Good Friday - Exercising Judgment in Today's World

 © 2021 Jim Spence - Over the years I have “judged” many issues on this site. Judging is nothing more than gathering relevant data and forming an “opinion.” However, judging has somehow taken on a negative connotation. Ironically, it is now the “opinion” of millions of people, even college-educated people, that judging (forming informed opinions), is wrong……unless of course, your judgment agrees with theirs. Fortunately, unlike in places like China, Russia, Cuba, and North Korea, it is still our constitutional right to use our judgment to voice opinions….for now.

One of the dangers of voicing one’s views on public policies, particularly the political machinations of the participants, and relating them to spiritual matters, is it is a slippery slope. Since I plan on doing precisely that on my first column in many months, let me begin by saying that when it comes to judging myself on spiritual matters, sadly I know I come up woefully short. So far short do I fall, I have sought spiritual counseling to improve and perhaps prevent hundreds of new mistakes, particularly in my interpersonal relationships.

The trouble with one’s spiritual life, is it also happens to be one’s real life. And how one chooses to either ignore or embrace this reality can deeply affect one’s interpersonal relationships with others. With this in mind, what follows are my opinions expressed with this caveat; I am working on improving my own spiritual life. Any opinions expressed below will in no way improve my own shortcomings as an aspiring Christian man. That is another matter for another column.

In recent weeks I have received several inquiries about my plans for ever writing opinion pieces on this site again. Was I done? A few explanations seem appropriate to explain my prolonged silence.

It is pretty safe to say I am dumbfounded. As free people, we Americans have a duty to exercise sound JUDGMENT, particularly as we attempt to collectively choose how we wish to be governed. Let us be mildly blunt here. There is no collectively informed judgment at work in America anymore. The outcome of the election of 2020 was not determined by people who pay attention but are not all-in on politics. Seventy-four million people who went to the trouble to vote were cheated. Anyone who believes that 16 million MORE Americans cast votes for a dementia-plagued Joe Biden than were cast for an intelligent and articulate incumbent president like Barack Obama in 2012, is entirely too gullible to converse with. If you think more than 81 million Americans actually voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election, please stop reading this column right now and seek help. Not spiritual help. We all need spiritual help. I am talking about basic cognitive testing for brain damage.

The massive and brazen election fraud of 2020 is the BIGGEST SCANDAL in American history by a billion miles. This scandal involved thousands of elected officials and dozens of important members of the judicial branch of government. A third world-grade election theft took place. And sadly, third world-style government and much more brazen lawlessness is sure to follow. We will reap what we sow.

This is nothing if not sobering. Clearly there are forces at work throughout the world that are simply being dominated by sheer evil. Know this, the spread of the dominating influence of evil transcends America’s traditional battles between big government-oriented Democrats and free enterprise-oriented Republicans. Democrat vs. Republican squabbles are as American as apple pie. However, anyone who watched the 2016-2020 period unfold with any modicum of objectivity, should understand America has entered a whole new era of deception and corruption.

The facts are hard to swallow. America faced many challenges heading into 2020. Instead of our elected officials facing even a few of them, we were forced to endure a farce impeachment charade that was no different than the absurdly dramatic soap operas on daytime television it pre-empted for a few days. Astonishingly, there was even a vindictive ex-post facto attempt at impeachment again in 2021. Some elected officials must be thinking to themselves that it is too bad use of the guillotine to permanently terminate the political careers of rivals is still frowned upon. Totalitarians love purges.

The failed impeachment scam of 2020 should be framed in the history books as fitting an unmistakable pattern between 2016 and 2020. It won’t be framed that way but it should.

When the impeachment angle failed in February 2020, it was followed by Democrat’s trite, “accuse him of racism” reaction to the initial steps taken by Trump to contain Covid. Understand this. Democrats never cared much about the impact of Covid, except for how ginning up FEAR of the virus could be used to re-capture the awesome power of the federal government. When Democrat’s baseless Asian racism charges regarding efforts to contain the Wuhan virus fell on deaf ears, the subsequent “political” strategy for using Covid fears was quickly moved to the top spot of the next push. The get Trump at any cost efforts, which had repeatedly failed when they involved one false personal accusation scam after another, morphed into duplicitous angle that wasn’t aimed directly at Trump. It was aimed at paving the way for ballot box stuffing instead. Though evil to the core, it turned out to be a wildly “successful political strategy.”

Pause and consider the sequence. From the Democrat’s spring press conference forward, the FIX was in. The Democrat’s had just dismissed Covid as racist ploy a few weeks earlier. They then pivoted and decided to use the fear of Covid as a head fake. They had an excuse for printing up and distributing blank ballots with no controls in every jurisdiction. All they had to do was sell it. And it was a pretty easy sell because it could be accomplished with the perfect cover. “The greater good” of fighting the contagious and deadly Covid virus required America to be flooded with blank ballots.

The sensation-seeking media provided full protection. In fact, the media conducted a propaganda campaign associated with grossly overstating the death rates that will live in infamy. The objective was achieved. Nobody would be required to vote in person in November of 2020. Instead…..hundreds of millions of “paper ballots” were jettisoned out into the mail system with no controls. Is it any surprise what happened from there?

Now we are supposed to believe that a dementia-plagued Joe Biden secured 16 million more voters than rock star Barack Obama did in 2012. Sure thing.

As we all contemplate these startling developments in U.S. history, we should understand that there are incredibly evil forces at work here that are far beyond the control of those seeking facts, truths, and reasonable public policies. We get bashed regularly. Millions of us who try to do what is right by treating all others fairly, are continuously bombarded with false accusations. Popular culture is Democrat, and all non-Democrats are FORCED to defend themselves at every turn. First and foremost, non-Democrats must prove they are not racists. They are guilty until they prove themselves innocent of racism. The easiest way way to prove one is not a racist, is to embrace dementia-plagued gas bags and their discredited ideas on public policies. If one refuses to do this, it is considered sufficient proof to convict them of adoring the devil…….Donald Trump. It’s heresy and the inquisition will prevail. It is the old, “Have you stopped beating your wife?” con. And it is played every day with impunity.

The takeaways for readers are pretty simple. There will be no second civil war in America over basic freedoms. Unlike 1860, when the Democrats and a few states seceded because they sensed their preference for denying people their freedom would come to an end, in 2020 the bloodless Democrat coup was successful. They took Washington D.C. without firing a shot. It is critical to recognize that the end of personal freedom is here.

Per the first paragraph of this column, over the years I have avoided all discussions of spiritual matters here on this site. Like most others, I have always kept spiritual matters and political matters separate. As I contemplate returning to a process of actually writing down my thoughts on the state of America and posting them here, I find myself out of separation options. It is my view that when a world containing millions of people who love freedom, especially in America, will, for the foreseeable future, be dominated by those who are so deluded by illusions they will endorse tyranny, it is long past the time when people of faith should make sure their spiritual lives reflect life as we now know it.

Should I decide to explore the many disturbing conclusions of the 2016-2020 period in greater detail, it will be through a spiritual lens, so that the comments might actually do some good for believers. The evil one wants me to be violently angry at those being duped. I refuse.

The political lens is opaque in America. There is no other way to say it. Darkness is everywhere. What is going on in America right now is beyond absurd. It is profoundly disturbing.

I’ll close with one more chilling thought. When you have gotten run off the road or had to slam on the brakes hard several times over the last few months, simply because other drivers are too busy texting on their phones to pay attention to the challenges of sharing the road, it is very bad. However, when you pull alongside these people who just forced you into desperately evasive action, and see that they did this to you while they were wearing a mask because of the overwhelming drumbeat to “stay safe,” you know the zombie apocalypse has arrived.