An Epidemic of Uninformed GROUP THINK

© 2020 Jim Spence - In recent years it has become increasingly clear that the powerful one-two combo of 1) parents disinterested in academic excellence and, 2) pathetically low expectations of public education at all levels, has finally caught up with us.

Uninformed GROUP THINK is now failing our nation. The evidence is overwhelming. Critical thinking skills are in short supply. Fundamental awareness of simple mathematics and statistics are so lacking in the adult population, that millions of citizens now cede the processing of important information to pop culture including a completely irresponsible news media complex. Accordingly, a significant percentage of Americans are reacting very passively as power hungry-elected officials take cynical steps to destroy virtually all basic freedoms enshrined in our constitution.

The writings of 20th Century prophet George Orwell are being continuously verified. Every single day we see the corrosive effects of group-think distorting the basic mathematics of the virus pandemic. As a result, the long-ago discredited fatality rate projections of the virus, made by "expert bureaucrats," continue to be completely misrepresented by the majority of so-called journalists. Confirmed virus cases, which are trumpeted relentlessly by clueless "reporters" and their headline writing editors, remain meaningless, as they are only one isolated variable in a more complex equation. And while death counts are not meaningless, they are being taken completely out of the context, as part of a systematic omission of other components important to useful risk calculations.

Specifically, important data points regarding the widespread existence of virus antibodies in the general population continue to go ignored. And sadly, tens of millions of blissfully ignorant or otherwise brainwashed citizens, are wholly incapable of understanding that tens of millions of Americans have already had the virus and recovered from it. The death rates match those of previous flu outbreaks.

Evidence that this nasty virus is being used as an excuse to conduct a political sham is everywhere. Emergency room doctors from California were recorded on local news broadcasts earlier this week asserting emphatically that draconian “stay at home orders” are completely unnecessary. These doctors also indicated that public health bureaucrats in California have been pressuring all doctors to attribute virtually all deaths to Coronavirus on death certificates. The doctors in California connected the dots and suggested these seemingly bizarre pressures are political. They are simply a deceitful attempt by power hungry politicians to make the virus threat seem far worse than it is. These disturbing reports from doctors, have been corroborated by funeral directors all over the nation including in New York state, where directors say that suddenly and absurdly, virtually ALL death certificates are attributing the cause of death to the virus. This is happening regardless of actual testing or autopsies. This sham process is rendering almost all other causes of death to be radically diminished in the statistics. And further supporting this lamentably deceitful situation, is the fact there is no almost no mention in the media that the aggregate death total (all deaths) in the U.S. is down 15% since March 1st.

Forced business closings and oppressive stay at home orders in most places in the U.S. are destroying millions of financial futures. The stupidity of these policies is highlighted by the fact there have been no mandatory stay at home orders or lock downs in Sweden. In Sweden, citizens are expected to rely on their own common sense, with basic safety protocols put in place. In Sweden and in the state of South Dakota, where no lock downs were ordered, there have been similar or LOWER infection rates to those locales where severe restrictions are in place. Add to this fact that there has been limited economic damage in Sweden and South Dakota, versus widespread damage in most other places, and one must wonder why these facts get so little coverage in our media.

In the state of South Dakota, citizens held a parade in honor of their governor Kristi Noem. There, the general population is exceedingly thankful that Governor Noem refused to be duped into engaging in the self-inflicted wounding of her constituents, as if economic self-destruction is a strategy that is "essential."

Speaking of essential, the dividing line on what is essential and what is not, has been made clear by Democratic Party elected officials. Despite the 3rd rate service we citizens tend to receive from virtually all government authorities, all around the nation, government employees are still being paid. Once notorious for working at 25% of their capacity, with so little economic activity this spring, many government employees are now doing nothing at all. Still they are all collecting full pay and benefits. Of course, this happens while many Democrat governors deem most private sector activities “non-essential.” The burden of proof is on the business to prove what they do is essential. Refusals by Democrat governors to concede that more than a few occupations are "essential," has resulted in millions of employees sent out on unpaid furloughs and many business owners facing personal bankruptcies.

The crass political nature of this entire freedom-robbing and bankruptcy-inducing experience, is particularly damnable. Globalists have been seen in media interviews sucking up to China and the W.H.O. while pushing Americans to surrender sovereign decision-making authority to international bureaucrats. The ultimate insanity of trusting globalist bureaucratic entities, is reflected in the conduct of the World Health Organization. The W.H.O. actually refused to even acknowledge this virus was contagious until countless nations were infected.

It seems that the most favored way for most DOMESTIC elected officials to feel more important and more relevant, is to adopt ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL policies, that increase the perceived need for a “nanny state.” Gullible constituents, having never been taught how freedoms are usually stolen from the people, are going along. In short, big government has been just dying to “save” all of us. And with this virus, the self-appointed nannies are making hay, while the uninformed are conned into believing, "We are all in this together." We aren't.

Predictably, most Democrat governors are revealing that they will NOT surrender their recently acquired emergency powers at any more than a snail’s pace, if at all. And many Democrat elected officials are behaving like the pigs in George Orwell’s classic novel, Animal Farm. The Mayor of Chicago, the Governor of Illinois, the Mayor of New York, and even a CNN anchor (Chris Cuomo) have been caught in acts of blatant hypocrisy. They have all been seen violating their own stay at home orders. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

What is going on here? Basic freedoms are being terminated right under our noses. The thirst by Democrats, for a change in political power, is at the center of this entire shabby episode of American history.

We are reminded that we encounter stupid drivers out there on the roads and highways every day. Many drivers continue to recklessly send text messages while operating their automobiles. The data on distracted driving, unlike the data on the widespread existence of Coronavirus antibodies, is well-publicized. Moreover, much stricter enforcement of these life-threatening activities would require ZERO economic sacrifice. However, in spite of an epidemic of deaths caused by distracted drivers, no calls for stronger enforcement of anti-driving distraction laws are heeded. Those of us who recognize this danger, continue to drive, while being ever more alert that the number of fools on the road playing with their phones while they drive is up. The same basic principal applies to the flu and it should apply to the virus too.

We all know the flu and the virus are out there, but we also knowingly continue to leave our homes during flu season while being ordered by tyrants to stay at home because of the virus.

Going about the business of life, is simply part of living our lives, the importance of which, is something that seems to be lost in this epidemic of uninformed group-think.

Sad, that so many are uninformed, making it easier for political hacks to revoke freedoms.