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© 2020 Jim Spence - Recently I have a very unpleasant experience on the golf course with a young man I very much admire. He is the father of three little girls, an entrepreuer, and a good player. We had enjoyed many rounds of golf together this spring and summer and he was my opponent when I fired my career low round, a two under par 70 on a pretty demanding course in suburban Denver. He shot 71 that day, which also happened to be his career low. On our last outing I made the mistake of speaking my mind to him after he began to talk about the NFL salvaging their season. Readers of this column understand that I have spoken often about the likes of Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, and others of their ilk, who take a knee during the national anthem and whine about social justice. However, this young man had no idea about my philosophies, let alone where they might come from. Golf is not the time or the place to discuss politics. Unfortunately, most of the professional sports leagues have shoved politics into our faces and their opinions down our throats, so I negligently walked into the trap and spoke my mind. Once this young man heard a snippet of my views between holes, he suggested that I had no idea how ignorant I was, and added that it was clear I had a closed mind when it came to the riots and protests. Needless to say, I did not refer to the primary sources for my opinions, nor did I continue to opine on a subject that is clearly worn out.
Here a link to the Walter Williams website (Williams is pictured above). Williams has been a hero of mine for forty years. Twenty years my senior, Walter Williams has seen it all and he is as intellectually astute as many man I have ever read. Most of my opinions on race, equality, and social justice, have been formed after reading Williams views along with those of his good friend, Thomas Sowell, who recently retired from writing columns. Sadly, and thanks to a grossly biased media, education system, and entertainment segment of the population, these men are not heard by the masses. What a pity. You can visit Walter Williams by clicking HERE and learn what a profoundly wise man thinks all this burning, looting, and murder (BLM) is about. He makes the case much more articulately than I do.