulating data is dangerous. It has already resulted in bogus estimates of virus, “fatality rates.” Baseless fatality rate estimates, which were immediately foisted on the American public, have now been reduced to tiny fractions of the original dumb guesses. With virtually NO supporting DATA, the original fatality rate estimates can now be deemed fraudulent.

However, observe the narrow benefits. “Bureaucrat experts” are having their Judge Ito moments every day at virus update press conferences. Fame is cool. It leads to lucrative book deals. All one need do, is keep the news cameras on one's self for a little longer.

Wake up America. STOP allowing your financial futures and your precious freedoms to be destroyed by bureaucrats and elected officials in exchange for a vague promise to, “take care of you.” Americans do not need to reduce our existences to that of obedient government robots in desperate need of daily programming nannies, who are drawing government paychecks, while most others wither financially.

In places like California, Michigan, New Mexico, as well as many other states, we are learning the sinister ways that despotic governors decide what essential workers and businesses are. First and foremost, ALL government employees are somehow essential. NO government employees are being furloughed without pay, even the millions doing the most routine and mundane tasks are getting paid, often to do nothing. The burdens of these stay at home orders are not being shared. It would seem that some animals are more equal than others.

Does anyone suffer from the delusion that this is all about your health? Health care services that are important to you, as well as your dogs and cats, are not "deemed essential” by your intellectual superiors. Let us address the delusions.

If you need your teeth cleaned to prevent the development of serious gum diseases, you are out of luck. In New Mexico, your governor has decided that human beings who need these services and those who perform these services are simply not essential. However, the state employed clerks processing vehicle registration renewals by mail, are totally essential. Sorry readers, this is not about your health.

Do you want to go to a grocery store and pick up some potato chips, candy bars, and sugar-laden soft drinks? Have at it. However, if you live in Michigan and you want to buy organic vegetable seeds to plant in your garden, forget it. According to the governor of Michigan, buying junk food is fine, but buying garden seeds at the same store is simply too risky. Again, this is not about your health.

Do you need physical therapy after a recent surgery or injury to prevent atrophy of muscle groups that are critical to your recovery? Forget about it. No way. You can limp or hobble around for the rest of your life because it is for the greater good. However, are you eight months pregnant and want to kill an already viable baby? Have at it.....because late-term abortions are life sustaining.

Do you want to play golf? No way. Do you want to stock up on some more booze or recreational weed? Go for it.

Do you want to get a haircut? Forget about it. That is way too risky. Do you want to go to a convenience store and buy a lottery ticket so the government can keep dumb money flowing into its coffers? Go for it.

Do you dare take your kid to play on the swing in a public park? Forget it. That is just too risky. Do you want to feel safe that convicted felons are locked up behind bars? Forget that too. Many governors and mayors are busy emptying jail cells of felons. They want to "protect violent criminals" from the virus. They are executing this policy after instructing law enforcement officials to issue citations and the threats of jail time to parents taking kids to public parks or adults walking on beaches.

In a state of over two million people there have been 93 deaths from the virus in New Mexico. One must take the decimal points out three digits to get the percentage of the population the virus has killed. It is 0.00443%. Mayor Martin Hicks of Grants, New Mexico put it best when he said, Governor Michelle Grisham, “is killing us. She’s totally killing us.”

Readers, this is not about your health. It is about power in the hands of hacks instead of freedom for all. The good news is citizens are beginning to take actions to render stay at home orders null and void. This small wave of civil disobedience should mushroom into a tsunami. These governors should be banished to what they deem to be "non-essential" activities.