Sometimes the O.J. Simpsons get away with murder

© 2020 Jim Spence - Inquiries are coming in from many people these last few days. What about the killing of a man in Minneapolis while in police custody? What about protests, riots, looting, arson, and senseless violence directed towards innocent people and their property? Rioters are destroying the life savings of innocent people and beating them up.

First and foremost, we should all recognize the all too familiar recurring patterns. These acts of violence are being choreographed as part of the broad strategy of Democrats. Oddly, progressives are equivocating again. This is nothing but tacit support of arson, looting, and violent attacks on innocent people. Will appeasing these acts return Democrats to power in November?

At its core, this process is radical Democratic Party politics. All one need do is listen to mouthpieces of the Democratic Party. The truth is plain. This a continuation of the scorched earth politics Democrats have deliberately engaged in since they lost the White House in November of 2016. Even Joe Biden’s campaign staffers are donating their own personal funds to provide bail money for violent criminals who have been committing horrific crimes in full view of supportive media cameras.

China is loving it. While running ethnic Muslim concentration camps in Eastern China and illegally seizing Hong Kong in violation of international agreements, the dictatorship of Xi Xinping is grinning ear to ear. So are other dictatorships all around the world. They want America to unravel.

Some Democrats instruct us to take a step back and “listen” to the protesters. They trot out woefully ignorant Kaepernick wannabes and Hollywood jet setters to help in this violent diversion. Some "stars" are willing accomplices in these crimes.

Make no mistake, protesters who march peacefully should always be listened to. However, arsonists, thieves, and other violent criminals deserve no forum.

The bigger picture is just the opposite of what we are told. So please America, let us not delude ourselves. The big picture is right under our collective noses. China, which is a totalitarian dictatorship, where there are ZERO human rights, is cheering on the riots. The same is true in Russia and Iran, where the same forms of oppression and tyranny dominate life instead of freedom.

We are lectured daily by Democrats that the socialism that dominates daily life in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Greece, Germany, Belgium, or anywhere else in European Union are preferable to that of the "racist free market" in America. Yet none of these nations has EVER elected a black as prime minister or president. Neither has Japan, China, Russia, or dozens of other nations. And none of the poorest people in any of these countries enjoy the living standards that the poorest Americans do.

The truth is pretty easy to see. Millions of Americans of dozens of different ethnic heritages live the dream that is chased by millions of would-be immigrants. Immigrants coming to America are clamoring to get into America....not away from America. Immigrants desperately want to come to a place that is fair.....not unfair.

Why do millions of people from elsewhere want to get inside our borders? The reasons are almost endless. To begin with, Americans peacefully transferred power from George W. Bush to Barack Obama. We are the most open and tolerant nation on the planet and would-be immigrants don’t pretend American Democrats do every day. This has little to do with Trump. Trump is not responsible for our legacy of tolerance and wealth. He is a beneficiary as we all are.

America is not raging. A few thousand people with no sense of how stupendously free we are, have been conned into trying to destroy the last bastion of hope this world has. And in doing so they have an excuse recognized by the media that allows them to smash windows and steal brand new Nike tennis shoes that carry Colin Kaepernick’s endorsement. It was comical to watch looters exiting burning stores with stolen property, only to have it stolen by other looters waiting outside for them to do the heavy lifting.

In the early stages of my adulthood I spent time in courtrooms at the desk of a defense attorney. I witnessed police officers lying under oath. In one trial of particular note, my defense attorney father successfully defended two black kids wrongfully charged with murder. In that trial, some of the officer’s behaviors were troubling, while others were straight arrows. On the other hand, the defendant’s behavior had been deeply troubling too. Both WERE acquitted of the murder charges, but rightfully convicted of strong-armed robbery. Both were sent to prison. Hopefully they went straight.

The point here is still simple. Human beings misbehave. We all do. Sadly, sometimes human beings cross universally recognized standards of behavior. Citizens of all races do this. And yes, cops sometimes do so too.

When human beings commit violent crimes, we MUST rely on our justice system. Does it always work? Of course not. Why not? Because human beings run our justice systems. Human beings are not perfect and unfortunately, we must hire human beings to be cops. Most are brave protectors of public safety. A few are power hungry bastards.

Do white and black police officers sometimes commit crimes? Yes, they do. Did hapless jurors allow O.J. Simpson to commit cold-blooded murder? Yes, they did. Did cops lie at O.J. Simpson’s trial. Yes, they did. Was he a murderer anyway? Yes, he was.

America has choices to make. Despite all our flaws as a nation, past and present, and so many of our best efforts to treat all citizens fairly, as human beings we come up short. The solution being posed by Democrats is to engage in self-loathing. Rioters want us to direct animosity towards ALL COPS. This is as stupid as embracing racism.

This is not about race. It is a political scam. We are being bullied. The effort is designed to convince us to toss away the best functioning system the world has ever known.

Democrats want us to adopt socialism. Socialism is a freedom-killing model that has failed everywhere it has been tried.

Americans who twice elected a black president, are being lectured and manipulated by global leftists. Those living outside of America, where racial intolerance still runs on steroids, want the most tolerant and prosperous nation on the planet to go down in flames.

Our best hope is to trust our system. Yes, sometimes the O.J. Simpsons of our nation get away with murder, but the system remains our best hope.

What we are seeing in major cities across America is an appeasement of horrifically violent criminal behavior by Democratic mayors. This is scorched earth politics. If this continues, the Civil War that threatens all of us, gets closer at hand.

Joe Biden and all those who would have us elect a man who is obviously plagued with dementia, are the biggest threats the world has seen in many decades. Don't buy it. Pass it on.