Celebrating Independence Means Thinking Independently

© 2020 Jim Spence - It is time to celebrate Independence Day. Hundreds of millions of Americans should be exceedingly grateful for the U.S. Constitution
and all of its amendments. While the Founding Fathers of the United States did not get things completely right when they wrote the original document, subsequent amendments have corrected many of the flaws. The proof is not in the false narratives relentlessly peddled by our media, but in the hearts and ACTIONS of would-be immigrants, who are literally dying to leave where they are, to live here.

As a result of important amendments to our Constitution, ability, drive, God-given talent, work ethic, honesty, and being a good team player, are more important than ever. And any American who is blessed with some of the natural attributes listed above, as well as a solid commitment to work ethic, has a great chance to achieve amazing success in our nation.

When we think of great American success stories many names come to mind. Abraham Lincoln, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, John D. Rockefeller, Robert Johnson, Ronald Reagan, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Barack Obama, and Michael Jordan serve as great examples. However, the list of people who had ability, talent, and drive and then became successful in America is practically endless. The rest of the world sees all of these American faces, and billions of human beings admire our extraordinary system. So much so, sometimes other nation's leaders are jealous of America.

There is a huge difference between ignoring or even denying America’s past mistakes and failures, and irrationally obsessing with them. The consequences of absurd self-loathing are very real and always destructive. Dictators of nations that harbor deep-seated jealousies of the U.S. are encouraging America to self-loathe. It is a trap and millions of Americans are taking the bait.

Americans are also making a huge mistake by ignoring the Constitution including all its amendments. A disgusting recent chapter in American history where our Constitution was ignored, involved the Franklin Roosevelt presidency. FDR made the decision to imprison ALL Japanese-Americans in internment camps without due process. He cited "national emergency" as the excuse for obliterating their constitutional protections. It was all based on their ethnicity. Let FDR's cynical suspension of basic rights be a lesson to everyone. Freedom should never be surrendered to elected officials for expediency, even during an "emergency."

Embracing the idea that America engages in “systemic racism” is pretty much utter nonsense. It is simply ignorant self-loathing and is not supported by facts.

However, for those who insist, there does remain one group of people in America that is STILL being systemically discriminated against. Sorry whiners, the group is NOT African-Americans.

In 2020 “systemic racism” continues to be directed towards Asian-American students by university admissions officials at many of the top schools in our country.

The data is astonishing. As a group, Asian-Americans score highest on ACT tests. There is so much of an academic achievement bias in the culture in the Asian-American communities that Asian-Americans are the most surely the "group" with the most drive, ambition, and work ethic. Sadly, it is those participating in the race-baiting industry in our country, who are orchestrating gross social injustice on Asian-American students.

Having seized control of the media narratives, many admissions officials at major universities have been allowed by the race-baiting judges appointed to the courts by Democrats, to punish Asian-American students. This gross injustice is being done by the same people who falsely claim that “systemic racism” is being directed towards African-Americans. Sorry folks, this is the greatest con job in the history of con jobs. Routinely, top universities deny Asian-American students, admission to make room for people of "other" races with substantially LOWER ACT scores. This is the REAL scandal regarding "social justice issues" in America. What we see every day in our media is simply social justice tripe originating with cynical politicians who manipulate as naturally as they breathe.

It is Independence Day. The real data sets that are overwhelming deserve some genuine "independent" thinking. So let's stop looking the other way while all of the stupid pretending goes on.
Here is what the data tells us about America and social justice:

1) The Asian-American community has a bias towards ambitious academic effort and achievement built into its culture. Asian-American students are routinely discriminated against, punishing their efforts by "social justice" warriors.

2) Millions of people in the African-American community are plagued by a bias in the culture that tolerates crime (see graph in previous post). Unlike the Asian-American culture, in the African-American culture, a malignant anti-law enforcement bias has been allowed to fester. As a result, black-on-black crime is the greatest scandal of the 21st Century.

Two very serious questions remain for those claiming to be part of "leadership" in America:

1) Why are we still being subjected to bogus narratives being foisted on us by the likes of two-term American president Barack Obama, and billionaires like Robert Johnson, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Jordan? These great American success stories are seen grabbing microphones in front of television cameras, so they can share their own victim's recollections. They behave as if they are hard working Asian-American teenagers who were denied admissions to top schools because of their race.

2) Why aren't we consulting real American heroes like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams on these social justice issues? Our media ignores some of the most profoundly wise members of our society.

A true celebration of Independence Day means celebrating our amazing nation. Instead, we find ourselves resisting what has become a daily avalanche of propaganda attempting to convince us that the tens of millions of African-Americans living the dream, are actually mere outliers. Politicians and their pals in the media want us to believe most blacks are getting cheated by an unfair system designed to hold them down. This absurd con job goes on, while people of all colors and creeds pound on our borders doors desperately hoping to get to America.

Enough of the B.S.