Are we going to stand for this?


© 2020 Jim Spence -  America is being played like it has never been played before. Ambitiously political Democrats, with no plan, are, through their wealthy surrogates, actually “paying” people to riot, destroy property, and beat up innocent people.

Democrats claim their newest “heroes” are two career criminals with rap sheets that “were” nearly as long, as the list of lies Nancy Pelosi has told during the calendar year of 2020. Let’s not mention these “heroes” by name as we all know them, thanks to relentless stream of shameless propaganda segments run by the Democrat-dominated media.

Sadly, big Corporate America has taken the bait, as have ALL the major sports leagues. Just this week during a search for the NHL playoff games, it was learned that they were postponed, to protest the death of a career criminal, who was shot while rioting, looting, and beating up innocent people. The guy was doing what he always does.....engaging in criminal behavior. The latest Democrat hero, the prop for more cries of injustice, had outstanding warrants for his arrest on sexual assault charges. These are merely more charges that would have been added to the long list of crimes he committed, before his demise, while committing arson, theft, and more assaults.

Maybe some will continue to allow professional sports leagues and naïve chumps playing individual sports like Naomi Osaka, to pretend criminals are heroes. Many find it is amazing to see grown human beings walk away from their responsibilities to support violent criminals you would NEVER want your kids to be within ten miles of.

The sports leagues should know that many of us who pay their bills will no longer give a pass to these gullible fools. A long time subscriber to NHL Center Ice, this week the NHL followed in the footsteps of the NFL, NBA, and MLB by pretending arson, violent assault, and theft are pretty much fine with their fans. Who's next? The PGA? Don't play us for fools!

Those of us paying attention already have our heroes. And they come in all colors. Some of my heroes include Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Star Parker, Larry Elder, Armstrong Williams, and many others. Their virtues have been extolled on these pages for decades. All are deserving of accolades, However, none are given the time of day by Democrats in the media because these real heroes know socialism does not work.

There should be a strong message sent by voters in November as the Democrats literally try to extort their way to victory. They have no ideas to solve problems. So their message is to suggest senseless violence and destruction of neighborhoods will only stop if they win. They claim they are for "justice." Nope, they are for injustice.

This is not exactly a message that is being communicated by heroes. In fact, what Democrats are doing in a asinine effort to try to "get out the black vote," is lame. Suggesting career criminals should be allowed to commit arson, loot stores, and beat up people to.......combat “racism” should be treated as the ultimate insult towards all Americans.

Democrats have been polling poorly in the black community for several years. Now they are attempting the most despicably cynical political ploy anyone has ever seen. Are we going to stand for this? Are blacks who want a safe place to raise their kids going to buy into this con job?

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