Just a Cringe? Where is the outrage?

© 2020 Jim Spence - Democrat U.S. House Representative James Clyburn admitted that he “cringed” when he saw the video of Joe Biden lecturing black people while making an appearance on a national radio show last week.
Why would Clyburn cringe at something a candidate he is planning on campaigning for said? It is because Biden went so far in his condescension towards black voters that he actually said any African American voter who might be weighing his or her voting options (Trump or Biden), “Ain’t Black.”
It is curious that James Clyburn was not angry. Instead he was merely cringing like we have all done when our child does something juvenile that embarrasses us. Clyburn should have been seething with anger, but he wasn’t, simply because he is part of a large group of black Democrats who live off the block vote that Biden was desperately trying to keep in the proverbial, "take that block vote for granted," corral.
That the following people are not black is news to them: Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Herman Cain, Star Parker, Clarence Thomas, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Larry Elder, Armstrong Williams, Alan Keyes, Alveda King, Burgess Owens, Condoleezza Rice, Tim Scott, Shelby Steele, Alan West…..you get the idea. You can bet they are all weighing their personal voting options. Additionally, none of the men and women listed above, would ever dawn a phony “black accent,” when addressing a primarily black audience to demonstrate their “authenticity.” Yet we have many video tapes of Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and even Barrack Obama doing so.
At some point the Democrat’s blatant con job on America’s black community will stop. Instead of the lies taught in our mostly corrupt public-school systems, all American children will be taught the truth about our country. And the truth is this: While our nation has its flaws, we live in the most tolerant and open society on earth. While we Americans are constantly getting lectured by the British Broadcasting Co. and other entities in Europe about racial intolerance, nobody seems to have ever gotten around to asking these lecturers on tolerance why the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Greece, Germany, Belgium, or anywhere else in European Union have NEVER elected a black as prime minister or president. The same goes for Japan, China, or Russia. Talk is cheap and race baiting is stale.
Recently, American “reporters” of Asian descent have been openly attacking Trump because he is constantly reminding the press the coronavirus was unleashed on the world by China. Apparently, it is OK in the minds of Trump-hating reporters for the Democrats running the higher education systems to intentionally limit the number of Asian-Americans admitted to the top universities, but it is racist when Trump reminds us of how we got into this virus mess that is killing so many people.
Here is the truth about race in America. Democrats constantly drum up racial paranoia for political advantage in our country. But Joe Biden is so plagued by dementia he has forgotten the do’s and don’ts of “playing the race card.” The proper way to play the race card is to infer all whites who don’t vote Democrat are supremacists. This is how you divide our society by color. The improper way to play the race card is to be openly condescending of black people who are weighing their vote carefully. That is why James Clyburn cringed. Biden was manipulating black voters improperly instead of doing it properly.
Biden is an old 78. He does not remember the playbook of Democrats who have dominated places like my hometown of Baltimore, as well as Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, and many other cities. In these places voters have elected no other candidates except Democrats, for generations. In St. Louis where ten black people were shot and four killed over the weekend, voters have not selected a Republican mayor since 1949. Still the Democrat mayor of St. Louis was lamenting the lack of social distancing in the Ozarks over the weekend, instead of lamenting the horrific black-on-black crime under her watch. In Chicago where black-on-black violence is a plague, voters have not chosen a Republican mayor since 1931.
Let us be clear. Democrats, including Joe Biden, define black voters as their property. “You belong to us, or you ain’t Black,” is the cringe worthy interpretation of what Joe Biden said last week.
Donald Trump is willing to compete for the black vote and his poll numbers in the black community are soaring. This reality scares the hell out of Democrats who thought they held title to the minds of those human beings.
Who knew that blacks are NOT all the "same?"