Believe the immigrant of color narrative

© 2020 Jim Spence It seems that we are going to have to choose between two narratives being presented to us. Oddly, these two views, BOTH presented by our “progressive” media, CANNOT POSSIBLY BOTH BE TRUE.
This contradictory situation creates an almost comical dilemma for popular culture in America. However, very few people dare to talk about the CONTRADICTION.
The first narrative is now being jammed down our throats every single day. The vast majority of news outlets in our country simply pound this viewpoint into our heads. Nearly all American-based news outlets try desperately to convince all of us that American culture is both intolerant and despicable. And because they claim this is true, major changes are in order. Those changes will be made by politicians.
For the last few months, we Americans are encouraged to see ourselves not as individuals, but as members of separate monolithic “groups.” Within this construct, the drumbeat is constant. All “group members” are to take their cues from NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and most of the local television, radio, and newspapers around the country. The major idea they attempt to foist on us is simple. We SHOULD NOT think of ourselves as all being unique individuals, with one-of-a-kind blends of: personality, talent, ambition, drive, and flaws. We should see ourselves first and foremost, as merely members of one group or another.
Amazingly, this has become the dominant popular culture viewpoint thanks to persistent indoctrination in the media and in public education. The end goal is to convince us that the country has gigantic fairness problems, because America is plagued by both systemic racism and widespread social injustice. These plagues are now cited as reasons to justify mob violence, arson, rioting, looting, and the shameless smearing of another group.....the group known as "law enforcement officials."
Make no mistake, this narrative, which is embraced by 90% of all journalists, can be summarized in one sentence. There are just too many Americans who do not feel “Black Lives Matter.”
It is a puzzling process. Free speech is not permitted. There can be no debate on this narrative. Anyone working in the media, who goes on the record daring to utter the fundamental truth that, “All lives matter,” is promptly branded as a racist and fired.
In the end, we are led to believe that people of color, unlike all whites who enjoy “privilege,” have almost no chance to succeed in this country because our insidious system holds down the achievements of all members of minority “groups.”
These ideas have attained widespread credibility. Ironically, they are vigorously promoted by high-profile American-born people of color like Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and Robert Johnson. These phenomenal American success stories are merely the most visible people claiming grievances. However, in the meantime there are millions of other people of color, who have also achieved the so-called American dream in one form or another. They may not be billionaires too, but they live the dream.
Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of this narrative is that somehow Robert Johnson, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Jordan, in the wake of their fame and fortune, summon the personal panache, to go before adoring reporters, and suggest it was nearly impossible for them to do what they did, due to the total lack of social justice and equality in the nation where they did it.
Let that sink in.
Does it ever occur to anyone that Johnson, Winfrey, and Jordan themselves, are living breathing contradictions of what they say? It does to some. However, their obvious contradictions go ignored and their assertions are cited and taken as incontrovertible facts by virtually all Democrats.
The drumbeat of this narrative is more intense than ever these days. The heartfelt concerns of “social justice warriors” are highlighted in the media and on sports channel “news tickers” 24-7. The persistent insistence that America is defined by systemic unfairness is apparently quite compelling to many viewers. The professional baseball season resumed just last week. Two teams (the New York Yankees and the Washington D.C. Nationals) sporting combined annual payrolls of nearly $500 million (for mostly minority members), collectively decided to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem. The problem with the national anthem seems to be that it is played to “Honor America.”
Let's put this grandstanding succinctly, these baseball players continue to cash their weekly UNEQUAL paychecks, which amount to much, much, more than most Americans make in a year, thanks to their marketable skills that include throwing, catching, and hitting a baseball. One would love to hear the debates that led to these players to join together and protest America’s horrific system of……“inequality” as it applies to them.
Then of course there is the currently NOT talked about other side of this story. And here is where the conflict comes to a gigantic, pulsating, and CONTRADICTORY head. The other side of the story does NOT involve the symbolic actions of millionaires and billionaires of all colors who cash out-sized paychecks each week. Instead, it involves millions of other global citizens of color, who most likely will never ever market their less valuable skills in exchange for paychecks involving millions of dollars per year.
The people referred to on the OTHER SIDE OF THE NARRATIVE, would be the MILLIONS of desperately hopeful immigrants wanting to come to America. So desperate are they, if they cannot get here legally, they are willing to do so illegally.
While the progressive media embraces the plight of all immigrants, it never quite gets around to mentioning WHY these millions of people are desperately anxious to GET INSIDE THE BORDERS of this nation.
One must infer by the ACTIONS of immigrants and not by their WORDS, they do not believe the narrative that insists that America is plagued by systemic racism and social injustice. For this reason, millions of would be immigrants are not useful to the progressive media for the moment. They are not useful because it is obvious that they refuse to take their cues from the mind programmers in the global media, who like their American counterparts, also take cheap shots at the United States. Instinctively, millions of aspiring immigrants know that millions of Americans of color, who never had to sneak past the U.S. Border Patrol or fabricate a story asserting the need for political “asylum,” are the tip of the vast opportunity iceberg that best defines America.
Immigrants know that high profile American millionaires and billionaires of color, applied themselves, practiced hard, built their skills, and took advantage of the level playing field in the U.S. to accomplish their extraordinary successes.
Americans of all colors should take in these two narratives. One is true and the other is bogus. We should not fail to capture the essence of the so-called Black Lives Matter con job. This politically motivated sham has used smoke, mirrors, isolated situations, and half-truths to dupe half of America into believing the American system is rigged. Sadly, most of the major sports leagues and many large corporations in America have caved into these ridiculous narratives rather than take the risk to point out the fallacies.
In the end we should ask questions. Who are we to believe? Are we to believe the risks taken by desperate would be immigrants or the millionaires playing baseball for the New York Yankees and Washington Nationals. Many of these baseball players are immigrants who were flown first class into this country with prearranged visas in hand, to cash in on the opportunities provided here.
Alternatively, poor immigrants of color, risk all they have in terms of their resources, their lives and limbs, and the lives and limbs of their family members to get here and start at the bottom.
Let us be charitable to all of America’s millionaires of any color who make false claims about social justice and systemic racism. It is popular, fashionable, and seemingly risk free to bash America these days. Free speech is another wonderful feature in America.
Put me down in the desperate immigrant camp. People of color from other nations, who wait in line at our borders, or try to sneak into this nation illegally, have it right. Their ACTIONS speak much louder than cheap and risk free “words.”
Those posing and posturing for fake virtue as they bash an extraordinarily fair system that feeds them wealth and fame beyond their wildest dreams is nauseating.
We are being played.