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Consenting Adults

© 2020 Jim Spence - It is a strange world. Doctors in the trenches, as well as bureaucrats with medical licenses, are taking questions from the press during virus briefings. Practicing physicians are livid, because they are feeling increasingly pressured to declare Coronavirus as cause-of-death on certificates of patients who are merely suspected of having the virus. This is true even when their patients also had very serious underlying medical conditions. This has rendered all statistics being foisted on the public regarding the virus as extremely dubious and suspect. Funeral directors in places like New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota report these deceptions too.

Even many bureaucrats agree they disagree. Bureaucrat Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House Coronavirus Task Force response administrator, was filmed openly challenging bureaucrat Dr. Ray Redford, at the Center for Disease Control Director. These two physician bureaucrats were engaged in a heated conversation when Dr. Birx finally got the last word in. She told Dr. Redfield, “There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust!”


In the community of Castle Rock, Colorado, a snitch took video of a crowded restaurant, and called local bureaucratic “authorities.” What followed should become a national symbol for the over-reach of governments all over the country. The Governor of Colorado and the Tri-County Health bureaucracy, which has somehow become a self-appointed dictatorship in the Denver area, ordered the eatery closed.

The video of the C & C breakfast and Korean Kitchen is worth a review. It looked like any other video that might have been taken at any popular eating establishment until recently. The video triggered a dangerous government reaction. It clearly demonstrates as Colorado allegedly wants to "re-open," how governors and health officials remain enamored with having the raw authority to use “emergency powers.” This fondness for unrestrained power retention is destroying the freedoms and financial lives of millions of people.......all under the respectable guise of “saving lives.”

Upon serious contemplation one has to ask, “What is wrong with this picture?”

After considering the video images and all the implications for stolen civil liberties in America, one can only be reminded of the anti-homosexual laws being enforced a generation ago, over the vigorous objections of civil libertarians everywhere. This begs the question, "Where are those civil libertarians now, as governors and local bureaucrats seem hell bent on converting temporary emergency powers into permanent suspensions of the U.S. Constitution?"

The draconian police-state efforts of the governor and bureaucrats in Colorado is clearly anti-freedom more than anything else. Bullying restaurant owners and anyone else daring to offer Americans basic “choices," tramples the concept of letting “CONSENTING ADULTS” alone to live their lives.

People who willingly chose to frequent gay bars used to be stigmatized and bullied. However, these days no governor in his or her right mind, would suggest returning to the enforcement of anti-homosexual laws still on the books, simply because there is a possibility that people engaged in homosexual activity might contract HIV. Closing the local eatery in Castle Rock seems to be the 21st Century equivalent of jailing hotel owners because they know people are engaging in unprotected sex in some of the rooms.

The point here is simple. Dangers associated with the Chinese Coronavirus are no longer new news. After nearly three months of being drowned in dire forecasts, incomplete anti-body data, false records regarding causes of deaths, and the resulting phony fatality rates, Americans are painfully AWARE of the existence of dangers associated with the virus. Every single patron at the Castle Rock eatery already knew about the virus. And no doubt those in the area who fear contracting the virus, would have never even considered going to that establishment to get food. This same freedom of choice applies to the scant traffic volume on cruise ships, trains, buses, cabs, and airplanes these days. Traffic is down, but one can still CHOOSE to fly or ride a train......if one wants to "risk it." Will you get in your car and drive? If you are, you are taking a risk every day. It is called LIFE.

What a contrast. Somehow in America in many locales we have allowed power-hungry authoritarians to destroy our civil liberties and our choices.

Finally, consider the Swedish government’s response to the virus. The Swedes calmly and rationally warned the public to take precautions, without self-appointing themselves as dictatorial nannies indefinitely.

The cost of not demanding the return of basic choices in American life is going continue to produce financial devastation on a massive scale in America. The news media, which has once again presented a false narrative, is lying to us. Suggesting that governments must choose between the physical well-being of the nation or our economic health, is just another brazen lie. Crushing free will and terminating the ability of "consenting adults" to make their own choices, pretends that nothing else factors into our health and well-being, and we are all way too stupid to make our own choices anyway.

Emergency powers that become indefinite is no different than DICTATORSHIP. Eliminating choice options for consenting adults, is what gets done as a matter of routine in places like China, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, and Cuba. Wake up America. We don’t want to live in those places. We want to live in America, where tolerance and respect for CONSENTING ADULTS having the freedom to make their own choices, is the essence of our liberal culture.