The Tale of Two Accusers

© 2020 Jim Spence - The emergence of dementia-plagued Joe Biden as the standard bearer for the Democratic Party is perhaps the most bizarre political development in decades. Astonishingly, Biden has been deemed their “best choice,” by Democratic Party primary voters. How can this be when watching Joe Biden attempt to field even the most basic questions from allies in the media has become excruciating. So excruciating is it, we find it totally unbelievable that voters in Democratic Party primaries and all the Democrats in the press, think Biden is qualified to assume the presidency. Sorry folks, someone who is obviously struggling with dementia, is not a good candidate for the toughest job on the planet.

Coincidentally, sexual assault accusers are back in the news again. The highest profile accuser these days is a life-long Democrat and former staff member of a former Democrat senator. The senator in question is Joe Biden.

The contrasts between Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser and Joe Biden’s accuser are stark. Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, was an obvious political prop. She made absurdly vague and completely unsubstantiated accusations against Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, that dated back 36 years to her days in high school in the 1980’s. While Ford conceded that she did not attend the same high school as Kavanaugh, she also admitted she could not remember exactly where the alleged assault took place, or exactly when. Still, she was trotted out on camera by Democrats to trash Kavanaugh.

None of Ford’s friends would corroborate a single accusation she made nor her making any mention of it. After being captivated by the dubious claims made by Christine Blasey Ford against Kavanaugh, countless numbers of Democrats felt compelled to say, with no supporting evidence that, “they believed her.”

Believe Biden, Not Women

Of course the filthy nature of politics made it easy for Democrats to believe Ford. She had been a left-wing activist when she and her 36-year-old accusations surfaced. Ford had contributed her personal funds to many progressive political causes, including to the non-profit Act Blue. Act Blue is a nonprofit group with an open hatred for anything having to do with Republicans and especially Republican judge nominees. A quick look at the Act Blue website told independent observers everything they needed to know about Christine Blasey Ford. Act Blue remains involved in developing and implementing fundraising technology for the left. Democrats simply found a committed party activist in Christine Blasey Ford they could use to smear a GOP Supreme Court nominee, in Judge Kavanaugh. It was all dirty political theater.

While the veracity of the sexual assault allegations by both alleged victims will remain in dispute, the relevant facts surrounding both these accusers are pretty indisputable. Like Christine Ford, Biden's accuser Tara Reade, was and is a registered Democrat. However, unlike Ford, Reade is accusing a FELLOW DEMOCRAT of sexual misconduct when both were adults. Also unlike Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford, who never knew Kavanuagh, Biden's accuser Tara Reade actually worked for Joe Biden. With Reade's charges that Biden is a sexual predator, it seems clear that she thinks she mistakenly believed in Biden.

Let's be clear here. Like the Ford accusations, the Reade accusations are quite dated. And all fair-minded people should realize that the accused is always entitled to due process and a presumption of innocence. Naturally, Democrats found it politically convenient to forget about the concept of due process during the Kavanaugh smear attempt. But there is good news. Democrats have now miraculously rediscovered the great concept of due process, with Biden being the target of dated sexual assault allegations. If Reade were a GOP activist and contributor it would be easier to buy the smear angle. Still, most likely this will become a she-said, he-said incident.

The great contrast here is not in the denials of the accused, but in the reactions to this he-said - she-said incident within the Democrat-dominated media, along with most elected Democrats. Without qualifications, almost the entire American progressive power complex could not care less about anything former Biden staff member Tara Reade has to say about her alleged ordeal with Joe Biden. This stands in stark contrast to the progressive power structure's light speed willingness to...."believe" Christine Ford.

This begs several questions after watching Democrats indignantly demand respect for any and all women claiming they were victims of sexual assaults during the Kavanaugh smear.

1) Why does the Democrat's concern for women's well being rise and fall with the political leanings of the accused?

2) Why are some women to be believed and others disbelieved before any due process or vetting of claims?

3) Can an aging man like Joe Biden, who is obviously suffering from dementia, possibly be expected to remember any of his past transgressions?

Here's a late news flash. The New York Times has decided, after being goaded for a few weeks, to flip-flop on the idea of due process. The paper now says the Reade charges should be investigated. This comes after the Times passed judgment on her charges with NO investigation. No doubt, instead of reaching a verdict based on slanted news accounts of the charges, as the Times did in the Kavanaugh sham, they are at least calling for her to make her case under oath.

Make no mistake, if Tara Reade ever gets her day in the court and under oath, the New York Times will choose to NOT believe her. But how very "progressive" the Times editors are to finally be shamed into pretending they seek the truth.