Obedient Robots or Enemies of the State

© 2020 Jim Spence - That we now live in a pretend world where all citizens are commanded to become obedient robots serving the progressive's political agenda, is quite startling.

Up is down.  Cold is hot. Unjustified self-inflicted wounds are virtuous. A safe drug that works to save lives....is quackery. Virtually every elected official claims, “We are all in this together,” yet 95% of all private sector jobs are presumed to be NON-ESSENTIAL. Contrast this reality with the fact that these same elected-officials imply by the absence of unpaid furloughs, that 100% of all government jobs are presumed to be essential. Let that sink in.

The condescension of America’s ruling/cultural elites has no boundaries. Recently a tenured Harvard professor suggested that home schooling is a “danger to children and to society.” This comes as news to some of our most successful family members, who have also done a brilliant job of home schooling their children for many years. In fact, the mother of these children is involved in coordinating the improvement of home schooling for their region.

It is important to understand that those who protest most loudly against home schooling and home schooling parents, are shameless defenders of the failing public education model. These betters are unable to disguise their true preference, which is that ALL parents should be forced by law to surrender control of their children’s minds at an early age, so progressive Democrat indoctrination can begin. The child belongs to the state, because the state knows best, is their religion.

Ruling/cultural elites continue to benefit from the naked biases of America’s media. These biases have been grotesquely exposed by what the media chooses to NOT report on. For example, there is a total absence of coverage of the wonderful results achieved by physicians all over the world using Hydroxychloroquine to provide life-saving relief for virus victims. Instead of joyfully passing on uplifting information regarding a long ago approved compound, that has saved lives all around the world, the clinical results of the drug are repeatedly downplayed by our media, even as the evidence of its incredible efficacy piles up.

Why would this occur? Ever since Trump suggested the drug had potential, the media has been exhausting its energy attempting to disprove the drug’s remarkable efficacy. Anti-Trump journalists routinely cross basic ethical lines as they lie, distort, and omit key facts regarding how this life-saving the drug has helped tens of thousands of desperate patients. The proof is in their behavior. A Democrat elected-official in Michigan recently pointed out how the drug saved her life. For simply telling the truth, she was immediately cast as a villain by her fellow Democrats. “Shut up and die if this might help us beat Trump," seems to be the Michigan Democrat’s dubious message.

Sorry friends, this is not political, it is bizarre.

On this same theme of systematic distortion, what should be exposed by journalists as the biggest scandal in American history, will instead go mostly ignored by the progressively-biased U.S. media. Not only was the so-called Russian collusion con game nothing but a political scam, it was foisted on the American public and the gullible media by higher ups in the Obama CIA and FBI. And though the media chooses to NOT REPORT any of this, it is becoming clear with each passing day, that the Obama administration appointees at the FBI and CIA engaged in unprecedented criminal misconduct during and after the 2016 election. Count on Obama appointees to be indicted by grand juries in the coming weeks for their blatant criminal conduct. This will occur while the media looks the other way or dismissively brands exposure of these criminal activities as, “partisan.”

Also receiving little media coverage in America, are massive citizen protests launched against suspension of the U.S. Constitution by state governors in places like Las Vegas, Nevada, Lansing, Michigan, Newport Beach, California and Sacramento, California. The reasons why these protests are taking place are painfully obvious. Freedoms are being denied to law abiding citizens, while convicted felons, including habitual sex offenders, are being released to prey on the public. Apparently, much like the tenured Harvard professor, the Democratic governors, and their pals in the media, believe home schooling is more dangerous to children and society than releasing convicted sexual predators into the general population.

These twisted lines of reasoning seem to go along the same line of thought that demands we keep abortion clinics open for late-term abortions to, “save lives.” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer went so far as to call abortion procedures “life sustaining.” For whom, remains the unanswered question associated with her ridiculous assertion.

In a similar pattern of convoluted thought processes, there have been multiple arrests and citations issued to mothers and fathers who were “caught” playing with kids in near empty public parks.

Readers......the government over-reach to this virus is easily the biggest scam in the history of our nation. The time for mass civil disobedience is right under our noses. There is no room for dictatorship in America. Too many governors don't understand this. They need to be taught some basic civics lessons, since the public education model failed them too.