Happy Independence Day or Happy Oblivious Day?

© 2021 Jim Spence -  The inquiries into why there have been very few if any columns posted here in recent months continue to come in from time-to-time. Yesterday, while walking the dogs, a neighbor ended our quick chat by saying “Happy Independence Day.” Oddly, it was a thought provoking expression. For two hundred and forty-four years, Independence Day has been perhaps the most important holiday for our country. Without real freedom, there can be no other real holidays.

In recent decades, highly influential segments of society have been engaged in re-writing American history. Public education and other beneficiaries of government over-reach, have found it politically useful to completely dismiss the importance of the greatest constitutional republic in human existence. The brainwashed pretending goes on non-stop. Don’t look now, but like Lenin, Mao, Tojo, and Mussolini devotees, progressive American Democrats are getting their way. Going ignored are the fruits of American's sacrifices that used to be the basis for celebration on Independence Day.

Even with all America’s flaws, which merely reflect humanity and its flaws, the United States has been the most tolerant, free, and generous nation on the planet. That America is by no means anywhere close to perfect, now seems to be the only justification progressives require to ruthlessly trash America, and infer that it is a completely unfair place. Nobody ever seems to ask the questions, “America is unfair? Unfair compared to what?” The pigs of Orwell's Animal Farm are in charge now.

Millions of would-be United States immigrants completely contradict the bogus narrative pushed by progressives. Those who willingly sacrifice their lives and fortunes to wait in line to get into America, believe it really is THE PLACE where they would prefer to live. Certainly these people do not have a preference for gross unfairness.

The facts are irrefutable. Toleration by important segments of American society of massive voter fraud during the 2020 U.S. election marks a turning point in American history. Most elections are sure to be farcical from this point forward. Now that it has been clearly established that the nation can be flooded with all the tools essential to the commission of massive voter fraud, fraudsters will set up permanent operations in every key precinct in America.

Partisan judges ignored their sacred responsibilities to all of us. In 2020, Democrats drove the final nails into the free and fair election coffins. Voter identification and authentication processes were allowed, like everything else, to be smeared with the "racist" label.

Massive criminal activities associated with election fraud will now become the norm. The bloodless Democratic Party coup in 2020 successfully wiped out the sacrifices of millions of freedom fighters throughout American history. A preference for freedom has been replaced by a preference for the crime of voter fraud.

In America’s future, deeper forms of corruption are sure to go increasingly unaddressed. History teaches us that citizens in Italy, Japan, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, China, and Germany, had to learn about the essential nature of the right of self-determination the hard way. Surrendering of the right to SELF-DETERMINATION will eventually come at an astronomical cost.

As we move away from the 4th of July in 2021, the term “freedom” is quickly becoming more vague to the point of being meaningless.

One fundamental truth remains. Truth itself cannot be completely omitted from history. The political operatives in the court system who callously looked the other way while massive voter fraud took place last year, will one day reap what they sow as all fascist judges do when it becomes their turn.

For the foreseeable future Independence Day has been replaced by Oblivious Day. The act of pretending is now the national pastime.

Fireworks anyone?