Where is the Strategy to Address Brainwashing?

© 2020 Jim Spence - The evidence is everywhere. Our taxpayer-funded public education system has utterly failed us. This failure has been ongoing for several generations. Amazingly, those of us paying the property taxes (and other taxes) to support our corrupt public education system committed to brainwashing, are in fact, financing our own self-destruction.
The results of public education indoctrinating students instead of merely educating them are far reaching. In 21st Century America, the nation is routinely bombarded with misinformation and outrageous propaganda. It is peddled by supposedly reputable news media outlets and elected officials. The bombardments now occur daily and non-stop. This week on sports tickers at the bottom of horse racing coverage, absurd headlines dominated. Anyone challenging bogus information is immediately branded a "racist." It is bullying on a massive scale. Large corporate America is so bullied these days it is becoming the pawns of those peddling false and toxic political narratives.
Why does this work?
It is because public education has been allowed to brainwash a significant percentage of the population for several generations. The manipulation is especially pronounced in the presentation of dubious virus data by news outlets. Coronavirus statistics are shaped or omitted to create a state of fear and panic. Bogus news presentations and news tickers regarding important virus data should be a scandal.
Again we ask, how can this take place with so little scrutiny? The answer is pretty simple. The foundation of widespread ignorance created by a bad public education system has been increasingly corrupting major components of our basic information flows. News organizations have morphed into brazenly agenda and narrative-driven organizations. There is hardly even a pretense remaining that news outlets are seeking objectivity. Social media companies now brazenly censor communications offering dissenting viewpoints.
This sad state of affairs leaves citizens on their own, when trying to properly discard half-facts and half-truths. Sorting through mountains of propaganda disguised as "news" is now a daily chore, much like taking out bag after bag of garbage to keep the house from stinking.
Bad education is also responsible for perverting our language. The term “protesters,” which was once a word used to describe the act of American citizens exercising their sacred 1st Amendment rights, is now used routinely by journalists to provide cultural respectability for arsonists, murderers, and thieves. Criminals do not deserve deference or respect. Yet they get these things every day from so-called journalists.
It is hard to believe we have seen Democrats in charge of city governments around the nation, actually instruct law enforcement officials to haul hair stylists and church pastors before the court system. Hair cutters and pastors have been fined and jailed for opening their salons and churches. Now many of these same Democrats enforcing pandemic restrictions have ordered police forces to step aside and allow arsonists, murderers, and thieves to roam freely and destroy. This is insane.
Are we to pretend that starving hairstylists and church pastors are criminals.....while arsonists, murderers, and thieves are engaging in lawful activities? Make no mistake, Democrats are committed to making this the prevailing viewpoint. Their hope seems to be to let surrogates set the fires and then blame the resulting ruins on Trump.
It has become obvious that expecting Democrats to protect public safety is silly. Public safety is not anywhere near the top of the Democrat's policy priority list. This explains why riots are characterized as peaceful protests.
The widespread effect of a failed education system finds few boundaries. An alarming percentage of society, having been brainwashed by bad educators and a badly educated media, have been trained to relentlessly criticize America's failure to achieve perfection. It is seemingly in poor taste to report the fact that America, while nowhere near perfect, is still the most open, tolerant, and generous nation on earth. No real solutions are offered by America's critics. Instead, we are simply told to tolerate mindless destruction and violence and hate law enforcement officials because human beings working in law enforcement are flawed.
Locally, in New Mexico the cultural cancer has spread. Two key Democrat Senators, honorable people with common sense and good governing instincts, were defeated in primaries last week. The defeat of Senators Mary Kay Papen and John Arthur Smith will pave the way for economic and freedom-destroying policies by the new Democratic Party in New Mexico. No doubt all checks and balances keeping stupidity from being implemented in Santa Fe on a massive scale by radical progressive Democrats, are now gone. Expect Democrats to enact even dumber policies that are sure to create economic miseries and public safety hazards that plunge New Mexico to the very bottom of the quality of life heap.
The GOP has failed to logically address these grave threats. For decades sound advice on nominating minority candidates has gone ignored by the GOP. A perfect example is the way the New Mexico GOP swept aside the viable candidacy of John Sanchez in favor of Steve Pearce. While Pearce has almost always cast intelligent votes, he comes in a terrible wrapper. With a mostly brainwashed electorate, the "old white man" wrapper is not an easy sell. John Sanchez could be governor if the GOP activists had any collective sense. Of course this is not “fair” to Pearce. Who said life was fair? Understanding this anti-Anglo reality continues to be the difference between the GOP having a chance to win and having zero chance of winning.
Did the GOP activists not learn anything from the success of Susana Martinez? Do they think with a brainwashed New Mexico electorate, Martinez won because of her stances on public policies?
The GOP would do well to learn the lessons associated with seeing widespread arson, murder, property damage, and theft applauded by its opposition. Republicans should commit immediately to nominating full slates of minority member candidates for office. Budding stars like John James in Michigan and Tim Scott in South Carolina are the only hope to fight this tidal wave of cancerous "racialism" that is destroying the nation.
Will the GOP play to win long term, with a strategy that addresses the damage done by putrid public education? It seems doubtful. Will America understand that Democrats want us to believe people willing to commit arson, murder, property destruction, and theft are interested in social justice? Not if all forms of news and social media can help it.
Years ago in this column, it was suggested that the GOP wake up and smell the roses. The strategic dilemma facing Republicans has not disappeared. Win or lose come November, Donald Trump is not a long term strategy. The best case scenario is that Trump becomes a two-term lame duck. The GOP needs a real game plan that adapts to cultural realities and the threats of economic destruction. The GOP needs to start thinking long term.
This will be the last column posted on this site for the summer. A break is needed to tend to the responsibilities and training that come with exercising one's 2nd Amendment rights.