My how mountains change appearances

© 2020 Jim Spence One of our favorite relaxation activities is watching the Organ Mountains. Anyone who lives around mountains knows they are in some ways, like the oceans. Both oceans and the mountains can change appearances abruptly. One can look at mountains and see various shades of brown mixed with patches of dark green. A short time later, as clouds shift, or the sun moves low in the sky, mountains will literally appear to turn purple. Per the patriotic song, America the Beautiful, purple mountains majesty is very real.

Speaking of “changing” mountains, Mount Rushmore has been in the news. It is a place where presidents and would-be presidents have enjoyed visiting, along with hundreds of thousands of others each year.

History records that on July 3, 1991 President George H.W. Bush visited Mount Rushmore to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the monument. Because of WWII, Mount Rushmore had never been officially dedicated. The Bush visit in 1991, kicked off a $40 million fund drive to refurbish the monument with actor Jimmy Stewart and several other celebrities in attendance.

On July 6, 1999 President Clinton visited Mount Rushmore. ABC News characterized the monument as being a place where American ingenuity and American creativity came together and formed an amazing American accomplishment.

In August of 2002, President George W. Bush went to Mount Rushmore. There was little fanfare in the media associated with his visit. However, in 2008, when then presidential candidate Barrack Obama campaigned at the monument, CNN called Mount Rushmore a majestic site that every president should visit. In 2016, Bernie Sanders also campaigned at the site and said he was humbled to be in the presence of four of the greatest American presidents. CNN described the scene as "awe-inspiring."

Last month President Donald Trump visited Mount Rushmore. And just like our Organ Mountains in late afternoon when the summer clouds begin to roll in, Mount Rushmore suddenly “changed.” And it changed dramatically almost.

CNN called Trump’s visit to the monument, “A celebration of white supremacy.” The anchors at CNN also suggested that only President Donald Trump would dare to stand before two former slave owners, on land that was wrestled away from Native Americans, while pretending to be a patriotic American. Imagine what millions of previous visitors must have been thinking when they heard this "news" of how quickly the monument mountain had "changed." Oddly, there was no report of the abrupt and stark changes of Mount Rushmore. CNN simply pretended that the monument had always been despicable. These days we call these puzzling contradictions regarding places like Mount Rushmore, “news coverage” of Trump. It is supposedly news coverage produced and aired by professional “journalists.”

If you have yet to recognize the fact that you are being manipulated by people in the media calling themselves journalists, and pretending they are reporting "news," there is a bridge for sale in Brooklyn you can get real cheap.