Freedom is dying in Philadelphia

© 2020 Jim Spence -  Let us do a quick check up on the city of Philadelphia. 

The city of “brotherly love” is a rapidly becoming the poster boy for Democrat run cities all over America. Philly is being destroyed more this week because the re-racialize America crowd is insisting that cops allow violent knife wielding felons to charge them without using their weapons to defend themselves. What's a stab wound going to hurt? Ask Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Philly retail stores will soon go the way of phone booths. Many stores will close permanently after being looted by thieves faster than they can be repaired. There will be nothing to sell out of the torched and damaged stores for Christmas. And why would anyone bother to re-stock? It makes more sense to let the thieves steal packages off the front porches of online customers instead of creating easier crime targets like you know......stores.

The vast majority of mainstream “reporters” are literally ignoring these outrageous crimes. If it were not for sources via the internet, there would be nobody bringing up the destruction of life in Philly as citizens know it. Of course Fox and Newsmax attempt to keep their viewers informed, but ½ the nation is more than content to be ignorant, while also pretending Joe Biden remembers something. Still, all Americans are not deaf, dumb, blind, or willfully ignorant. Despite the pro-Democrat media’s gross journalistic negligence, the word gets around. Living in American cities is exceedingly dangerous.

Thanks to what the journalists and elected Democrats call “peaceful protests,” most major cities in America are in shambles. There are areas of New York, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, L.A., St. Louis, Dallas, Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, Houston, Washington D.C., Minneapolis (and many others) that have already been burned or will be torched very soon. The reason is simple. Activist Democrats are stealing and setting fires every day. Or if they are elected officials, they are looking the other way while others do the arson and theft. If you try to film these thieves, there is a good chance they will beat you up. In fact, they are shooting and beating each other up, over the looting spoils. It is what criminals do.

Melissa Mackenzie put it well in her column today in the American Spectator. She says the message is clear…….”if you vote for Trump, America will pay.” Maybe it is more true that we are going to "pay" either way.

One must wonder why anyone in their right mind would put out a Trump sign in their yard or a Trump sticker on their car. Why not just ask for vandalism in exchange for your1st amendment rights?

Bizarre questions linger. Will all these arsonists and thieves be happy if Biden wins? Or will they be emboldened to commit more crimes. With Biden, emasculated police departments is waiting on deck.

No matter who wins next week, free speech will continue to come under violent assault. It matters not if Biden or Trump wins. When higher education embraces totalitarian controls on speech and legitimizes violence, it is difficult to help people unlearn what academia has taught them is ok. 

We are already seeing Facebook, Twitter, and even the host of this blog (Google), shaping what forms of “speech” are now acceptable. In the case of Google, the political leanings of the management and employees there, takes precedent in deciding which results of a search are either deliberately censored or put on page 57 of the search results. Make no mistake, the thought police Orwell described in 1984 are here. And they are just itching to enforce things with the help of totalitarian Democrats who ironically will simply nationalize their businesses anyway.

What if Trump wins? Look for more violence anyway. It is inevitable.

Will Americans vote for Trump in spite of the violent tendencies of activist Democrats? Many independents will vote for Trump despite the fact they won’t answer their mobile phones to even talk to pollster strangers calling from unknown phone numbers. The idea that voters are going to admit during the reign of terror that they will vote for public safety and free speech over anarchy is too risky. It is like putting a sign in your front yard begging for vandalism.

Who are the Biden voters? They are the Americans who willingly look the other way on riots. They also are content to submit to arbitrary government edicts issued by unelected bureaucrats and/or governors. These Gov-bots seem to be fine with elected Democrats and the deep state vastly exceeding their legal authority to micromanage our lives. Stopping the spread of China’s germ warfare effort is one thing. Activist Democrats and their followers have become perverse. So perverse they kind of like the idea of requiring permanent isolation…….as long as Trump is president, even if they have to destroy the quality of their own lives too. And they have the bogus data that allows them to claim they are in favor of "science." Ask Nick Saban about science. 

Americans understand that either way, Democrats are going to bring bad things to their lives, especially if they live in cities. Many will vote for Trump anyway and go for reasonable public policy instead of emboldening those who are already burning, looting, and murdering.

Finally, will massive voter fraud efforts tip the scales in favor of Biden? Stay tuned. People who look the other way on arson, looting, assault, and murder, will definitely go along with cheating on election day. It is who they are now and they are everywhere.