If Trump is for it, they are against it

© 2020 Jim Spence - America is morphing before our very eyes. It isn't pretty. There is no professional basketball, hockey, baseball, or golf. The Coca Cola 600 was run in Charlotte in front of nobody last week. Horses are racing at Churchill Downs and other large venues, However, there are no fans there. Schools have been closed for months and nobody seems to know when or how they will reopen. Everywhere you in go in America, businesses are closed. If they are open, people are wearing masks. Sorry folks, that is not my America. Is everyone ready to settle for this?
When you think about the images we have seen from Asia over the years, particularly China, masks have been a way of life there. Why?
The air is shamelessly dirty in China. Additionally, most public places, including transportation facilities, eateries, and shopping areas in China are notoriously unsanitary. Coronavirus is not the first disease originating in China that has spread to the west and done serious damage. However, Wuhan Coronavirus does seem to be the most contagious.
Given the misinformation that came from the World Health Organization, after its “experts” visited China to check out the seriousness of the virus, everybody is mad as hell at both the W.H.O. and the Chinese Communist government. Back in early January, the W.H.O. announced that the virus could NOT be transmitted from human-to-human. That is tantamount to "health experts" saying that stage four cancer is not serious. Leaked memos out of China make it clear that the Xi dictatorship made a conscious decision to mislead the world about the virus. Was the spread of the virus allowed intentionally, or simply downplayed? Nobody knows because the Chinese dictatorship lies about everything. Many nations are furious with China. Some are suing. The damages are in the trillions.
Oddly, while almost everyone is unhappy with China and the W.H.O. the American Democrats are now DEFENDING the CHINESE DICTATORSHIP. Simply put, Democrats are scrambling to jumble up the American voting public’s understanding of how irresponsibly the Chinese behaved from the outset of this pandemic. It is all part of their latest scheme to win in November.
It is important to put what the Democrats have been doing about the virus in context. Since the election outcome in 2016, and even before, Democrat’s visceral hatred of Donald Trump has been off the charts, resulting in increasingly bizarre behavior. So much did Democrats hate Trump, the Obama gang used bogus information manufactured by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to manipulate the judicial system into allowing the FBI and CIA to do electronic surveillance of the GOP. This conduct is Nixonian, because like Richard Nixon, Barack Obama was so obsessed with his perceived enemies he went so far as to use the machinery of the federal government to sabotage the candidacy (and then the presidency) of his opponent.
Democrats have gone from being merely overly obsessed with their dislike of Trump, to embracing uncontrolled hatred and rage.
When independent investigations of Russian collusion allegations showed that the Democrat's contrived narratives were totally bogus, and their scam failed, they went straight to the Ukrainian scam/impeachment proceedings. Of course this scam failed too. In fact, it backfired. Trump's poll numbers surged as the public saw through the dirty tactics of Pelosi, Schumer, and Co..
It seems that whatever Trump is for…..Democrats now feel pathologically compelled to be against. A columnist at The Nation suggested last week that we should all vote for Biden, even if it turned out he assaulted female aides and ate babies. Really?
A recent poll showed that 36% of Americans would be "less likely" to get vaccinated for protection against the virus, if Trump spoke favorably about such a vaccination. That 36% segment, is actually roughly the size of the Democratic Party within the American electorate.
This week New York Governor Andrew Cuomo began a new anti-Trump rant narrative based on something very stupid. Over and over Cuomo said, "European virus." He said it more than a half a dozen times at one of his press conferences. It was for effect. What effect?
It would seem Andrew Cuomo now thinks because Trump has continued to point out the fact that thousands of people have died because of all the deceptive ways China mislead the world about the virus, if he (Cuomo) simply keeps calling it a "European" virus instead, and other Democrats and pals in the media repeat it, the utterances will eventually negate the fact that the virus originated in Wuhan, China.
This sort of behavior goes beyond dirty politics. It is downright odd.
The insanity goes on and on. Trump announced during one of his press briefings this week that he is taking Hydroxychloroquine as a virus inhibitor. The facts are clear. There have been many studies suggesting the drug can inhibit Coronavirus, just as it inhibits malaria. However, despite the fact the drug has been approved as safe for human beings for decades, the Democrats have collectively decided as a political party, to pretend Trump is crazy for taking this drug, because it is suddenly and almost mystically "unsafe" and therefore risky. From the top to the bottom of the Democratic Party, and with the media chiming in to assist, progressives behave like parrots pretending that Trump’s doctor, who prescribed this drug that is taken routinely all around the world, is engaging in blatant medical malpractice.
Again, the context of all this is critical. If Trump is for anything, there is a pathological need for Democrats to be against it. This is unhealthy. Especially for those wanting to get on with life instead of raging all the time.
We are at a strange moment in global history. China has now proven itself a danger to virtually every citizen in every nation on earth. There is an URGENT need for MAJOR changes in China. This fact is irrefutable, and it goes hand in hand with most dictatorships. China’s gross misconduct towards the global community has destroyed life as billions of people knew it. They are bullies.
It is remarkable that Trump was actually feuding with the Chinese and their one-way trade policies long before the Chinese dictatorship either intentionally or negligently poisoned the world. Surely if police detectives were investigating the spread of the virus as a crime, there would be no nation with a greater “motive” to hurt America....than China.
Oddly, because Trump has pulled no punches with the W.H.O. or China, Democrats have decided to "defend" China and the W.H.O. In their strange world, Democrats now think if they are successful in protecting China, they can shift blame to Europe and eventually to Trump.
Make no mistake Democrats want to con voters into blaming TRUMP for China's gross misconduct. However, like the failed Russian collusion scam, the failed impeachment scam, and Democrat’s notorious rejections of travel bans and social distancing guidelines at the outset of the pandemic, attempting to dupe the independent segment of the voting public on China will not work either.
So.....while 36% of Americans may well refuse a virus vaccination to protect themselves if Trump speaks positively about it, that still leaves 64% of America that is not quite that dumb.....let alone so obviously and pathologically obsessed with hatred they will do dangerous things.